How to Use QR Codes for Streaming Services

Update:  January 14, 2024
How to Use QR Codes for Streaming Services

Online entertainment and TV shows can provide convenience and promote their platform more efficiently using QR codes for streaming services.

Fortune Business Insights says that the global streaming market was worth $372 billion last year and will grow by 19.9% per year for the next 5 years when it will be worth $1.69 trillion.

By adding QR codes on TV, advertisements, or other marketing materials, the streaming service can make it easy for potential users to learn more about the service and use it.

QR codes are helpful for users accessing the streaming service on a device that does not have a keyboard. 

It’s also beneficial for users who want to quickly access the service without going through multiple steps.

Streaming service businesses should use a professional QR code generator with advanced customization features and data tracking abilities. 

Read the article below to learn how to use QR codes for streaming services. 

What are QR codes for streaming services?

Streaming service QR code

Adding QR codes on TV and advertisement is a game-changing trend these days.

Streaming services make shows more interactive by putting QR codes on them.

QR codes can be used online, from advertising to asking viewers to participate in the show or follow social media accounts.

They can use QR codes for an offline marketing campaign or digital QR codes for an online marketing campaign.

Many marketers have used it to get viewers interested in their products and promote their services. 

It also helps to drive traffic to their website, improve their online presence, send users to their online shop, and much more

How to use streaming service QR codes

Different QR code types can be used for streaming services with the QR TIGER QR code generator, depending on what kind of content you want to market to the audience.

There are several ways that streaming services can use QR codes to make it easier for users to access their content:

Boost your subscription

Streaming service QR code uses

Streaming services can include a URL QR code on their websites that users can scan to be taken directly to the service’s app or to a page where they can sign up for a subscription.

QR codes speed up this process and avoid errors at the same time.

Viewers can scan the QR code to visit their website and easily sign up for a subscription. 

Promote your marketing materials

Streaming services can include QR codes in advertisements, social media posts, or other marketing materials.

Provide convenience for users to learn more about the service and use it. 

Track ads performance

QR codes take away this need to guess.

You can track when, where, and what kind of device people use to scan your dynamic QR code on different marketing materials. 

This way, you can see how well your ads are doing and make good decisions for future campaigns.

Use billboards and other outdoor advertisements

Streaming services can include QR codes on billboards or other outdoor advertisements to make it easy for users to access the service from their smartphones while on the go.

Overall, QR codes help streaming services make it easier for users to access their content and promote their service to a broader audience.

Promote app downloads

App download QR code

You can put an app QR code in your ads to attract more people to download your app. 

Using a QR code makes it easy to download an app.

People can scan the QR code for App Download to go to the page for App Download and download the app.

Real-life use cases of streaming service QR code


Streaming platform QR code

The Bandersnatch episode of  Black Mirror showed a QR code during the credits.

The QR code redirects the viewers to the Tuckersoft website, where they can play Bandersnatch games after scanning the QR code.


Hulu QR code ad

Hulu’s popular show Rick and Morty also used QR codes for advertising.

When viewers scan the code, it takes them to the website that sells the actual hat.

Benefits of streaming QR code


QR codes make it easy for users to access a streaming service’s website or app without typing in a lengthy URL or searching for the app in an app store. 

It can be beneficial for users accessing the service on a device without a keyboard or for users who want to quickly access the service without going through multiple steps.


QR codes can help streaming services promote their service and reach new users.

Streaming services can make it easy for potential users to learn more about the service and use it by including QR codes in advertisements or other marketing materials.

Increased engagement

QR codes can increase engagement with the streaming service and encourage users to watch more content by making it easier for users to access the service.

Improved user experience

Using QR codes can improve the overall user experience by making it easier and more convenient for users to access the streaming service.

It can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

QR codes can provide many benefits for streaming services, including increased convenience, promotion, engagement, and user satisfaction.

How to create QR codes for streaming services using a QR code generator

Creating a QR code for any streaming platform is easy using QR TIGER, the most advanced QR code generator software. 

It has data tracking features that give companies important insights to redirect future QR code campaigns.

Provide functional, professional, customized, high-quality QR codes using QR TIGER.

Here’s how to create a QR code for a streaming platform:

  • Go to QR TIGER QR Code Generator 
  • Select a QR code solution and fill in the required field
  • Generate “Dynamic QR code”
  • Customize your QR code
  • Run a test scan
  • Download and display

Best practices when using a QR code generator

Use dynamic QR codes

Even if the information in the QR code changes in the future, streaming service companies can still use the same one.

Also, they can track dynamic QR codes to measure how well their ads work.

Dynamic QR codes are better for long-term use because they let users change QR code marketing campaigns and track how people scan them.

Add a call to action 

Custom QR code cta

Combine your QR code with a clear and compelling call to action (CTA), so viewers know what to do. 

If scanning your QR code takes people to your website, use a call to action like “Scan the QR code to visit our website.”

It will make the viewers’ understanding easier, leading to more scans.

Size is important

The standard size for a QR Code that a scanner can read should be at least 1.2 inches by 1.2 inches, with enough white space on each side. 

When showing a QR code on a screen, it must be at least the minimum size.

If the code is part of an advertisement, it can be as big as 8 inches by 8 inches.

Before you go live, test the QR Code and make sure it shows up correctly on the screen.

Create a high-quality QR code image

A high-quality image increases the scannability of a QR code.

It’s an essential factor to consider when creating a QR code. 

Streaming platform companies should download QR codes in SVG format to ensure their quality and make it easier for viewers to scan them.

Customize your QR code

Branding is an essential part of marketing.

Streaming platforms should customize their QR Codes so that viewers will immediately recognize them.

It will make them more effective and help people remember your brand.

Use different shapes, colors, and other ways to customize your QR codes to make them look good.

Your QR codes must be attractive so that people will notice and scan them.

Don’t mix light colors

When generating a QR code, it is always best to use darker colors in the foreground and lighter colors in the background.

The difference would make it easier to read, especially if it flashes on a screen.

Using light colors for a QR code pattern will make it hard for smartphones and other devices to read them.

Create a QR code for your streaming service with QR TIGER

QR codes on streaming services can make people buy things on the spot and boost sales on eCommerce platforms. 

You can track them and use exact scan data and analytics to make your campaigns more effective.

The versatility of QR codes also helps brands with top-of-funnel engagement and data collection through promotions and scans on a complete QR Code platform.

Brands that can’t connect with customers through traditional ad formats can make money through the QR Code engagement channel.

Streaming platforms like Netflix, Apple TV+, and Disney+, as well as consumer brands, use QR codes to increase engagement and return on investment.

If you’re planning to integrate QR codes for your streaming service campaign, use QR TIGER, the best QR code generator online. 

Increase brand awareness and recall using the advanced customization and data tracking features of QR TIGER. 

Visit QR TIGER and create your own customized QR code today!

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