QR codes for gyms: How to use QR codes for fitness products and gym equipment

Last updated:   October 14, 2021

Struck by the coronavirus pandemic, the fitness industry has to go digital to meet the ever-changing customer needs. Using QR codes for gyms, you’ll connect to your customers and bring a safer and convenient customer experience.

Fitness operators have to accelerate digital transformation to handle health restrictions and challenges. Now, virtual classes and mental health options were the main drivers why gym industries have to go digital.

The $32 billion industry has to overcome the sudden change of workout patterns of their members and to quickly increase declining membership.

But using QR codes, it is now easy to reach your members and potential customers, engage them, and offer more digital content for overall wellness.

Gym QR code: Why QR codes for gyms is an effective digital partner for your members’ overall wellness

QR code which stands as “Quick Response” code is almost used by many industries due to its fast readability and storage capacity.

By a simple scan using a QR code reader app or a smartphone camera, one can access information instantly.

As an illustrative example, Vigor Active uses QR codes that embed video demonstrations on how to use their gym equipment. If a gym goer scans it using smartphone device, the video will display on the smartphone screen for easy viewing.

Isn’t it amazing how QR codes offer convenient yet safe digital experience to your gym members?

With the smart QR code solutions offered by QR code generators –software you can use to create QR codes –it is now easy to integrate QR codes in gyms, fitness studios, and other wellness centers.

Let’s learn more about how to use QR codes for gyms in the next part of this blog.

Ways on how to use QR codes for gyms in fitness products and gym equipment

1. How-to videos via video QR code

If your gym members are new and have never approached gym equipment, offer them engaging videos on how to use a certain machine and the muscles they’re meant to target.

To easily share these how-to videos, convert it into a video QR code and place the printed QR code near the equipment.

The video QR code (under the File QR code solution), once scanned, will display the video on the smartphones of your gym members. They can easily view and download the video for a quick how-to.

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2. YouTube QR code for tutorials

Are your how-to videos uploaded in your YouTube channel? Then just quickly convert the YouTube video URL into a YouTube QR code.

A YouTube QR code is a convenient way of showing your gym members or potential customers a YouTube video how to use the gym equipment. They don’t have to type out the full URL of the video and look for it.  

It is best to create a dynamic QR code of your YouTube QR code. Why? With a dynamic QR code, you can still replace that video you have embedded and redirect it to another video landing page.

So even if you printed or deployed your QR code in your gym and in the gym equipment, you can still edit the YouTube video URL.

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3. PDF QR code for detailed list and guides

Since many of your gym members prefer to have a home workout, they might be planning to buy their own equipment. Give them a detailed list of must-have equipment and a detailed guide to each machine.

Convert the file into a PDF QR code (under the File QR code solution) so your members will just scan it to access and download the file on their smartphones.

Giving them a personalized list and guides so that as a fitness studio your members would appreciate how you value their overall wellness.

Moreover, since the PDF QR code is a dynamic one, you can edit your code and replace it with another PDF without having to create another QR code even if it has been printed! 

Likewise, you can edit redirect your PDF QR code and change it with an MP3 file, PNG, JPEG, etc. (as all of these are under the file menu category which makes it allowable.) 

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Other creative ways on how to use QR codes for gyms

1. Provide meal plans via PDF QR code

Eating the right food is a constant battle with gym members so give them a helping hand with meal plans!

As gym experts say, a healthy diet complements your workout program. Make things easy with your members and share a PDF QR code of your personalized meal plans curated by nutritionists and dieticians.

Using a PDF QR code, your members will just scan the code to access their personalized meal plans and save it on their smartphones. 

If they go to a grocery store, they can quickly refer to the file so they can check of the food items they need to buy.

2. Suggest workout music via Spotify QR code

Study shows that listening to music while exercising can help improve the quality of your workout by increasing your stamina and putting you in a better mood.

That is why most of your gym members are wearing ear pods and would sometimes request to have music playing inside the gym.

Why not suggest a workout playlist to your gym members using the Spotify QR code? So even if they want to have a home workout, they can easily play the music.

Spotify QR code is a QR code solution that embeds the use of Spotify music links into a QR code. Using this solution, you can easily share you suggest music from Spotify to your gym members without the need of downloading the Spotify codes app.

Your gym members can listen to your music without any scanning restrictions. 

Unlike Spotify codes, Spotify QR codes have no restrictions as they can be scanned on any device and any scanning apps. Thus, your gym members will not have to download the app on their smartphones.

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3. Discount QR code for the gym to attract newbies

Wanting to increase your gym memberships? Incorporate a discount QR code into your promotional materials like flyers and brochures!

When your potential customers scan the QR code, they will automatically get a discount when they sign up as a gym member.

To do this, you can design a customized display page of your discount campaigns and let your potential customers check all the details by scanning the QR code.

You can use a URL QR code that will display the customized landing page of your website where the scanners can sign up as members and redeem discounts.

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4. Google Form QR code for customer feedback

Get your gym members’ feedbacks without the need to manually fill up a form using Google Form QR code.

Using the Google Form QR code, will lessen physical contact and make the survey process even quicker.

It is also a convenient way to collect your members’ comments and suggestions about your gym operations using only smartphone gadgets!  

We recommend generating a dynamic QR code of your Google Form QR so you can change the data behind it without generating another QR code!  

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5. Boost social media presence via social media QR code

Do you have several social media pages for your gym or studios? Then, it is now high time to promote these pages and grow your followers using social media QR codes.

The social media QR code, when scanned, will display all your social media platforms on one mobile-optimized landing page.

Using this QR code solution, it will be easier for your gym members and potential customers to follow, subscribe and like you in all of your social media platforms. 

QR code best practices to maximize gym QR code

Do not over-customize

Don’t get too overwhelmed with the customization options of a QR code generator. Remember to follow the basic rule that the foreground color of your QR code should be darker than its background color.

Why? This is because your QR code will be easy “read” by QR reader apps or by smartphones.

Add logo, icon, or image

Do you want your potential gym customers to remember your brand? From a marketing standpoint, adding a logo, icon, or image to your QR code will help customers recall your brand.

This would increase the likelihood that they might book a session or sign-up as a member.

Size matters

Make sure that your QR code is visible and easy to scan. If you are planning to print your QR code, consider the medium you will be using. Is it for a flyer? Is it for for a gym equipment label?

The recommended QR code size is 1.25 inches x 1.25 inches. If it is too small, your QR code won’t function and is useless.

Add a call to action

What is the purpose of your QR code? What is the content behind it?

Inform your gym members and customers what they will expect when they scan the QR code by adding a short call-to-action (CTA). This way, they will know what to do with the code and how the specific information will help them.

For example, if you want to distribute a coupon QR code, put “Scan for discounts”. Your potential customers will no longer have to grapple with what the promo is all about because you included a CTA on your QR code.

Proper placement

Make sure to put your QR codes for gyms in a place your members can easily see them. This means thinking through where they will be scanning your codes and making sure the code is easy to access. 

If you want to put a QR code of how to use gym equipment, make sure to place the QR code near or on that specific equipment as much as possible. Do not cause confusion to your customers by giving a QR code that contains different information.

Overall wellness made easy with QR codes for gyms

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues, ensuring your customers’ safety while engaging them at the same time is of paramount importance today.

But with the usage of QR codes, you can hit two birds with one stone. QR code minimizes physical contact as only smartphones are used to scan it. Your patrons and members don’t have to manually sign up a form or answer a paper-based survey anymore.

Likewise, they will be more engaged as virtual tutorials are now available in a matter of seconds. Offline to online engagement is made easy with QR codes for gyms.

Join the global sensation of using QR codes and include them in your gym operations, now!