QR Code Inventor Says: “New QR Code To Have Colors, Hold More Data”

Update:  August 03, 2023
QR Code Inventor Says: “New QR Code To Have Colors, Hold More Data”

Masahiro Hara, the Japanese engineer renowned for inventing the popular “QR code” around 30 years ago, is developing a new version of the widely used tracking system.

New QR code version

Hara announced this during the Ahmedabad Design Week 4.0, held from January 27-29, 2023, at the Karnavati University in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

“I am in the process of inventing a new QR code. It will take some time, though.

Unlike the current version, the new code system will have colors and may be rectangular rather than the present square shape,” Mr. Hara said as he revealed the new version of the QR code.

“The new QR (quick response) code will be designed in such a way that it will be able to store more information compared to the present design,” he added.

One reason QR codes became widely popular is their ability to hold a hundred times more data than a regular barcode.

But once Hara releases the new version, they will store even more information than the current design.

How did QR codes originate?

QR code origin

In 1994, Masahiro Hara invented the QR code to track and manage automobile components while working for a Japanese company named Denso Wave.

He developed QR codes as an alternative to the barcode system.

QR codes can eliminate or reduce errors in the manufacturing process of automobiles.

They can store more data and are recognizable in any orientation.

Despite their initial role in the automobile sector, they now have various functions, including tracking COVID-19 vaccine recipients and processing payments via the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) smartphone system.

The power of QR codes to transform systems continues to revolutionize industries today.

With QR code generator software, anyone can create a QR code for different purposes, such as marketing, sharing information, and replacing printed menus.

How do QR codes work?

Quick response code

You may be wondering, “How do QR codes work?” Here’s a detailed explanation.

A QR code, or “quick response” code, is an advanced, two-dimensional barcode that can store data.

It has a bigger storage capacity than its predecessor—the regular barcode.

QR codes can contain various types of digital data—URLs, videos, social media links, email, WiFi access, files, mobile apps, business cards, and more.

These codes can embed data into a single black-and-white pattern of small squares called modules. 

Users can then access the data by scanning the code using their smartphone.

Although some mobile phones do not have this built-in QR code scanner feature, people can easily install a QR code scanner app for free to download on Google Play Store and App Store.

There are two types of QR codes: static and dynamic.

Knowing the difference between the two is crucial to determine the type that suits your needs better.

What are static QR codes?

Static QR codes store data directly into their patterns, so you can no longer change or update it once you’ve generated it.

Also, the bigger the information you hold, the more modules will appear on the pattern, which can compromise its quality and readability.

The good news is most QR code generator platforms offer these codes free of charge.

They can also accumulate unlimited scans, and they’re also permanent.

In the case of static URL QR codes, they will continue redirecting users to the landing page, but once the website gets taken down, users will only find an Error 404 page.

What are dynamic QR codes?

Dynamic QR codes store a short URL onto its pattern, redirecting users to the data you’ve embedded.

This makes them editable; you can still change your data after creating the QR code.

The short URL also keeps your QR code pattern less dense despite the size of the data you store.

These advanced QR codes also have tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor your QR code’s scan metrics.

This feature is why many marketers and companies now use dynamic QR codes in their campaigns.

How are industries using a QR code generator today?

Business QR code generator

QR codes are very popular in many industries due to their usability.

Extending its functionality in different situations, here are the industries that use QR codes:


QR codes allow teachers and school personnel to create and provide tech-based, cutting-edge educational experiences, from interactive lessons to digitalized school events and programs.

For instance, the Antietam Elementary School participated in Black History Month by showcasing influential Black Americans and their world-changing contributions.

The school used QR codes in its interactive display to provide additional facts and famous quotes.

The code leads students to a video they can view to learn more about that person’s life when scanned on their smartphone.

A PDF QR code, a QR code solution that suits most educational needs, can instantly share documents, study materials, lesson plans, announcements, and more.

Marketing and advertising 

The use of QR codes in marketing and advertising has grown.

Brands employ QR codes to gather first-party data and provide exciting user experiences.

Through QR codes, brands can direct their target market to various online channels, such as websites and video content.

They can also use social media QR codes in marketing campaigns or ads.

For the Super Bowl 2023, Michelob Ultra’s marketing campaign sparked the audience with a beer and Netflix golf docuseries, Full Swing.

The advertisement includes a QR code that unlocks the show’s first episode by scanning it.

Hotels and restaurants

The pandemic has increased demand for contactless interactions, making QR codes more valuable for hotels and restaurants.

Today, these establishments use QR codes to guarantee their customers’ satisfaction.

Cafes and restaurants also use QR codes to improve customer service. By replacing printed menus with QR code menu software.

Visitors can use their phones to scan one of these and read the digital menu and place an order.

Physical menus are no longer required, and QR code menus speed up ordering.

Hotels can use Google Form QR codes for contactless registration of their guests.

Some also started using WiFi QR codes so guests could have instant Internet access.

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts tapped Béné Tipping to digitize tipping through QR codes.

Every employee has a personalized QR code that allows guests to tip them digitally, and these proceed straight to their accounts.


Retailers can use QR codes to direct customers to their online stores, where they can browse and buy items.

They can also place QR codes on product packaging to provide complete details of their products, including best-before dates, ingredients, and user manuals.

One excellent example is the sportswear brand On, which integrated QR codes during the opening of its first UK store.

Along with their tech-based sportswear collection showcase, they used QR codes to give instant access to the technical specifications of the products.

Workplaces and corporate settings

Professionals can use digital business cards paired with vCard QR codes to replace regular printed ones.

This dynamic QR code can store multiple contact details like emails and phone numbers.

Administrators can also create a QR code-powered attendance tracking system.

Since it’s contactless, it’s more hygienic and convenient than biometric systems that require fingerprints.

Trichy Corporation decided to expand its QR code-based system to manage solid waste.

They display QR codes in buildings to efficiently and effectively help sanitation workers monitor garbage collection and segregation.

Real Estate

Real estate now considers QR codes an essential element.

Using QR codes, real estate companies and brokers may reach and interact with potential clients and increase sales.

Agents can create an image gallery QR code so prospects can look at units for sale, and if they find one that suits their taste, they can arrange a schedule to visit it. 


QR codes can also revolutionize how hospitals run. Lab reports, medical bills, patient data, prescriptions, and more, you name it, QR codes can store it.

This way, healthcare professionals and patients only have to scan the code to access the data.

It eliminates the hassle of printing, handling, and storing important documents.

Severance Hospital, for example, substantially improved customer convenience by integrating a tech-based system.

Through QR codes, their patients can access informational videos to see medical checkups and treatment processes.


A logistics company can integrate QR codes as they are helpful for inventory management, tracking of parcels, shipment to the correct delivery address, parcel information, customer support, and more.

Chinese logistics company Cainiao Network equipped its pick-up stations with a tech-based system to increase efficiency.

Along with the QR codes on parcels are smart lights that beep and light up once the customer scans them, making it fast and easy for customers to find their packages.

Financial institutions

Using QR codes in banking and financial services has become increasingly widespread.

QR codes can contain bank documents, statements, and more for easy tracking and verification.

Aside from that, they can make payment processes or banking operations more efficient and effective.

Bangladesh Bank launched its “Bangla QR” to systematize its payment system.

With these QR codes, customers do not have to scan various codes to make transactions across different payment networks.

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