Image Gallery QR Code: Display Multiple Images in a Scan

Update:  May 13, 2024
Image Gallery QR Code: Display Multiple Images in a Scan

Image Gallery QR code is a solution that embeds and displays multiple images on your smartphone screen when you scan it.

This type of solution is mostly used for product packaging, portfolio for photographers, tourism and travel, business services, events, and many more.

By using an image gallery QR code or photo album QR code, you can create an interactive experience for your target audience and present multiple images right away in a scan using a QR code.

So how does this work? Let’s find out.

How to make a QR code for a photo album

  • Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online
  • Click on the H5 QR code solution
  • Enter the title of your image gallery page
  • Click on the slider images
  • Upload your images
  • Insert description below
  • Generate QR code

Generate multiple images in a QR using the landing page QR code solution

A landing page QR code is the type of QR code solution that not only enables you to generate multiple images in one QR code but this type of QR solution allows you to make a customized landing page or webpage which is optimized for mobile use.

H5 QR codeTherefore, using the landing page QR solution, you don’t need to buy your own domain or hosting for a website.

This solution is a quick setup that you can do to create your own landing page.

What makes it more convenient is that your web page is a mobile version and is designed to be accessible using smartphone devices.

You can use this dynamic solution to create a photo album or a QR code gallery.

How to use the image gallery QR code?

Product packaging

In your product packaging, you can display multiple images in your image gallery QR code that contains a series of images about how to use your products (for an electric device, gadgets, make-up, or any products) that maybe will require instruction or a how-to.

Consumer Goods

For food packaging consumer goods, you can display multiple images of the recipe that your consumers can make out of that certain product!

For example, graham food manufacturing industries can attach QR code pics or an entire image gallery that shows how buyers can make a series of recipes out of the goods they have purchased.

Hotels and resorts

Hotel QR codeUsing an image gallery QR code for hotels, you can show your hotel amenities and other fun activities your guests can enjoy while staying at the hotel and resort.

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Present your customers your mouth-watering dishes that they cannot resist!

A QR code photo album will help you present to your guests your delectable dishes even better.

After all, people are visual beings. And if they see a series of food images, it’s just hard to say no. Make your images look flavorsome and irresistible for your guests.

You can print it in your marketing brochures, leaflets, etc.

QR codes for Photographers

Showcasing your work and talent as a photographer, you can make the best out of the image gallery QR.

You can generate your images into a QR code gallery, present that portfolio to your client, and book that next event!

You can have the QR code displayed on your business photography website or even in your photo book works.

Travel and tourism

Showcase your city’s best of anywhere tourists may be.

The image QR code solution can be used in many establishments in your city to attract and leverage the tourist experience.

They can also scan the QR code pics gallery to unravel the hidden gems in your city that they should visit.

For your personal photo collection

If you have many images scattered all around your computer and files, you can generate a photo album QR code or an image gallery QR code to organize your photo files.

In just a quick scan, you can view them and access them on your device.

For presentations

Presentation QR code

They can participate and scan the QR code to show them images with regard to your discussion.

Moreover, it keeps your presentation clean from image clutters.

Event campaign

When doing an event campaign QR code, you can display past images of your events to attract more people to join your event!

You can display your QR codes for your event in places with high traffic of people or even distribute them online. 

Events QR code

Best practices when generating an image gallery QR code

Do not invert the QR code color of your image QR code

Inverting your QR code color will not make your QR image scannable, or worse, it doesn’t get scanned at all.

The foreground color of your QR code pics should be darker than your background color to make it easy and quick to scan.

Observe image contrast

You can add colors to your QR code, but apart from not making it inverted in color, it’s also important to observe proper contrast in your QR and avoid using pastel colors.

Add a call-to-action

You need to add a call to action for every QR code you make. Otherwise, how will your scanners know what they are supposed to do with your QR code?

Adding a CTA like “scan to see images” will give them an idea that they are supposed to scan the QR code to have images displayed on their smartphone screen.

Observe the right sizing of your image gallery QR code

If your scanners have to scan your image gallery QR code from afar, you need to make your QR code bigger than it is.

If the goal of the scanning distance is to be scanned from a near distance, for example, in your product packaging, the QR code minimum size should be 1.2 inches (3–4 cm) in dimension.

What powers the H5 QR code?

H5 QR code is a dynamic type of QR solution that allows you, as we have mentioned, to build your own webpage without having to buy a domain or hosting.

Moreover, with the H5 QR code, you can edit or update your QR landing page even though your H5 QR has been printed or deployed to your marketing materials, be it offline or online.

Therefore, if you’re using this solution to create an image gallery file, you can update your images and add other materials, or you can also delete some.

Once your image gallery QR code is updated and done.

It will automatically redirect scanners to the new set of files that you have previously changed.

This type of QR solution enables users also to track their QR scans and unravel their data analytics, such as where the scanners are from, the time when your QR code was scanned, and the device type used by your scanners.

Why do you need an image gallery QR code?

Compile and organize your images

Image gallery QR code compiles all of your images in one QR, making them handy and convenient to use when it comes to organizing your photos.

Design to be accessed using smartphone devices

QR code solutions are designed and automatically optimized for smartphone users to access. And as we all know, mobile marketing is an important element for every business to incorporate.

After all, there are about 2.5 billion users around the world who own smartphones, so don’t miss that opportunity!

You can update, add, or remove image/s to your image gallery QR code

As we have mentioned, when generating your QR code photo album powered by the H5 QR, you can update your information or images even when printed or distributed, and you can even track your QR scans in real time!

H5 image slider

Track the data of your QR code

You can track the data of your QR code scans, such as the time when you get scans which you can filter from days/months/years.

Moreover, you can also unlock the exact location of your scanners and the device they used when they scan your QR campaign.

Can be displayed and scanned in print and online display

Should you need to print your image gallery QR or have it distributed online, QR codes can be scanned, and it works for both platforms as it also functions as multi-channel marketing!

Useful to store portfolios and other documents

If you are a photographer, a graphic designer, or a design agency, using an image gallery QR will be your gateway to getting that client and booking that event.

It does not only show your work portfolio, but it only shows that you are an innovative person who is updated about technology.

You can print your QR code and attach it to your business cards, flyers, poster ads, or your own website.

Generate your image gallery QR code with the QR TIGER QR code generator today

The marketing possibilities using the image QR solution are endless. And still, there are a lot of ways you can use it for your marketing or even for personal use.

To customize your QR code according to your brand image and make it more professional-looking, you can start creating your customized image gallery QR code with QR TIGER today!


How to make a QR code for a photo album?

To make a QR code for multiple images, using the H5 QR code solution allows you to embed and display many pictures once the QR code is scanned.

Just click on the image slider button and upload your images.

How to link a QR code to a picture?

To link a QR code to a picture, you can upload your image using the file category QR code, but if you have multiple images to embed in a QR, use the H5 QR code solution, which also generates the image gallery QR by using the slider images.

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Save the QR code as an image

After you have generated your QR code into an image, you can now save your QR code as an image and display it in your offline and online marketing campaign.

The QR code for your image will be automatically saved on your computer and in your QR code generator dashboard, where you can edit and track your QR code scans after.

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