QR codes and sustainability: How to use QR codes for your company’s green initiatives

Last updated:   June 20, 2022

QR codes and sustainability can help your company move forward into a more environmentally-conscientious brand or business.

The expectations on corporate responsibility increase, and transparency become prevalent; companies are starting to act on sustainability.

That is why major companies have taken on significant commitments by incorporating technology in their green initiatives.

To embark on a more sustainable journey, you can use QR codes in your product packaging, traceability efforts, and many more.

QR codes for sustainability: Going Green is important with QR codes and sustainability efforts

Natural resources are scarce and continue to be destroyed due to carbon emission, climate change, and pollution. 

Companies and corporations are becoming more environmentally aware and have launched green initiatives.

Their goal is not just to save on costs or to meet compliance requirements but also to create brand recognition among customers.

Being an environmentally sensitive company, you are creating a vision of care. But how do you use technology to complement your sustainability efforts?

QR codes are being used as a marketing tech tool and an environmentally friendly tool. It allows you to store URLs, images, videos, and documents.

This tool minimizes printed documents and has been used by different industries in their product packaging and sustainability efforts.

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Why do you need to implement QR codes and sustainability practices together?

1. Cut down on paper consumption

Large companies are some of the biggest consumers of papers due to printing documents.

On average, paper accounts for over 12,500 tons of waste in the US alone.

However, it is now possible to share your PDF, Powerpoint, or any document via a file QR code with QR codes.

A simple scan using a smartphone device allows one to access and download a document for easy reading. QR codes for sustainability efforts are beneficial to cut down paper consumption that only adds up to carbon footprint. 

2. Less printing costs

You don’t have to reprint your QR code when you edit its content with dynamic QR codes.

For example, if you want to change the PDF document into another PDF, you can edit your QR code.

The new content will automatically reflect in your QR code. You don't need to reprint it or redistribute your QR code.

3. No cost-extensive setup

To access the content of a QR code, you only need a smartphone camera or a QR code reader app.

You don’t have to purchase other equipment in implementing QR codes in your company.

4. Flexible to use

QR code is versatile and can be applied in so many mediums. You can either print it in your traditional marketing materials or share it via online space.

Marketing strategy with QR codes and sustainability

1. Digitized user guides and manuals

Paper-based manuals and user guides often end up in waste bins. Using QR codes, you can digitize it and easily share it with your customers.

You can print the QR code along with your packaging or product label so your customers will just scan it.

By digitizing your user manuals with QR codes, you are not just improving your customer satisfaction but you are also reducing paper waste.

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2. QR code on product packaging

Steer away from usual labeling by digitizing your product information using QR codes.

It is also a good investment as you can add more information about your products that cannot be included in your usual product label.

You can also engage your customers by adding coupon QR codes, video content via video QR codes, and a PDF QR code that has details of the origin of the ingredients.

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3. QR code traceability for products

QR codes enable brands and companies’ products to come to life and tell a story about the product.

It can store information such as the item’s country of origin, its carbon footprint, or a behind-the-scenes look at the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, QR codes create a multi-channel platform and connect consumers to your brand.

You can share the behind-the-scenes video via video QR code or the product details via a dynamic URL QR code.

4. QR code to share files during meetings and events

Business meetings, trade shows, and events usually involve exchanges of documents and files.

Using file QR code, you can share files such as PDF documents, Powerpoint presentations, images, audio, and videos. 

This way, it makes information fast and easy by a simple scan of the code during the meeting. It also minimizes paper usage and printing costs.

Brands using QR codes with their sustainability initiatives

1. Natrue

Natrue, a Brussels-based international natural and organic cosmetics company, also integrated QR codes into its cosmetic products.

A customer who scans the code will lead to a website containing information about the product or an item.

It serves as a guide to educate them on what product suits them well before purchasing.

2. 1017 Alyx 9Sm

1017 Alyx 9Sm, a fashion brand known for its luxe streetwear, uses QR codes for traceability and authentication.

Alyx product hangtags have printed scannable QR codes that embed information on the entire supply chain history of the piece.

It contains information such as when and where the raw materials were sourced, where the garment was manufactured, and its shipping record. 

3. Cocokind

An Indie skin-care brand Cocokind uses a QR code on their new product packaging feature with detailed sustainability information as part of their transparency campaign.

Each Cocokind product has a QR code on its box.

When the QR code is scanned, it allows customers to scan to be directed to more sustainability resources on the brand’s e-commerce website.

QR codes for sustainability: Moving towards an environment-friendly business

Sustainability is becoming a megatrend that pushes companies to adopt new technologies such as QR codes.

QR code technology is a smart tech tool that enables you to save on resources and implement environmental sustainability initiatives towards an environment-friendly business. 

For more information and questions, visit QRTIGER today to start having an eco-friendly company!

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