How to Use QR Codes on Postcards

Update:  August 12, 2023
How to Use QR Codes on Postcards

Quick Response (QR) codes are popping everywhere. These days, QR codes on postcards have become more prevalent among tech-savvy users.

Sending postcards has been one of the most practiced forms of communication worldwide since the 1800s.

But with the emergence of new technologies, receiving and sending postcards have become paperless, less time-consuming, and more innovative.

Using a postcard with a QR code makes it super easy to deliver messages to anyone, near or far.

This two-dimensional barcode, developed by Denso Wave, Japan, can redirect the audience to any form of information embedded in it.

But with QR codes, bridging traditional interaction and modern communication is achievable.

It’s easy to make someone smile by sending them personalized postcards…even if they’ll just end up sticking on refrigerator doors.

Yes, digitalization made everything hassle-free; however, it is still better to receive something tangible than virtual interaction.

And what better way to send postcards to your loved ones, friends, or even your target market than make them more interactive and engaging?

Postcard QR code and how does it work?

Postcards QR code

QR codes are scannable modern-day barcodes generated through a QR code generator usually found online.

Its integration with postcards made distance communication more engaging and interactive.

The embedded information behind the QR code on the postcard will be revealed in just a quick scan, generally with a smartphone.

In today’s time, QR codes are primarily used in advertising, education, healthcare, and information dissemination.

People are engaged in traditional and modern communication using postcards with QR codes.

In a quick scan of the code, audiences are guided to a landing page customized just for them to see and access at their convenience.

How to use QR codes on postcards to make print media interactive?

QR code holds a lot of potential, and only a few know about it.

You can generate and personalize your QR code and embed various data using a QR code generator online.

A postcard with a QR code can become more engaging because of the numerous QR code solutions you can employ.

Read on to know more.

1. Show a collection of photos using an image gallery QR code

Image QR code

You might think that it’s impossible for you to show the collection of photos you’ve taken and send it along with your postcards. But think again.

Printing a QR code on postcards to redirect a user to your gallery makes it possible to boost those aesthetic pics.

With QR TIGER, you can easily send your postcards with an image gallery QR code by generating an H5 QR code solution.

This allows you to generate multiple images in just a single QR code.

2. Reveal a video file using a video QR code

Video QR code

You have a lot of options to link to your QR code, like videos, for example.

Easily send a video greeting or any video link by generating a QR code that leads your receiver to your clips.

There are three ways to create a video QR code in QR TIGER.

First, the URL QR code solution is best used for videos already stored online, such as on Dropbox and Google Drive.

Second, a file QR code allows you to generate video QRs for video clips saved in the user’s computer drive.

And third is by using the YouTube QR code solution to redirect audiences to videos uploaded on YouTube.

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3. Optimize social media profiles with social media QR code

Social media QR code

Deliver your postcards together with all of your social sites by imprinting a social media QR code or what we call the link in bio QR code

Use a QR code generator with a logo, like QR TIGER, and easily redirect your friends or families to your social sites.

Using a social media QR code, you are not only integrating all of your social media profiles in a modified landing page but also boosting our social sites. How convenient is that?

4. Direct your recipient to an audio file with an Mp3 QR code

Did you know that it’s now possible to send Mp3 media along with postcards?

Click on the best QR code generator on the internet and generate an Mp3 QR code.

You can easily and quickly deliver audio messages or music to anyone you like!

5. Send coupons and freebies

It is very much possible for you to mail coupons, gift cards, or even a QR code reservation to anyone, like a vital client, for instance, by just simply placing a QR code on your postcards.

Generate a QR code that can lead the audience to a business’ freebies.

There are many ways to generate a voucher or coupon QR code without breaking a sweat using QR TIGER. First, we have a URL QR code that lets customers directly redeem the coupon.

Second, you can use the File QR code if you wish your recipients to access a file coupon.

Third, an H5 QR code solution lets you create your webpage for any QR scanners to see.

Fourth is the Multi-URL QR code solution that only matches coupons offered for a limited time and at a certain location.

6. Deliver messages using Text QR code

A text QR code allows you to show text, numbers, and special messages with just one scan.

So, you can send more than just a ‘wish you were here with this QR code!

Why should you use QR codes on your postcards?

Everyone is going modern. So, it is only fitting to keep up with the pace of the world.

Basically, by adding a QR code to your postcards, you are exploring one of the many ways to connect with people in the timeliest way.

But read on if you need a more convincing reason to use a postcard QR code.

1. Interactive

A postcard with a QR code promotes interactivity between the sender and the receiver.

In business, you can further intensify the connection with your existing and potential customers by embedding URLs, multimedia, location, or your contact information for your clients to access.

2. Engaging

Many users find QR codes unique because of their multiple features. As a result, many users, such as businessmen, opt to utilize QR codes because it catches the attention of numerous clients and markets.

3. Fast and easy

The QR code is not branded as a quick response for no particular reason. Its nature to enable any of its users to access the embedded data as quickly as a snap of a finger makes it easy to use.

4. Convenient

Postcards are small enough to fit into the size of a wallet or even inside the pockets of their clothes.

Incorporating QR codes on your postcards means that any information embedded within the QR code comes in handy for anyone who’s received the postcard.

Visiting your websites, social media sites, photos, videos, playlists, and even locations is much more convenient than using a postcard with a QR code.

Primary types of QR codes

1. Static

Static QR codes are dense-looking and pixelated QR codes.

Landing pages of this type are non-updateable, so you’ll most likely land on a permanent page.

Although, the downside of this is that you cannot track the analytics of your scans.

QR code generators online, for instance, the QR TIGER, allow you to generate your QR code with limitless scans, and it’s non-expirable!

2. Dynamic

On the other hand, Dynamic QR codes allow you to edit out content and URLs and track the scanning analytics.

This type is more scannable since it is less dense in appearance, so it’ll surely save you some time.

Which is better for your postcard, static or dynamic QR code?

Note that Static QR codes are the better options for personal use.

The data embedded is permanent, and you can use this for a single time only.

So, if you plan on sending a video greeting to a friend or a family member, the video linked to your QR code won’t change over time.

The chances of correcting errors are zero when it comes to Static QR codes.

Fortunately, the Dynamic QR code allows you to enjoy many of its amazing features without stressing out about errors and failures!

1. Editable

Let’s say you’ve changed the contact details linked to the postcard’s QR code and wish to change it.

This is very much possible with the help of the Dynamic QR code.

You can edit the encoded data embedded any time you want!

So you don’t have to worry if you keep updating your website, social sites, or contact details if you generate the Dynamic QR code on your postcards.

2. Trackable

Non-business-related postcards may not find this useful.

However, businesses that send out postcards to VIP clients or random customers know the importance of statistics.

With QR codes, you can now track the scans, the people, and the location from which the QR code has been scanned.

3. Can store massive information

Postcards are small piece of card that has limited space.

You can’t share your entire photos, videos, music, or any information in the most detailed way.

But placing a postcard QR code can showcase massive information without limits.

How to create a QR code for your postcards

  • Open a QR code generator like QR TIGER
  • Choose the QR code solution you want to generate and input the necessary information 
  • Select Dynamic QR and click and Generate QR code
  • Customize your QR code
  • Do a test scan
  • Download and print with high quality

Download the QR code in the highest quality possible so that it can also be easily read or scanned by a QR code scanner. Now, you can use the QR code on your postcards!

The future of postcards 

One of the questions asked nowadays regarding distant communication is whether postcards are dead.

With the decline in postcards being sent, it is easy to infer that it is.

In the US alone, the number of postcards sent in 2020 was over 77 million less than the 2019 data and over 2 billion shorter than in the last two decades.

The regression in numbers is affected by the digitalization of communication.

With the birth of modern technologies, it is obvious that people are now spending more time facing their phones or computers.

And as a result, the data on QR code interactions swelled to a gleaming 94% from 2018 to 2020, denoting a high number of consumers and users.

You might think, “Why would I use postcards then?” Good question.

Because it is always better to be able to hold on to something tangible that can be kept for sentiment’s sake than to receive an e-mail, a text, a video greeting, or a single photo.

In business, sending a custom-made postcard to your clients is better for your marketing.

The customer satisfaction that this action would result in can certainly make them want to purchase from you over and over.

And it is also better to incorporate your own QR code on your postcards.

Everything is going digital now.

Distant communication tools like postcards should not be compromised and forgotten all because of the advancements in the world.

With the myriad of QR code users all over the world, the chances of bringing back postcards to society are very likely.

The statistics of the number of postcards sent per year will eventually become higher than the current data.

Generate QR codes for postcards with QR TIGER today

Adding QR codes to postcards is a great way to bring a little bit of modernity to an old way of communicating.

This strategy is great for anyone who spends time checking their emails and loves keeping paper transactions handy.

With a touch of technology, your postcards can now hold more than just a simple ‘wish you were here but can potentially introduce you to a whole lot of experiences.

Connect with your family, friends, and important clients by sending them postcards with QR codes printed for more interactive and engaging communication.

For more information, don’t hesitate to visit the QR TIGER QR code generator online.

Create your QR code with us today.

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