QR codes in Australia: Popularity Rise in 2023

Update:  March 27, 2024
QR codes in Australia: Popularity Rise in 2023

QR codes in Australia have lingered in business establishments for quite some time now. But why did its popularity surge in 2023?

What caused its popularity to surge?

Despite their popularity, QR code statistics show that the use of QR codes has had a slow take-off for Australian QR codes.

Even 62% of retailers didn’t even know about the QR codes until today. This slow take-off was not an international occurrence.

QR codes have been gaining popularity as Quick Response Codes in China for the past many years.

You will find these codes everywhere in China, from street vendors to major social media apps such as WeChat.

Today, surviving even a single day without smartphones seems to be nearly an impossible task for most individuals.

With the advent use of smartphones, developers have also derived new ways of communicating with the world through the one device they carry with them i.e., smartphones.

A big step towards this direction is the use of visual QR codes all around the globe.

Integrating tons of information from KFC buckets to plane tickets, QR codes have served as a major source of sharing information from various sources into smart devices.

It has built a bridge between online and offline information. It has also been very handy in turning out to be an effective marketing tool for businesses. 

QR code popularity in Australia

Since brands, companies, and business owners learn the use of QR codes, ignorance converts to usage in Australia. 

QR code statistics show that since then, ordinary and visual QR codes have been used in Australia for a number of purposes, i.e. identification, security, marketing, etc.

Here we have compiled some major ways in which free visual QR code generators have been serving Australia with QR codes so far.

How QR codes are used in Australia

Mobile payments

QR code mobile payment

Anyone who has recently walked into retail stores in Australia might know how hot these QR codes Australia has offered these days.

Australian shoppers can always download apps while shopping and scan the code given by the retailer to pay for the item.

Even Australia’s well-known bill payment service lets its customers pay dues just by scanning the code on the bill. 

Several banks and online stores have also attached QR codes on their products or mobile applications to let users make payments through mobile.

Tour map guides

Map QR code

Aside from marketing, brand awareness, and educating voters, QR codes also help as a source of tourist companions in Australia.

People can visit the place and scan a QR code to learn more about the place.

For example, the Whadjuk Trail Network on Noongar land uses visual QR codes as part of its trails.

People can scan and enjoy Aboriginal stories and songs. Visitors can scan the QR code to learn more about the museum. 

These informational codes are created using a QR code generator in Australia for the ease of sharing history.

Voting awareness

Election QR code

During the electorates in 2016, Greens NSW Candidate Bill Cashman from Fowler added a campaign using QR codes.

The purpose of this QR code campaign was to educate voters on how to vote for their cards online.

This campaign led to a dramatic increase in their popularity as the majority of people just wanted to give it a try.

Visual campaigns at Airports

Digital ad QR code

In 2013, oOh!media (a well-known advertising industry in Australia and New Zealand) used the Australia QR code as part of their digital panels incorporated in Melbourne, Sidney, and Brisbane airports that let users listen to various movies and songs and download in an instant by scanning the QR code.

This was the first time an advertising company enabled users to take control of the visual campaign with their smartphone devices.

Ocean Watch used a QR code to enhance credibility

In November 2014, Oceanwatch launched a loyalty program using QR codes where consumers can get the full information on any product, including its pictures of how the product was manufactured and caught and the methods behind the fishing method.

The QR code also tells information about the species, population statistics, and migration patterns, along with its price.

Create your QR codes using the best QR code generator in Australia

The campaigns listed above clearly show that QR codes are now consistently used in Australia for retail, tourism, enhancing customer experience, and customer education.

These uses of QR codes also ensure that consumers are highly educated on modern technology, especially when you use a free QR code generator online.

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Brands using QR codes

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