How to Create a Custom SMS QR Code for Free

Update:  May 13, 2024
How to Create a Custom SMS QR Code for Free

The SMS QR code is an advanced solution allowing people to contact you instantly via text. In one scan, people can send pre-filled text messages to an already-set target mobile number.

Exchanging mobile numbers can take time. In a fast-paced environment, there’s a high chance that you can enter incorrect contact numbers.

But QR code technology can help flip this around. Using QR codes for text messaging makes communication effective and efficient.

Skip the unnecessary and manual process. QR codes for text messages can get it straight to the point, from “Can I get your number?” to “Can I scan your QR code?”

Good thing that you can now create custom QR codes for text messages using QR TIGER QR code generator. Learn how to create one and effectively share it with your network.

What are QR codes for SMS?

SMS QR code

Generally, QR codes are advanced two-dimensional matrix barcodes that can store information. Users can access it by scanning with a smartphone through its camera or a QR code reader app.

QR codes are the new gen’s portal to the digital world, and their versatility made it through to text messaging, enhancing the two-way communication flow. They now present a hassle-free way to communicate.

A QR code SMS or “short message service” is a solution that can automate text messaging and eliminate typographical errors in manually typing mobile numbers or text messages. 

With this technology, you no longer need to write or manually type your mobile numbers. How convenient is that?

You can create a custom QR code using QR TIGER QR code generator or their mobile application available on Google Play Store and App Store. Share it, and allow people to scan it so they can send you a message in a snap.

How do text message QR codes work?

The QR code text message solution is fascinating. You can use them for personal and business purposes to make communication even more seamless.

The mechanism behind this is quite simple. It uses two colons to separate the two values: the text message and the mobile number. Its advanced technology leads scanners from the QR code to the SMS app. 

The standard text message QR code format is: SMSTO:mobile number:text message.

QR code users can use them in 3 different ways. Here’s how they can work:

SMS QR code format

How to create SMS QR codes for free on QR TIGER software

1. Go to QR TIGER and log in to your account.

2. Select the SMS solution from the QR code solution menu.

3. Choose your country code and enter your mobile number.

4. Enter the message in the corresponding box.

5. Click Generate QR code.

6. Customize your QR code and add your logo.

7. Scan test your QR code and click Download to save it.

How to create custom text message QR codes on QR TIGER app for free

Create free SMS QR code

QR TIGER app is an advanced QR code maker and scanner mobile application. Like their software, it has various solutions available that you can use for free.

It allows you to scan, create, and download customized QR codes on your device.

Here’s a simple guide you can follow to create a custom text message QR code using the app:

1. Download QR TIGER App for free on Google Play Store or App Store.

2. Open the app and select the SMS solution.

3. Choose your country code and enter your mobile number.

4. Enter the message in the corresponding box.

5. Click Generate QR code.

6. Customize your QR code. Remember to add your logo.

7. Run a test scan using another smartphone, then click Save.

SMS QR code: Best use cases

Text message QR codes provide a faster communication channel and help businesses engage customers, making them a valuable tool for companies looking for ways to improve their point of contact.

The list below illustrates how to best use them in various ways:

Marketing campaigns

SMS marketing

QR code marketing is becoming more popular today, and you can use it with text messaging to reach more potential leads. 

Suppose your goal is to increase the number of sign-ups. You can use a text message QR code that leads to a registration message, and users must add their names to the text and send it to the pre-filled number.

You can then incentivize your campaign by giving prizes, exclusive offers, or discounts. Doing so will encourage people to scan your QR code and participate.

Customer Support

Customer support QR code

Automated customer service is a brilliant way to provide superior support. QR codes for text messages allow customers to send their queries, complaints, concerns, and even feedback by scanning the code.

You can then add these QR codes to your product packaging, print campaigns, and social media posts so more people will see them.

This way, it’s convenient for customers to reach out to your business. Also, with QR codes for SMS, you can provide 24/7 customer support at a very low cost.

Event management

Event SMS QR code

For an efficient event registration process, use QR codes for text messages so people can join your event via text message.

You can add them to your posters, brochures, flyers, leaflets, and other marketing collaterals.

Add the organization’s mobile phone number and a pre-filled text message to your custom QR codes to ask for the users’ details needed for registration.

Once scanned, it will take them directly to their messaging app. All they have to do is enter their details and send the text to register.


Networking QR code

Expand your network using text message QR codes. You can add them to your business cards so people can instantly reach you via text when they scan them.

You can also save the QR code on your device, show it to people, and let them scan it. This way, you won’t have to print business cards and carry them around.

Best practices in creating text message QR codes

Use QR codes wisely, and you’ll surely achieve your goals. But how can you effectively integrate and deploy them to guarantee good results?

To ensure the effectiveness and functionality of your QR codes, it’s crucial to observe QR code best practices when creating them.

Here’s a list of the things you must consider when creating QR codes for text messages:

Use a reliable QR code generator for SMS

Choosing a reliable QR code maker can be challenging since many exist online. You must thoroughly examine each platform’s capabilities, security compliances, and more. Checking the reviews can also help.

One software you can trust is QR TIGER. More than 850,000 brands worldwide trust this platform as it’s secure, easy to use, and accessible.

It also offers 20 powerful QR code solutions, guaranteeing you’ll find what you need.

You can also download the QR TIGER mobile app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free if you opt to create custom QR codes on your smartphone.

Customize your QR code

Transform the dull black-and-white QR codes into colorful and eye-catching ones. Use a QR code software that gives you the freedom to create custom SMS QR codes.

QR TIGER has impressive customization tools that allow users to modify their QR code’s appearance. You can play with the different design elements and even add your logo.

Download QR codes in high-resolution

An attractive custom shape QR code is still useless if it’s of poor quality. Ensure the software or application allows you to download and save them in high resolution. 

It’s essential to download high-quality QR codes so users won’t experience any scanning errors. Choose a platform that allows you to download them in high definition.

Apply the recommended format

Although QR codes do not have a standard layout, it’s best to follow and apply the recommended layout format according to QR code best practices. Observe the right sizing and color application to ensure your QR code scannability.

For the size, QR codes must be at least 1.2 inches (3-4 cm) so people can easily recognize and scan them.

Also, choose contrasting colors for your QR code background and foreground to make your QR code easier and quicker to scan.

Always do a test scan

Don’t leave people puzzled with a confusing QR code. Remember DigiDaigaku’s Super Bowl ad?

Viewers got confused after scanning the QR code as it took them to the CEO’s Twitter profile instead of the mint site.

This is why testing your custom QR codes is crucial to double-check if it works perfectly. Ensure that the QR code leads to text app.

See if you entered the correct details and if it takes scanners to the right landing page before downloading and deploying it.

Add a clear call-to-action (CTA)

Let people know what to do with your QR code, especially those who have yet to become familiar with them.

A call to action encourages people to engage with the QR code. You can add a simple CTA to your text message QR code like “Scan Me.”

QR TIGER: The best QR code generator to create custom QR codes with logos

Be limitless in the digital space with QR code technology. QR codes are an excellent tool for enhancing user experience, as they can automate access to anything, including text messages.

Today, there are various advanced QR code solutions that you can use in different settings and purposes. One of these is the QR code for SMS that allows scanners to send text messages by simply scanning the code with their device.

This tool is a brilliant solution for efficient and seamless communication for marketing campaigns, customer support, event management, and personal networking.

Stand out from the rest by sharing a custom text message QR code. Create your own using QR TIGER—the best QR code generator online.

Explore its 20 cutting-edge solutions today. You can sign up for a freemium account and enjoy three dynamic QR codes for a year.

To make it more handy, you can also download QR TIGER mobile app on Google Play Store or App Store now to create the best custom QR code for SMS with a logo for free on your smartphone.

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