QR TIGER Subscription Plan Management

Update:  April 01, 2024
QR TIGER Subscription Plan Management

Learn how to manage your subscription plan and account for maximum QR TIGER experience.

Freemium plan

Free trial version

QR TIGER offers a lifetime freemium plan.

It’s a subscription plan that’s totally free with no expiry.

The free plan offers basic features, perfect for individuals or small businesses with simple QR code needs.

However, for those looking for advanced features and large-scale QR code generation, the premium plans are the way to go.

If you wish to upgrade your freemium plan, simply go to the Pricing page. Select a paid plan that suits your needs.

Paid plans

Regular, Premium, Advanced, Enterprise

Ever wondered how much dynamic QR codes cost?

QR TIGER offers four paid plains.

For the Regular plan, you can opt for the monthly or annual rate. You are then billed according to your choice.

For the Premium and Advanced plans, you will be billed annually.

If you’re currently on a paid plan, subscription renewal is part of the deal.

QR TIGER sends notifications before the subscription plan expiration or renewal date, giving you the chance to manage your plan. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel–it’s all in your control based on your evolving needs.

Current subscription plan

QR code generator price

To access your subscription plan information, simply log in to your QR TIGER account then go to My Account > Settings > Plan.

Under the Plan tab, you can see your current subscription plan, QR left over, and your next due date.

Upgrade current subscription plan

Follow these steps to upgrade your current subscription plan:

  1. After logging into your QR TIGER account, simply go to the Pricing page.
  2. Then, select a subscription plan of your choice.
  3. Purchase and complete the payment process to upgrade your current plan.
  4. Kindly contact us directly at [email protected] for prompt assistance.

You can still upgrade your current plan even if you’ve just renewed it. Once you purchase the upgraded plan, you will be refunded with the prorated amount of your previous plan’s remaining months.

Cancel or downgrade the current subscription plan

If you wish to cancel or downgrade your current subscription plan, directly contact our customer support for assistance.

Once cancellation or downgrade is confirmed, you will be refunded with the prorated amount. This process would take 7-10 business days.

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