Get To Know QR Code Shapes And Why They Matter

Update:  January 14, 2024
Get To Know QR Code Shapes And Why They Matter

QR code shapes now come in a variety, but squares remain the most popular since they’re the most efficient for scanning because of their symmetry.

It’s easier for scanners to detect the features of a square QR code due to its corners, but this doesn’t imply that your QR code’s shape is only limited to squares alone.

Other QR code software offers different shape options, like circle QR codes, but using these shapes has its cons on readability and scanability.

Aesthetics can make your QR code stand out among others in the market, maximizing user engagement. But it’s important to consider how your code will perform if you use other shapes.

Keep reading to explore the endless possibilities of enhancing your QR codes and unraveling different shapes from the best QR code shapes generator.

Traditional vs. modern shape

Traditional vs modern QR code shapes

The ideal QR code shape is square, and the reason for this is rooted in readability and scanning. This is why most QR code generator platforms offer square frame templates.

One must consider the different parts of the QR code structure when scanning. Every QR code has its position detection pattern (PDP), a.k.a. the eyes.

With a square shape, the three eyes at each corner of the QR code are properly positioned, helping scanners identify the orientation of the code.

And when you create a QR code in square shapes, it gives you a more defined quiet zone—the blank space that helps the scanner identify where the QR stops and begins.

But if you want to make custom QR code shapes, you can do so. You can create a heart-shaped or a round QR code, depending on what the software can offer.

However, going in with other shapes instead of the traditional square is prone to difficulties that can hinder the function of QR codes and limit user engagement. 

Is it ideal: Can a QR code be of different shapes?

Square QR code shape

Using a QR code shapes generator, you can create QR codes in different shapes other than a square.

Square QR codes have been the most popular; they are simple but easy to scan. But to answer the question above, QR codes can come in various shapes.

But take note: You can only modify their QR code frames. Basically, you will enclose your square QR code in another frame shape.

This is to preserve the readability and scannability of your code while achieving the new form you want. After all, you wouldn’t want to compromise the quality of your code, right?

This is a better alternative than taking a risk on creating a circle QR code or other shapes that may come with various issues, like the following:

Scanning difficulties

Round QR code shape

Since most QR code scanners are designed to read square QR codes, using a different shape may pose difficulties for scanners. It might take time for them to decode the embedded data.

But it doesn’t mean that other shapes are non-scannable, only that it might take time for scanners to detect the necessary features to interpret the embedded data.

PDP issues

Circles are edgeless and have no corners, which are prominent points where the eyes are situated. This becomes a challenge for scanners to identify the correct code orientation.

Error-correction limitations

The QR code error correction capabilities are enhanced in square-shaped codes because the same techniques can be applied in horizontal and vertical directions.

Certainly, QR code codes can be of different shapes, such as circles. But take note: They may require more intricate and less effective error correction algorithms due to their curved shape, potentially diminishing their overall error correction capacity.

There are other custom frame designs too, but the availability of shapes depends on the software you are using.

That’s why it’s crucial to consider the frame shapes offered by the QR code software.

How to create QR codes of different shapes?

QR code shapes

You can make your own QR code from QR TIGER, where there are vast choices of shapes that you can use. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the best QR code generator with a logo online.

Note: You can create a static QR code for free without an account, but you must subscribe to a plan to enjoy dynamic QR codes.

Sign up for our freemium plan and get three dynamic QR codes.

  1. Choose a QR code solution you want to use.
  2. Provide the required data.

Each QR code solution requires different data. Check on the requirements asked to avoid delays in generating your code.

  1. Choose between Static and Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code.

Note: While static QR codes are free, dynamic QR codes come with advanced features that will be handy for marketing campaigns.

  1. Customize your QR code style. You can modify the pattern and eyes, choose colors, add a logo, and your ultimate goal—change the frame.

After using a frame, you can also add a call to action to your QR code.

  1. Run a test scan using your smartphone to check whether your QR code is working.
  2. Download your QR code.

Note: If you’ll print your QR code, it’s best to save it in SVG format so you can resize it without affecting its quality.

The SVG format is only available for premium subscribers and freemium users.

QR code shapes from QR TIGER

QR TIGER offers 16 different shapes to choose from—ranging from squares and circles to those with smooth and rough edges.

But note that these are only frames: Your QR code will still be square in a different shape.

Apart from the shapes, you can modify other elements, such as colors, patterns, and eyes, and add a logo and a frame text using this QR code generator.

Here are the different shapes available at QR TIGER

QR tiger QR code generator

Understanding the significance of shapes in QR codes

Aspiring to stand out by being unique and adapting to different styles of QR codes is not bad at all. It’s great to explore changes and experiment with various design elements.

However, you must prioritize function over form.

Making your QR code visually attractive through different shapes would be useless if it only leads to scanning errors. 

Great-looking QR code shapes must still be aligned with the main purpose of QR codes—instant access to information through one quick scan.

That’s why a square QR code is still the safest, most recommended, and the best shape. 

You can still shine in the sea of QR codes without compromising their readability by adjusting the frame.

You just have to understand how QR code truly works and what QR code generator you should use.

Go to QR TIGER today and explore our carefully-crafted and striking QR code frame templates. Got any questions? Our customer service is always up to assist you 24/7.

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