QR code generator for video: Convert video to QR Code

As video streaming is expected to account for 82% of all Internet traffic in 2020, how can you expand or grow your video views by using a QR code generator for video?

Finding new means of increasing your video views can be a hard task to do. With the competition between video influencers tightens, QR codes for videos can be your tool in beating them.

To grow and spike your internet traffic, you must select the best QR code generator for video. But, before you continue, here are the basic concepts of QR code for a video and how they work.

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What is a QR code for video?

qr code video without youtubeA QR code for video is a type of QR code contains a video URL or short video. This kind of QR code is widely used in business marketing, education, health care, and travel. There are two types of QR codes for video: URL video QR codes and file or MP4 video QR codes.

A URL video QR code is a type of video QR code that uses a video URL in embedding into a QR code. The video URL that you can get is from Youtube, Vimeo, and Google Drive.

The types of QR codes that you can generate with URL video code are static and dynamic QR codes.

If you are using URL video QR codes for relaying videos in education and don’t have enough funds to use dynamic QR codes, static QR codes are for you. However, static QR codes only offer one-time encryption which will not allow you to edit/add data.

The next type of video QR code is the MP4 Video QR code. An MP4 QR code is under the file category. File Video QR code is a dynamic QR code that allows you to upload videos from your local storage.

The type of QR code that you can use in generating a File Video QR code is a dynamic QR code. A dynamic QR code is an editable QR code that allows you to add/remove data. This kind of QR code allows you to track data.

If you are an influencer and a marketer, you can use dynamic QR codes in generating your Video QR code. In this way, you can compare different means of growing your video views.

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How to generate QR code for Video?

  • Open a QR code generator for a video online
  • Select what category in the menu your video belongs to.
  • Choose what type of QR code for video do you want to generate (static or dynamic.)
  • Generate and customize your QR code.
  • Test your QR code.
  • Download and circulate your video QR code.

How do Video QR codes work?

qr code generator with logoA video QR code works by scanning the QR code using a QR code scanner app or a built-in camera on the latest smartphone models. When you scan the QR code, you will be directed to the video’s webpage video player.

In this way, you won’t have a hard time opening the video’s webpage or app, typing the title of the video, and search through a ton of videos. 

Why Dynamic QR codes are the best option in using QR codes for videos?

Since video as a marketing tool is utilized by 87% of businesses, dynamic QR codes for videos are the best option. Here are 5 reasons why dynamic QR codes are the best choice in using QR codes for videos:

Data are trackable

qr code generator software data trackingOne of the features dynamic QR codes can take pride in is its ability to track data. Since marketers are slowly migrating towards video marketing, tracking data is important to learn more about their customers. In this way, companies can think of new products that they can launch.

Allows data editing

Since marketing styles change overtime, dynamic QR codes enable marketers to change the data encrypted inside. In this way, marketers don’t have to create new batches of QR codes. Through data editing, marketers can keep using the QR code for a long time.

Good for Comparative researches

As research is pertinent in business and other sectors, dynamic QR codes can be your tool in making comparative researches. With its feature to collect data which is the scanner’s demographics(address and region, type of device used in scanning, and time when the scan took place).


Dynamic QR codes may cost money from its subscription plans. But as you continue to use it, it saves you more. With its flexibility and multi-uses, you can say that investing for dynamic QR codes is a good thing as you can see visible ROI( Return of Investments).

For movie houses, dynamic QR codes are economical as it allows you to continue using your generated QR codes.

In this way, your QR code for videos existing advertising posts for movie trailers will not need a new template. By placing a simple yet eye attracting poster for your movie, long term usage of that poster is possible. Thus it saves you more money for your movie house improvements.

You can turn on/off the QR code anytime

For media campaigns that use a limited promo period, QR code for videos in dynamic form is a great call to do that. In this way, you can introduce your product or run product sales through video QR codes in a limited timeframe.

Dynamic QR codes have a unique feature where you can set a specific scan-ability period and shut it down. You can use mysterious landing page shutdown lines such as “Wait For More”, “Available Soon” and “Stay Tuned”.

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Best practices of QR code videos you need to follow

To create prominence with your QR code for videos, here are some best practices that you need to follow:

Video Upload

When choosing videos to generate into QR codes, you must select a short yet useful video since QR codes can only support a small amount of data.

If you want to upload your video, the best way to embed it is through the use of URLs from video sharing sites such as Youtube and Vimeo; and cloud storage such as Google Drive.

Video Upload is important as your target audience’s feedback will matter. Using lengthy videos can cause a loading delay and may bore the person who watches it.

QR code sizing

The QR code’s sizing is important in keeping your QR code scannable even at a distance. If you are planning to put your QR code in the paper and website, the minimum QR code size is 2 x 2 cm (0.8 in.x 0.8 in).

If you are planning to put your video QR code in advertising posts and billboards, the best QR code size that you need to follow is a 10:1 ratio. There is a sizing formula that you need to follow in maintaining its scannability, scan distance from the QR code divided by 10.

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qr code generator for videoIt takes 0.05 seconds for people to form an opinion about your brand and website. Adding your logo in your QR code for videos increases the chance for your company or channel to be recognized. In this way, you can establish an identity where people can recognize it.

QR code’s visual

Visuals are important as 90% of it is processed in our brain. It is important to follow the recommended rules making a visual QR code.

Always bear in mind that the QR code’s color and contrast must be recognizable by your eyes and the machine. You must always think of the QR code’s consistency in scanning.

Printing formats

There are 3 different printing formats that you can use in your QR code for video: JPEG, PNG, and SVG format.

The best printing format that you can use is SVG format, for it preserves the QR code’s quality. In this way, you can add your QR code to your posters, brochures, and flyers without compromising its quality and scannability.

Uses of QR codes for videos?

QR codes for videos are convenient to use for business, health care, and educational purposes. To fully utilize it, here are 5 use cases where QR codes for videos are widely used:

Product setup tutorials

qr code generator for video manualsBefore video tutorials exist, products such as electronics, and furniture are packed with bulky paperwork such as warranty cards, and instruction manuals. But as technology advances and its utilization reduces the use of paper, QR code videos become a thing.

By scanning the attached QR codes for videos, the person can view the demonstration on how to set the product. In this way, people can properly execute the right product setup than typical written manual instructions.

Tourism promotions

One great way in promoting your place through the use of videos. Since internet users spend 6 hours and 48 minutes watching videos per week, promotional videos for tourism are a great advertising port.

By integrating the use of QR codes for videos, the chance for easily accessing a tourist’s spot highlights increases.

In this way, people who see a poster with a QR code for video can scan it and automatically view the tourist spot’s promotional video.

Learning tutorials

Videos are a great tool in relaying your skills baking, solving Mathematical equations, build a new science project, and demonstrate office tasks such as bulk emailing, inventories using one Microsoft Office app.

With the touch of QR codes for videos, can add your learning tutorial video the print paper such as cookbooks, coding manuals, learning materials, etc. In this way, you can integrate new technological means of learning by incorporating QR codes for videos.

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Introduction videos for resumes

As technology advances, new means of resume format arises. Today, resumes are embedded with introduction videos from an applicant to further increase its hiring chance.

For hiring firms, this is a great way of knowing their applicants more and also entertain themselves while skimming through applications.

With the use of QR codes for videos, applicants will no longer attach an sd card or other file storage in their applications. In this way, they can save money from buying SD cards and increases the chance of impressing your target employer.

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App setup

Worded instructions tend to divert users from using an application. Some of the words included in the instruction manual use jargon that only technologically capable users can understand. This only increases the app’s bad reviews and feedbacks.

To avoid this problem, video tutorials are created. In this way, people can fully understand the process and will not have a hard time understanding the instruction manuals.

By integrating QR codes for videos in an application’s help section, users will recommend your app and make it a great example to other app developers.

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How to look for the best QR code generator for video?

There are several QR code generators for videos available online. But as you are struggling to find the best QR code generator for videos, here are some qualities that you need to verify:


Since you are putting your trust in a QR code generator, knowing its credibility is important. As some QR code generators don’t actualize their promise in providing quality service in using without the urge of obligating you to subscribe to their plans, people will notably doubt its credibility and not recommend it.

By using the best QR code generator, you can easily note that its credibility is can be trusted and won’t force you to sign up for the subscription plans for providing the best user experience is its priority.

By carefully considering the QR code generator’s credibility, you can be sure that you chose to start your QR journey with them.

Conversion tracking

qr code maker app

When doing a marketing campaign, conversion tracking is important to know its effectivity to people. If you are a marketer and you use dynamic QR codes in your marketing campaign, conversion tracking is useful for your work. To further understand what conversion tracking is all about you can refer to the example below:

Conversion tracking is like tracking data on social media. Instead of monitoring the number of followers gained per day, the number of scans, location, and the device used in scanning is monitored. In this way, you are able to come up with new strategies in marketing as you have the needed information to back up with. This will help you grow your QR journey. With the help of a QR code generator that offers conversion tracking, you are confident to outwit your competitors.

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Design options

qr code generator with logoAs the QR codes, aesthetics are important to allure more customers, QR code generators must be equipped with different design options.

In finding the best QR code generator for videos, design options such as design patterns, customized eye shapes, set of colors, logo, and frame placements are needed. In this way, you can be creative in making QR codes. 

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Different formats for printing

As the final step in generating QR codes is printing, different formats are needed to match different printing components. In this way, you can decide on what format do you want to print your QR codes.

There are different formats that you can use. But most of the QR code creators let users download raster file formats such as JPG, SVG, EPS, PDF, PNG, etc. to enable editing and template placement.

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Benefits of QR codes for video

There many benefits of QR codes for videos that you can imagine, here are 5 concrete benefits that QR codes for video attributes.


As QR codes are used for convenience usage, QR codes for videos deliver the exact purpose. By integrating it in mediocre tasks such as print advertising, you can bridge traditional usage to technological convenient usage.

In this way, the use of QR codes for videos helps individuals relay skills and information to their target audience without prompting them to search for your videos. 

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Accelerate Information Dissemination

qr code scannerAs people prefer to watch videos than reading an article, TV broadcast news integrate. Through the use of video QR codes in implementing information dissemination, the information sharing period accelerates. In this way, people can be updated with the latest happenings across the world.

Projects the Future of Learning

As the pandemic continues to affect the traditional educational system, the use of video conferencing and other virtual means of learning are implemented.

In this way, people can project the future of learning by its implementation in online and modular classes. Teachers can adopt the use of QR codes for videos as a substitute to too lengthy video URLs in including in their learning materials.

The use of QR codes for videos brings convenience to students and module reviewers.


As video QR codes are slowly replacing bulky instructional guides on products, the instances of cutting trees reduce. In this way, you can contribute to conserving our environment and be a good example for other companies.

Add a cutting edge among others

Competitions are getting tighter, but using QR codes as part of your game plan gives a cutting edge among others. Beating your competitors may be a difficult task to do so.

But with QR codes for videos, you can get extra points for being creative and resourceful. Thus, QR codes for videos are the best strategy that you can use today.

QR code generator for video: Convert your video to QR code now!

Finding the perfect QR code generator for video can be a difficult task to manage. With the variety of QR code generators available online, the right and usable ones are hard to determine. 

But with the best QR code generator for video, your QR journey will become a success. 

To start your QR journey, you can use the best QR code generator available online.

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