How to make a customized Spotify QR code

Last updated:   May 18, 2022

As millions of Spotify users are into the use of Spotify codes, other users campaign the use of Spotify QR codes. Why is it better than the Spotify codes? Can you even create a QR code for your Spotify playlist?

Since the internet starts to become a necessity across the world, services such as social media, video sharing, and audio streaming have become one of their go-to online services.   

Because of that, the likes of Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify become a hit to digital citizens. To keep their users interest in using their services, these providers are upgrading and adding their features.

One of these services that always ensure their user’s interaction with them is Spotify.

With a total of 138 million subscribers in the first half of the year, it’s no brainer that they keep their eyes on dominating the audio streaming tier.   

Because of that, Spotify introduces a new audio sharing feature that keeps up with their interface’s aesthetics. Thus, giving rise to the use of Spotify codes, a QR code inspired barcode that attaches a series of patterned lines below the music’s album cover. 

The Spotify codes are built to enjoin music streaming with information sharing technology. But as these codes are trying to serve its purpose to the subscribers, the scanner supports its limits to the use of the software itself. Because of that, Spotify codes are not open to other scanning software.

If you are a music enthusiast and you want to share your new-found tracks with others, the convenience of using Spotify and QR codes are a great sharing opportunity.

With this, you can even create a song QR code!

Before you jump right into the merging of two technology, let us first learn its basic concepts.

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What is a Spotify QR code?

customize spotify qr code Spotify QR code is a QR code solution that embeds the use of Spotify music link into a QR code. This kind of solution allows music enthusiasts to share music from Spotify without the need of downloading the Spotify codes app. 

Using it, people can listen to your music without any scanning restrictions. 

Unlike Spotify codes, Spotify QR codes can be scanned in any device and any scanning apps. Because of that, users will not have to download the app on their smartphones.

How to get music links from Spotify before you can generate your Spotify QR code?

Before you proceed in making your Spotify code, you must first copy the music or audio link from Spotify. Here are four easy steps on how to get audio links from Spotify.

1. Open the Spotify App

qr code spotify app The first step in getting links from Spotify is through opening the app on your smartphone or desktop devices. Spotify is only available through downloading the app via an app store or through their website.

2. Search the song you want to share

Once you have opened the app, proceed in searching for the song you want to share. To search for the song you want to share, just go through the search tab of the app and start typing the song or podcast you want to share.

3. Click the share icon.

spotify code There are two ways how to find Spotify’s share icon.

If you are using Spotify on your desktop, you can:

1. Using your mouse, drag the cursor towards the audio’s album image.

2. Right-click the image.

3. Select the share icon.

If you are using Spotify on your smartphone, you can:

spotify qr
1. Tap the search icon and input the title of the song or audio

2. Select the audio image of the song you search for.

3. Open the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

4. Select the share icon.

5. Select the copy link field.

Now you have found and selected the share icon on your Spotify audio on smartphone and desktop, choose the copy link field. After you clicked the copy link field, it will automatically go on your clipboard.

How to make a Spotify QR code?

After you have successfully copied your Spotify audio link, you can now proceed in making the Spotify QR code. In making one, there are 5 simple steps that you can easily follow.

1. Go to

The first step in making a Spotify QR code is opening a QR code generator like QRTIGER.

QRTIGER is a reputable QR code generator that offers quality and easy to navigate QR code generation for people. 

With its simple, and professional ad-free interface, users can easily navigate its way in creating their QR code without a hassle.

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2. Select the URL category and paste the Spotify audio link

spotify code generatorWhen generating your Spotify QR code, select the URL category in the menu, and paste your Spotify audio link.

You can check the link if it directly prompts you to open the song by pasting it on the browser’s URL tab. In this way, you will not face any technical issues with your QR code.

3. Switch from dynamic instead of static

how to get spotify codes for song Dynamic QR code is an advanced type of QR that enables you to change the URL behind the content of your Spotify QR code even though it has been printed, and allows you to track your QR code scans. 

On the other hand, static QR codes do not have this kind of option. 

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4. Generate and personalize your QR code

customize spotify qr code Once you have filled in your Spotify audio link, you can proceed to generate the QR code.

For a more personalized QR code visuals, you can customize your QR code by choosing the set of patterns, eye shape, and colors.

Besides, you can add the Spotify logo or the album image of the audio you want to embed with. In this way, your friend will know that the QR code contains Spotify audio. 

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5. Test your QR code

Running a scan test is a rule of thumb that every user must take before proceeding in downloading their QR code. In this way, they can early find any data scanning error and fix them beforehand.

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6. Download and share.

As soon as you have detected and corrected any scanning error, you can then proceed in downloading your QR code in high print quality or digital recommended photo format.

If you are planning to share your Spotify QR code with your friends online, the PNG format is the best QR code image format that you should get.

When you plan to share your Spotify QR code through print paper, the recommended format to use is SVG. Through the use of it, you can ensure your QR code’s quality is not compromised.

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Use cases of Spotify QR codes

QR codes can bring convenience to people. With the right QR code usage, its purpose to deliver faster information sharing is achieved. Here are the following ways on how to use Spotify QR codes.

Spotify QR codes for audio promotion

spotify qr code promotion
If you are an aspiring artist, content creator, or motivational speaker and you use Spotify to inspire users, the use of Spotify QR codes is great in promoting your audio content outside the platform.

Through the use of it, artists and content creators can expand their promotion in two advertising platforms, digital and print paper.


Spotify’s podcast feature is built to educate users with trivial information through the use of audio. Because of that, many subscribers can learn something new by listening to podcasts about science and news.

With the popularity of audiobooks to people, Spotify is one of the best platforms that a student can hone their auditory and communication skills.

If you are a teacher and you want your students to listen to a podcast about Science or Mathematics.

The use of Spotify QR codes can be a great way of sharing these podcast shows with your students.

Motivating people

spotify app One great way to soothe an aching soul is by listening to a piece of relaxing music or podcast on Spotify. In a study conducted in 2019, their survey shows that 75 percent of people surveyed agreed that listening to music lessens the stress they feel and help them become more productive.

To fasten the duration in sharing tracks that can motivate them to become more productive, the use of Spotify QR codes can come in handy.

Sharing thoughts about your relationship with someone

People sometimes communicate through music. It is their way of improving or maintaining their relationship with them. Because of that, they can strengthen their bond with each other.

To fasten their exchange of music preferences, the use of Spotify QR codes can lessen their burden in searching for the song in Spotify.

Benefits of Spotify QR codes

Just like any QR code solutions, Spotify QR codes hold significant benefits to the owners and their target audience.

Because of that, they can know that QR codes can gain more attention and success throughout the use of it. Through the use of it, QR code experts have pinpoint 4 notable benefits that you can agree with.

Have wider compatibilities

spotify qr code Unlike the typical Spotify codes, Spotify QR codes have more scanning compatibilities than the latter.

Since it can be scanned using different QR code scanners apps and Google Lens, users with no Spotify app installed on their devices can easily listen to the track without the need of downloading the app.

Identifiable error correction feature

Spotify codes are fashioned from the traditional barcode feature of long and short vertical lines.

But as you print them and it is damaged, a person cannot distinguish its error correction rate. Because of that, some people are afraid of printing their Spotify codes on paper.

However, if you go on to the traditional use of QR codes, you can know its error correction rate by looking at its dedicated error correction area.

Safe and secure

QR codes in nature are safe and secure. Because of this, users can assure that the information they embed in their QR code is generated and secured by their trusted QR code generator.

As information stealing common nowadays, one way to share your music or podcast safely and securely is through the use of Spotify QR codes.

Great for two sharing platforms

online and offline spotify code Spotify codes work well in the digital platform. But as marketing and information sharing requires the print and digital platforms to maximize the scope of the campaigns made, Spotify codes can struggle on paper.

Because of that, QR code experts recommend the use of QR codes in sharing Spotify music or podcast to two sharing platforms, print and digital.

Through the use of it, the artists or influencer who is using this data-sharing tool can embed their show’s link in paper and digital platforms.

Why you should generate a dynamic Spotify QR code?

Tracks data

qr code tracking
If you are an influencer in the music and podcast industry, generating a dynamic Spotify QR code is a great marketing tool to have.

With its tracking capabilities, you can track data that can be helpful for your music or podcast production. Through the use of it, you can better understand your audience demographics and what kind of music or topic for your podcast can easily catch their attention.

The data you can track with dynamic Spotify codes are as follows:

The number of scans – these are the number of scans you made in total.

Timeline of scans – through this timeline you can detect the total number of scans you make in a day, week, month, or years.

Location of the scans – the location of the scans include the region, country, and city of the scans made.

The device used in scanning – the information provided by this data is categorized by three leading devices, Android, IOS, and PC.

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edittable spotify qr code
If you accidentally changed your Spotify music link or podcast, generating a Spotify QR code that can never change its content can be a nightmare for you.

But with the use of dynamic QR code technology, you can change your data anywhere and any time without the need of regenerating your Spotify QR codes.

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Useful for Marketing Campaigns

spotify qr code for marketing Marketing campaigns happen once or twice a year. Because of that, making new marketing materials for campaigns can be expensive.

But through the use of dynamic QR codes in marketing campaigns for your Spotify music or podcast, you can minimize the campaign material cost and maximize other pertinent information inside the QR code.

For instance, as a marketing strategy, aside from employing an interactive restaurant menu QR code software for streamlined and efficient restaurant services, they can also use Spotify QR codes to set the mood of their establishment.

Through this, you can save funds for your next project by just changing the content of the QR code.

Visually appealing QR code

custom qr code
As Spotify is all about the aesthetics of the layout of an image, creating an appalling visual QR code can make your audience feel distracted by it.

Because of that, the use of static QR codes is highly discouraged by reputable product and services designers. With dynamic QR codes, you can keep your QR code’s visual more attractive and professional looking.  Thanks to its ability to save data online, the QR code’s visual is saved from cluttering.   

Repels any link damage

Since dynamic QR codes have an edit content feature, the probability of its content getting damaged is low. Because of that, dynamic QR codes can repel any link damage which means that this type of QR code is can be useful for you in the long run.  

QR codes have an error correction feature making them less susceptible to damage. 

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Spotify QR codes – the faster way of sharing audio with friends and your target audience

As Spotify tops the audio streaming tier, using sharing tools like Spotify QR codes helps grow the number of people listen to certain audio track or program.   

Because of this, a user can quickly share their existing and newfound favorites to its friends, colleagues, and family.  

Using a professional QR code generator, sharing music or podcast with your friends fastens at best. Thus, pioneering the start of futuristic Spotify podcast and music sharing in a QR way.  

You can also generate your free dynamic QR code by availing the trial version in QRTIGER QR code generator  today!

If you have more questions about Spotify QR codes, you can contact us today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Spotify code?

A Spotify code is a scannable barcode that allows users to share music album on Spotify. It is generated using a Spotify code generator and can be scanned using the Spotify codes app.

However, a Spotify code is not open to other scanning software.

What is a Spotify QR code?

Spotify QR code is a QR code solution offered by reliable QR code generators. It is used to convert a Spotify music link into a QR code which allows music enthusiasts to share content from Spotify without downloading the Spotify codes app.

In contrast to a Spotify code, a Spotify QR code can be scanned in any device and scanning apps.

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