QR Code PNG Format: Here's Your Ultimate Guide

Last updated:   March 16, 2023

A QR code PNG format is best to used online but can also be printed.

Although a PNG has less quality than an SVG. An SVG file is a vectorial file that can be used in programs like Illustrator or InDesign.

For Photoshop you need to import your SVG file. An SVG file is great for printing at the highest quality. 

If you’re planning to resize and print your QR code as larger as you need it to be, then downloading your QR code in SVG format is your best option but- if you opt to use a QR code and display it online, you can also use the PNG format. 

In QR TIGER QR code generator, you can choose whether you want to generate your QR code in SVG or PNG form. Here’s how you can do it.  

Note: If you need to download your QR code in SVG file, you need to create an account first using the QR code generator. 

How to create a QR code in PNG format

  • Go to QR code generator online
  • Click the type of QR code solution you need
  • Select dynamic instead of static
  • Customize your QR code  
  • Do a scan test
  • Click Download PNG
  • Deploy/Distribute your QR code

PNG to QR code: Step-by-step guide in creating a QR code PNG format

1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online

QR code generator QR TIGER allows you to convert your PNG to QR code and customize it. Furthermore, you can also convert other image formats to QR code. 

2. Choose from the category the type of QR code solution you need  

QR code solutions

There are a wide array of QR code solutions you can create depending on your need. Choose from the options in the box shown above.

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3. Select dynamic instead of static

Dynamic QR code

Whatever type of QR code you choose to generate, you can either make them static or dynamic.

While static QR code does not allow you to change the data behind your QR which is not advisable for the long term use.

Dynamic QR codes are much more efficient as they enable you to redirect your landing page to another information, even though you already have printed your QR code. 

This means you can have a multimedia campaign without breaking the bank!

Just edit or update your landing page to another information anytime you want.

Moreover, using dynamic QR codes you can also track your QR code scans. 

4. Customize your QR code 

Customize QR code with logo

You can also customize your QR code in PNG formats, like adding a logo, image, icon in your QR code.

Furthermore, you can also choose the layout patterns for your QR, add a customizable frame with a call to action, and more! 

5. Do a scan test

Before your download your PNG QR code, it is always best to do a scan test first and check if your QR code redirects you correctly to the information you have embedded.

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6. Click “Download PNG”

QR code PNG

After you have done a scan test, download your QR code, and deploy it. 

PNG vs. SVG for a QR code

An SVG file is a vector type file that can be used in programs as Illustrator or InDesign.

For Photoshop you need to import your SVG file.

An SVG file is great for printing at the highest quality. You can also resize your QR code to a larger size in SVG format.

A PNG is a format to use online but can also be printed although a PNG has less quality than a SVG.

The basics of QR code

Static QR code 

  • the information is permanent
  • the QR scans are not trackable
  • ideal for a one-time marketing campaign
  • free to create

Dynamic QR code

  • the information is editable
  • the QR scans are trackable
  • ideal for a multimedia campaign
  • saves you money in the long run as it is modifiable/no need to reprint QR codes again

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Best practices when you create your QR code in PNG format

Observe a correct color contrast in your QR code 

QR code correct colorsThe foreground color of your QR code should always be darker than the background color.

QR code scanners are set to scan QR codes with a lighter background and a lighter foreground color. 

Also, avoid mixing light colors such as pastel and yellow colors and create enough contrast of your QR code colors.  

Be mindful of your QR code’s size

QR code sizeFor most, the recommended size of a QR code should be at least 1.2 inches (3-4 cm) in dimension for people to be able to scan it! 

Before you deploy your QR code and make sure that it is the right size for the place or advertising environment you will place them. 

Put a call to action or CTA in your QR code

QR code call to actionPutting a call-to-action in your QR code is highly important to make your target audience aware of the message or content behind your QR code!

Your QR code won’t serve any purpose if your scanners won't scan your QR code.

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Make your landing page mobile-friendly

QR code landing pageThe majority of your QR scans will come from smartphone devices so make sure your landing page is mobile friendly so it would load faster.

Only implement the action you are promoting in your QR codes

One of the rules that you should follow and need to understand is that you make your landing page and the user’s experience concise and clear.

Avoid too many unnecessary details.

If your landing page leads scanners to video information, then put a call to action that says “scan to watch a video” and do not put anything else.

Do not create confusion among your target audience.

Convert PNG to QR code using QR TIGER 

QR TIGER offers you many types of QR codes for your needs.

From a URL QR code, vCard, social media, Multi-URL QR code, and many more.

With a dynamic QR code, you can choose the style, patterns, and colors of your QR code so that it fits with your brand.

You can also track how many times your QR code has been scanned.

Moreover, you can update the content of your QR code to another file anytime. 

If you have more questions or queries about QR codes, you can also contact us now. 

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