QR Codes in China - Almost a Different Place on Earth

Last updated:   October 15, 2021

QR codes in China are being widely used over the past many years. Particularly in Asian countries, QR codes are popular and you can see them everywhere. 

According to Google data, almost all searches about QR codes are coming from Asia.

Despite this fact, to be honest, not all brands or countries make use of the maximum capacity of the QR codes - except for one country; China. 

QR codes in China are exceptional and to be honest, it's like anything beyond this world. 

When we say "beyond this world" the QR codes in China are being utilized for almost everything. The Chinese brands, entrepreneurs, and even citizens have taken advantage of what QR codes can offer.

QR code statistics show that China is considered as one of the major countries using QR codes excessively as a bridge between online and offline information or data. 

QR codes are used almost in every field of China, from installing apps from wall posters to museum signs. You just need to lift your phone and get rid of reading long sturdy pamphlets and searching for the item on the web.

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Thinking Outside of the Box

This mantra has probably been overused when brainstorming about new ideas for an event, a business, a project, at school, in offices, even at our homes.

But when we say China overdid it exceptionally, they've literally thought of all ideas way outside boxes! 

In marketing campaigns, "thinking outside the box" which literally means use your wildest imagination and defy the norms in making up ideas, is a good strategy. 

People always love new things when they see one. They love trying out different stuff. Almost everyone loves new experiences.  

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Quick Recap: What is a QR Code?

Basically, a QR code functions like bar codes at the supermarket. It is a machine-scannable image that can be interpreted using a smartphone camera or a QR code reader.

A QR code consists of a number of black squares and dots that contain certain pieces of information and is decoded once scanned. 

QR codes in China

Here are some ways how Chinese people are using QR codes as their marketing strategy that might inspire you. 

Sharing Contact Infoqr codes in china share contact info

Various bloggers, WeChat users, social workers use QR codes to share information within their profile. People have also started to place QR codes on their resume, CV, and other documents.

They use this code for someone else to scan or place over the web for public use.   

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Offline Paymentsqr codes in china payments

It is similar to transferring money over the internet to a friend; you can also pay a merchant offline using his personalized QR code and a specified amount.

These street vendors can design several QR codes for each product – enabling fast, quick, and easy payment methods for their customers.  

Product Information and Historyqr codes in china products

QR codes are also used to provide additional information and product history to customers on the side of the packaging. Some marketers also let their customers see previous product reviews for better customer engagement.

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Installing Applicationsqr codes in china applications

In China, you can also install third-party apps via QR code. Most QR readers are restricted to standalone apps but also in-browser; this allows them to install apps online.

There are several tourist places in china where they represent QR codes to allow tourists to install appropriate applications and services to keep track of their visit.  

Website Loginqr codes in china website login

QR code can also be used to increase security by logging in to several sites using a  QR code (after entering the password). Some financial accounts also use QR authentication, similar to scanning a website’s QR.  

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Tracking Dataqr codes in china track data

No matter if you’re a business owner, app manager, street vendor, or social media marketer; QR codes can serve as a great marketing campaign.

You can even track who scanned your QR code, when, where, and from which device.

The advantages of using this approach are low-cost, ease of use, and broad application opportunities to improve your business marketing.

You can even track the location of the person who scanned your QR code and this information is updated the very second. 

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More ways China aced it with their QR codes  

In addition to some marketing strategies and how Chinese entrepreneurs and brands use QR codes, we would also provide you with additional information and entertainment with how and where you can see QR codes in China. Full disclaimer: You might find some of this weird, but remember, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! And that's what they did!

What we focused on above is what can be helpful in your own marketing campaign, but read along and you'll see more. Here are ways how QR codes are utilized in China (not only in marketing):

Dog Finder? China has itqr codes in china dog finder

Yup! You read it right! Dog owners in China now add QR codes in dog tags. When scanned the QR code will show the information of the dog owner like name, address, photo, etc.

Also, dog owners will be able to trace where and when it was scanned. Truly a great way to find a lost dog!

Asking for Alms now in QR codesqr codes in china alms

Begging or asking for alms has gone digital in China. Beggars will provide a can in front of them for generous passersby. But guess what?

They also provide QR codes, because you can't always have coins in your pocket, but your phone can't be in your pocket.

Wedding Gifts in Chinaqr codes in china wedding gifts

Even weddings have been dominated by QR codes. Oh, you forgot to buy a gift? Good thing because you can scan QR codes in almost every corner or spot in the wedding reception for you not to miss giving something to our newlyweds.

Looking for a Job in China? Bring out your phone!

If you're looking for a job, there are QR codes almost in every part of the city to scan. These QR codes are added by different companies or establishments that are currently hiring.

Upon scanning the QR using your smartphone device, you will be redirected to a reply web page of the company or the contact details of the establishment.

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QR codes in China are literally being used all over! 

With the boom of mobile devices, QR codes were on the ride to success. Brands have taken advantage of it and they actually got good results!

Consumers are becoming excessively open to scanning QR codes from everywhere. And now is the perfect time to include personalized QR codes in your marketing strategy.

They may not be the easiest tool in any marketing strategy but one of the most effective ones if used with a little rich technique to back them up.

China, with one of the highest populations, also has one of the biggest numbers of smartphone users. With increasing mobile users, more time to work, less time for entertainment, and other things to do, it's very typical to look for ways on how to do almost everything faster.

That's what QR codes have offered. Paying very fast, providing contact information in a quick scan, searching product information rapidly, even giving gifts with just a scan by your phone's camera; all of them actually have good benefits. You know what they say, TIME IS GOLD!

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