10 ways to make use of QR codes in energy companies

Last updated:   January 19, 2023

Energy companies supply energy and manage a lot of customers at the same time.

Develop a new and more convenient service process in your energy company by using QR codes.

Energy companies manage overwhelming tasks.

They not only provide and supply energy to many customers but also monitor and remind customers of monthly payments, manage installation and fix outages and leakages.

Make these service processes faster and easier using QR codes. Here are 10 ways you could use QR codes in energy companies.

What are QR codes, and why does your energy company need one?

Quick response codes or QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that store high-density data.

Unlike traditional barcodes, QR codes show more than alphanumeric symbols.

These QR codes allow you to redirect the scanners to various content such as web pages, pdf files, or even video files.

This QR code can also be scanned using smartphones, making it accessible.

These QR codes have limitless potential. With creative strategies, these QR codes could be used to make any service process faster and more convenient.

Here are some ways to incorporate QR codes in energy companies.

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How to make use of QR codes in energy companies?

Allow customers to track energy consumption in a smart meter quickly

Meter reading not only allows people to know how much their monthly bill cost but also allow them to monitor their energy consumption.

Monitoring energy usage lets consumers track any leaks and other issues affecting their safety.

smart meter with qr code

As technology progresses, energy companies have also developed new ways to track consumers’ energy usage. One of the great developments they have made is smart meters.

Smart meters measure and record the consumers’ electricity and gas usage.

These smart meters wirelessly send the consumers’ energy usage to the energy company.

To allow consumers to easily see and track their energy usage Schneider electric incorporated a QR code feature on their smart meter.

To allow customers to track their energy consumption, the smart meter generates a QR code that stores the energy consumption information.

The generated and scanned QR codes are then recorded and listed on the Meter Insight website.

This website lets customers view and track their energy usage and other meter information embedded in each QR code. 

Allow customers to switch energy company

switch energy companySome energy companies offer cheaper energy fees than others.

To help customers see and compare energy fees from different energy companies, Uswitch an online comparison and switching service in the UK, incorporated QR codes on energy bills.

These QR codes allow customers to compare different energy suppliers and switch energy companies by just scanning these QR codes using their smartphones.

This way energy switching process will be less costly for customers.

 With this QR code, people can compare different energy company price ranges and know which energy company price range would fit their budget.

Let customers download your energy company’s smart meter app

Some companies offer mobile applications for their smart meter.

E.ON See, a mobile management application from E.ON company, provides the consumer’s energy usage that can be accessed easily using mobile phones whenever or wherever they are.

scanning qr code on billboard to download app

If your company offers a mobile app for your smart meter, you can also use QR codes to let customers easily install your app.

This QR code will redirect customers to your smart meter app on the App store when scanned, thus saving them from the hassle of typing and looking for your apps on the App Store.

This QR code can be placed in both online and offline campaigns, allowing you to display these QR codes on your printed campaigns, such as brochures or your company website.

Provide a faster payment transaction by allowing customers to pay electricity bills using QR codes

scanning qr code on utility bill pay online

Offer your customers a faster way to settle their payments using QR codes.

The world is now moving towards a cashless environment.

With these cashless transactions, customers will no longer have to carry a huge amount of money or wait in long lines for ATM withdrawals.

Offer instant payment to customers by using QR codes.

With these QR codes, customers can settle their payments in just two steps: scan the QR and confirm the payment process.

Therefore, making the transaction quick and more convenient.

One of India’s largest power companies, Tata Power, has also incorporated a cashless payment via QR codes in the energy bills.

Customers can conveniently pay using any mobile banking app by scanning the QR code.

 Display these QR codes on energy bills or near your energy company cashiers, and many customers will be pleased.

Help your customers understand  their bill by integrating a QR code in the energy bill

The energy bill is particularly important for customers to understand the fees and energy charges fully.

This helps them know the energy charges and allows them to calculate and compare the bill to their actual energy consumption.

scanning video qr code on document

Help consumers easily and quickly understand their bills from your energy company by using QR codes.

Redirect the scanners to a pdf or a video showing detailed instructions on understanding their bills.

By just scanning this QR code, customers can know what the charges are for without searching for it on the internet.

Allow your customers to track their billing history and save a digital energy bill

Paper copies of energy bills can easily be misplaced and damaged.

Instead of mailing each customer their energy bills every month, you can create a QR code where customers can get a digital copy of their energy bills instead.

phone scanning qr code on smart meter

 Attach a QR code on each of your customers' smart meters and redirect them to their online account, where they can view their billing history and save a copy of their current energy bill.

This QR code can save their energy bills on their smartphones or tablets.

This way, customers will be able to monitor not only their energy consumption but their billing transactions as well.

Let your customers quickly know the updates about the future increase in energy fees or possible outage

You can also make a QR code to update your customers constantly.

Keeping customers updated on a future increase in charges and possible energy outages prevents miscommunication between your company. It also allows your customers; it also helps customers to prepare ahead.

scan qr code on utility bill link to website

 Create a QR code redirecting customers to the webpage where you constantly post updates.  

This saves your customers from the hassle of contacting your power company’s customer service or searching for your websites online to check whether there is an increase in energy charges.

Make the installation process faster and more convenient

Another way in which you can use QR codes in your energy company is by using QR codes in the installation process.

Victoria Solar, a solar energy company, uses QR codes to make an easier installation process.

By scanning this QR code, customers will be redirected to a digital license card that shows the installer’s credibility.

 In return, the installer would scan the customers' QR code.

This is to confirm that an accredited installer indeed makes the installation process. And the customer is therefore eligible for a rebate.

Redirect your customers to your company website for more information and some energy-saving tips

scan qr code on flyer link to website

Let customers find your website easily by using QR codes. Help your customers find your website quickly by using QR codes.

To provide more information for their customers, GERMI (Gujarat Energy Research & Management Institute), an energy institute in India, placed a QR code on their flyer that redirects their customers to their website.

With a QR code redirecting to your website, customers will no longer have to search for your website online manually.

By scanning this QR code, customers can easily find more information about your company, know some useful energy-saving tips, and pay their energy bills online.

Let the customers easily contact you

Let customers easily reach out to you to report gas leakage or electricity outage or ask about their energy fees by using an email QR code for your customer service.

scan qr code on utility bill link to email

Create an email QR code that redirects to your company’s customer service by using an email QR code generator.

Type in your email address and generate a QR code.

By scanning this QR code, customers can automatically send you an email without opening the email app and typing in your company's email address.

Display these QR codes on your brochures and flyers, allowing customers to contact you easily.

Run an efficient service process using QR codes

As technology rapidly advances, much of technology has been developed to make services easier. And one of these technologies is QR Technology.

QR codes provide limitless opportunities to make company service processes faster and more convenient.

Run an efficient service process using QR codes. You need to partner with an efficient QR code generator to do that.

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brands using qr codes