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Last updated:   March 16, 2023

A QR code is an image and it can come in any image format.

You might not have considered this small detail when choosing your QR code generator, but it is actually crucial.

It becomes more crucial when you intend to use your QR code for huge prints since not all types allow for easy and flexible scalability.

So, what image format should you be looking out to create a QR code in high resolution?

The best QR code generator for print

It may get tricky to search for a high resolution QR code generator for print that produces in SVG file format. There is no way for you to specifically search for it, other than manually trying out every QR code generator you find.

It can get tedious and there is no guarantee that it is the best kind of SVG. So, here is a list of the best QR code generators for print to save you from all the hassle.

1.     QR TIGER QR code generator

QR code solution

Topping the list is QR TIGER and for all the right reasons. If you wish to create QR codes in high resolution, you are given the option to choose between two file formats: PNG or SVG.

If you are in need of scalable and flexible QR codes, you can choose the latter.

Otherwise, if you need something light, you have the choice for the PNG file.

With QR TIGER, the best QR code generator online, you don’t necessarily have to commit to SVG files all throughout. Instead, you are given the flexibility to choose a format that best suits your needs.

This is important since you are not always going to need huge prints in your QR code campaigns. 

However, it is not only in the formats that QR TIGER provides options.

If you choose this QR code generator, high resolution is not the only advantage; you are not going to need anything else. It's a high res QR code generator for images.

You are given a lot of QR code types to choose from along with the ability to create QR codes in bulk and QR code API.

QR code generator

2.     PiiComm


 Piicomm.ca closely resembles QR Code Tiger. It can even be described as its younger brother.

While it may not be in the same league as the top 1 on this list, it generates QR codes in the SVG file format.

There aren't just too many QR code types to choose from and you have narrow customization options.

3.    CounterSet

Counterset QR code

Choosing this QR code generator allows you to create high quality SVG QR codes.

However, it has much lesser options for QR code types.

So, you might end up not finding the QR code you need to create here. There are also no customization options along with their free plan being extensively limited.

4.     PosterPresentations.com


You get to have some options with file formats with this QR code generator and SVG is one of them. Though, there can be a little learning curve with this one as its interface is not completely intuitive.

Nevertheless, it is one that produces high quality QR codes for large prints.

5.    midwinter-dg.com

Midwinter dg

You get to have some options with this QR code generator and that includes some of the most common types of QR codes.

Chances are, this is going to be enough for your needs and you can generate your QR code in the SVG file format for the large prints that you need.

QR code generator app 

QR code generator appShould you need to generate your QR codes using your smartphone devices, you can also download QR TIGER QR code generator app which also scans QR code at the same time, while still giving you a high-quality image result. 

You can use a variety of QR code solutions offered using this app and you can also customize your QR code. You can download the QR TIGER app in Google Play Store and Apple online store. 

Other image formats to take note for a high quality QR code

Most QR codes are generated in the PNG file format.

However, other than that and SVG, there are other types as well. Each has their own benefits and disadvantages.

It is important to know each because you never know, you might be going overboard by always choosing SVG.QR code image format

1.     PNG

By default, QR code generators produce in the PNG file format.

For most applications, this is going to be enough. It is lightweight, making it easy to download and print without any additional steps.

However, it easily loses its quality when increased in size.

It also doesn’t have wide compatibility, with most web browsers not supporting it.

As a result, using QR codes for your website might not entirely be a great option.

2.    SVG

A SVG file is a vectorial file that can be used in programs as Illustrator or InDesign.

For Photoshop you need to import your SVG file. A SVG file is great for printing at the highest quality.

A PNG is a format to use online but can also be printed although a PNG has less quality than a SVG.

3.     EPS

A not so common file format being used in QR codes is EPS and for good reasons.

While it has its fair share of advantages such as being ideal for extensive graphic work, it also is considerably heavier and more complicated to use.

EPS is beneficial when you are dealing with complex design needs, but for a QR code that is a basic square image, the hassle overweighs the benefits.

4.     PDF

The PDF file format is not just reserved for e-books. Some QR code generators also make use of it. However, there is a reason you don’t get to see this option among the best QR code generators for print.

It is a format that serves no practical purpose other than ease of use. It is great only if you need something that you can immediately print.

5.     Jpeg

Just like PNG, Jpeg has a high compression rate so you tend to get an image that is lighter.

There is also wide compatibility so if you need to digitally put it somewhere, chances are, it is possible.

However, it is not as scalable as one would want. So, your options for editing and resizing are extensively limited.

Why would you want high resolution QR code generator?

One would wonder why an image that is just a bunch of pixels needs to be generated in high resolution. It is just a simple image, shouldn’t a little loss in quality not be too big of a deal?

Despite how simple a QR code looks, it is created with accuracy and precision.

The entire process uses an algorithm to put pixels in certain positions where each would have a specific purpose.

Therefore, when a scanner is unable to identify every single one, it is going to result in an error.

When a QR code is generated in low resolution, it will get pixelated.

It would then be difficult for a scanner to identify each individual pixel of the QR code.

As a result, it will be unable to scan it completely, rendering the image completely useless.QR  code resolutionWhen printing QR codes, there are a lot of factors that could make it difficult for a scanner to recognize the image.

It could be lapses in the editing and resizing or the quality of the print.

There is no guarantee that a QR code will function as it should once it is printed.

As a result, make sure to practice testing.

After printing your first QR code in your desired size, especially big prints, scan the image a couple of times. Only when you have ensured that it will function as it should without flaw should you start to mass produce your QR codes.

This is to prevent wasting money in the event that your QR code does malfunction, which could affect your reputation.

Generating high-quality QR code images helps you provide convenience and efficiency whether you're creating an exclusive password QR code for your team, marketing QR code campaign, and other use cases.

QR code generator

Use a QR generator with high resolution for high-quality QR code images

If you intend to create big prints or constantly resize your QR codes, remember to pay attention to the available file format options of your QR code generator for print.

Not all file formats are the same and only a handful give you the option of scalability.

It is also essential to take note of the other file formats you are going to stumble upon.

Some are going to be more convenient and applicable depending on your needs.

It is not all the time you are going to need a completely scalable QR code high resolution images for your campaigns.

Also, remember that big printing is more challenging than traditional QR code printing.

It is more prone to flaws such is pixelation, low-quality printing, and so much more, which all could play a factor in your QR code not working.

As a result, it is important to test your QR codes before completely committing to your campaigns.

While creating big QR codes prints can be difficult, it isn’t impossible.

The chances of you creating one that works are much more likely than the other way around.

It is always better to test and make sure everything works as it should.

Use QR TIGER now to make a QR code with a high resolution.

Contact us for more information.

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