How to Use QR Code Frames and Get More Scans

Update:  August 08, 2023
QR code frames

You can adjust the call-to-action on QR code frames based on the stuff you’re promoting or advertising behind the QR code.

For example, in a QR code that brings scanners to a video landing page, you can include a frame QR code with a call-to-action like “Scan to Watch a Video!”

If you tell your target audience to scan the QR code, they will.

You can use a free QR code generator online to create customized QR codes with CTAs. 

Ways how to use QR code frames

A frame on your QR code might attract more scanners by drawing their attention to your CTA as soon as they read it, especially if it’s a snappy one.

Stated below are some of its best examples:

QR Code for a vCard

vCard QR code

It’s critical to digitalize your standard business cards by incorporating a QR code with a call-to-action.

Just a scan will reveal enough information about you to your potential consumers or clients.

You can use a vCard QR code to link potential clients, customers, or business partners to your social media account, website, and other critical information about you once they scan it.

According to the poll, 50% of businesses utilize QR codes as part of their marketing strategy to make it more effective.

Furthermore, despite the 8 billion business cards that end up in the trash bin every week, studies show for every 2,000 business cards distributed, a company’s sales improve by 2.5 percent.

When you add a QR code to it, how much better are your chances of increasing future connections and sales?

View or download a PDF file.
They can scan the code placed in the PDF and download it to their devices.

“Scan to download!” can be a good call-to-action on your PDF QR code to get people’s attention and get them to scan your QR code. 

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Play a video

After scanning a video QR code, the QR code will take scanners immediately to a video website.

You can use QR codes to boost traffic to your YouTube channel, video marketing, how-to videos, and so much more!

Create a QR code for your YouTube video or MP4 file and include a call to action such as “Scan to play the video!” for people to know what the content is on your QR code.

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Details on the product packaging

Primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging are the three principal forms of packaging.

You can use your QR code frames to draw attention to additional product details in any packaging option.

If you personalize your QR code with a call-to-action, your target audience will scan it.

QR codes not only help to improve customer experience, but they also help to increase revenue.

According to Future Market Insights, the global QR code labels market was worth US$ 996.8 million in 2018, and it has been predicted to grow at an annual rate of 8.7% from 2019 to 2027.

Instant follow-back on your social media accounts

You can create a single QR code with a frame for all of your social media networks, allowing scanners to follow your accounts automatically with just one scan of your QR code.

social media QR code is one of the QR code solutions that allows you to connect your social media accounts with a single QR code.

This QR code leads scanners to a landing page that displays all your social media profiles when they scan it.

Connect to Wi-Fi in one scan

Wifi QR code
WiFi QR code allows you to connect to the internet in a scan. It’s suitable for use in offices, homes, libraries, and other public places.

To use on your site

Use a URL QR code for your website, and encourage your target audience to visit and share it. In addition, a QR code for your website will increase visitors.

App QR code for easy download

When users scan an app QR code from your website, it will redirect them to the Android Play Store, Apple App Store, or Amazon App Store to download it.

Visitors to your website can scan the code and download the app without looking for it by name.

Users will find an app QR Code more convenient, simple, and straightforward.

When linking the app to your QR code, you may insert more information, an intro video, or other information using complex QR code generators with logos.

Listen to an audio

When people scan an mp3 QR code, a soundtrack, podcast, or any mp3 file will play automatically.

If you want to convert a music or audio file into a QR code, this is the way to go. An mp3 QR code is helpful since it can play an mp3 file without additional software.

An MP3 QR code can be used to transform words into an audio file and can be found in books, periodicals, and historical information in museums.

Display discounted items

QR codes in storefront windows are an excellent way for businesses to market and showcase their brand to people passing. 

Allow them to scan your store’s sale products. 

Furthermore, you can use QR codes to offer meal discounts or freebies!

Why make a dynamic QR code through a QR code generator with a frame?

There are several reasons to develop a dynamic QR code with frames, each with its own set of advantages.

Some of the examples are listed below:

URL can be edited

Users can save time, money, and effort by not having to develop and print a new QR code each time they wish to share a different piece of content.

All they need to do now is change the URL.

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Retarget tool feature

The retarget tool feature in QR TIGER’s Google Tag Manager allows you to track scanners and retarget them when they scan your QR codes.

As a result, your QR TIGER Google Tag Manager retargeting solution acts as one of your GTM containers, allowing you to track and retarget your users’ behavior.

After scanning QR codes, QR TIGER’s retargeting feature will track and retarget your users.

The information will assist you in creating custom adverts and campaigns.

Email scan notification feature

When generating a dynamic QR code, users will be notified if their QR codes have been scanned.

When a QR code is scanned, the owner will receive an email alert with information such as the campaign code, the number of scans, and the date the QR code was scanned.

The owner’s registered email address will receive the notification automatically.

Expiry feature

When a user generates a dynamic QR code, he can set an expiry date for the QR code with QR TIGER’s expiry feature.  

Password-protected feature

QR codes with password protection are those in which the content or information encoded in the QR code can only be accessed and displayed after the scanner inputs the correct password.

Trackable data

You should generate your QR code solutions statistics report in a dynamic format if you want to track them.

Unlike static QR codes, dynamic QR codes are more complex and versatile.

The information encrypted in the dynamic QR code is saved in the QR code generator program online, where you create your QR code, allowing it to track QR code scans. 

What is the right size for a QR code frame?

There is no specific size for your QR code frame; it is the size of your QR code that matters, as it will always depend on where it will be used.

Moreover, there are four (4) QR code frames that you can choose from when you generate one with QR TIGER.

So, if you’re going to include a frame on your QR code, you don’t need to be concerned about its frame size.

Use a frame for a QR code now to attract more scanners

The majority of QR code platforms on the internet do not provide free services for creating QR codes with a frame.

However, you can create as many static QR codes as you like with a frame in QR TIGER, and your QR code will not expire.

Even if your QR code is static, you’ll get an endless number of scans.

QR TIGER is also a free QR code generator online that gives you a variety of design and layout options for your QR code.

It’s a trustworthy QR code generator that will keep the data behind your QR code safe and secured, even if it’s static!

Generate and customize your QR code with us today. 

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