How Much Dynamic QR Codes Cost?

Update:  April 08, 2024
How Much Dynamic QR Codes Cost?

Do QR codes cost money? How much does a QR code cost? For dynamic QR codes, which are the advanced type of QR codes, there are different payment plans you can choose to avail of. The regular payment, advanced, premium, and enterprise plans.

Each type of plan has different QR code pricing, and knowing the cost of the QR code is important to determine the best payment plan for you now that a dynamic QR code is preferred over a static one.

Multiple QR code generators online with different features can create QR codes for free but do not provide unlimited scans.

However, there are two kinds of QR codes; static and dynamic.

Static QR codes are free, while Dynamic QR codes require your active subscription because they are advanced and flexible QR codes with many features.

But if you’re wondering how it works first, you can also avail yourself of the free trial version of the dynamic QR code.

Read more to know about these QR code types and why the dynamic ones are paid.

Why choose QR Codes?

Simply stated, these codes are the small pixelated images you can see with almost everything you have.

These codes will direct you to websites, web apps, social media pages, and so on if you scan them with your phone’s camera.

The more you understand these codes, the better you will be able to use them and maximize their capacity and purpose.

All you have to do is figure out which strategy works best for you to maximize the potential impact of QR codes on your brand.

Dynamic vs. Static: Which is better? Which costs more?

Static QR codes 

While static QR codes allow you to save alphanumeric data and redirect scanners to a URL, the data cannot be changed or edited once created.

As a result, generating QR codes becomes inconvenient whenever you want to present new information to your target audience.

In general, or to put it differently, “there’s no turning back” with static QR codes.

Once printed and distributed, static QR codes cannot be changed as an outcome.

Running a business that constantly has new promotions or offers for your customers can be costly.

Creating new QR codes, as well as reprinting previously created ones, can be time-consuming and inconvenient.

Dynamic QR codes

Dynamic QR codeQR codes in dynamic mode come in handy in this situation.

They are not the same as static QR codes. One significant difference is that it can be edited at any time.

The embedded data can be changed whenever you want to redirect your customers to a new platform, website, or content.

This type of QR code is thus cost-effective for companies’ businesses.

The question is: Do QR codes cost money?

Since they are an advanced QR code type, they come with a price. You can check the list of dynamic QR code prices on our page.

Benefits of Dynamic QR Codes

QR codes in dynamic are becoming increasingly popular due to their additional features and benefits in successful marketing techniques.

The following advantages of using advanced QR code as your new marketing strategy.

1. Easy to edit and update

Dynamic QR, as opposed to static QR codes, allow you to change the URLs, information, or landing pages at any time.

This implies that if you have QR code business cards free of space, or other official papers, you won’t have to alter them every time the URL or landing page changes.

2. Helps you track data

A dynamic QR code allows you to track user data to determine campaign results. For example, a brilliant yet best QR code generator will enable you to track:

  • A number of scans per day.
  • Location of the scans.
  • Date/time of the scan.
  • The device type of the scanners i.e. Android, iOS, or any other operating system.

These specific data or demographics will help you assess how your business is doing online and offline vicinity.

3. Simply Attractive

As dynamic QR are very flexible and use short URLs, their modules and patterns are less than static QR codes.

For example, a sleek-looking vCard QR code that’s clutter-free is more attractive than a traditional business card with little information.

4. Dynamic QR code costs cheaper in the long run

A Dynamic QR code price can vary depending on the subscription plan you choose.

Because they can be edited internally without tracing the QR codes you’ve placed almost everywhere, these are cost-effective and economical.

Different brands’ offers and promotions are constantly changing, and reprinting and redistributing new QR codes would be prohibitively expensive.

It will save you hundreds of dollars if you use dynamic QR codes.

5. Offers useful advanced marketing features

One thing dynamic QR can bring for businesses and companies is the useful advanced marketing features they can incorporate into their marketing campaigns.

You can get the most out of your dynamic QR code usage with the right dynamic QR code generator.

Like QR TIGER’s dynamic QR code generator software, you can improve and track your QR code campaign.

It has features such as Facebook Pixel and Google Tags Manager retarget tools, expiry QR feature, password, and email scans notification feature.

Furthermore, it has Google Analytics, API, Zapier, and HubSpot integration.

QR TIGER also offers the generation of bulk URL QR codes

Through this, they can improve and monitor their campaign’s performance and reinvent their means of converting impressions into profitable ones.

Advanced dynamic QR code features that you can get when using dynamic QR codes

Here are a few contextual examples you can apply to your current and future QR code marketing campaigns to get a definitive picture of how these useful QR code marketing features work.

Password protected feature

Password protect feature

You can disclose the password for your QR code to the people you chose to share the material with, making these the only ones who can see and view the data.

Expiry feature

Expiry featureThis type of feature using QR TIGER allows the user to set the number of scans before it expires.

Google tag manager feature

The retarget tool feature in QR TIGER’s Google Tag Manager allows you to track scanners and retarget them as they scan your QR codes.

As a result, the Google Tag Manager retargeting feature in QR TIGER acts as one of your GTM containers, allowing you to identify and retarget your users’ behaviors.

Email Scan notification feature

When a QR code is scanned, the administrator will receive an email alert with statistics such as the campaign code, the number of scans, and the date the QR code was scanned.

The alert will be sent to the owner’s registered email address promptly.

Integration to Google Analytics

Using a QR code generator coupled with Google Analytics, such as QR TIGER, to get a report of your QR code scans in Google Analytics provides robust insight.

When you combine your QR code generator with Google Analytics, you’ll get an all-in-one view of your QR code scans and your users’ website scrolling behavior.

InterApp connection via API

The API is connected with QR code technology, allowing users to integrate their QR codes into their CRM system more easily.

Generation of bulk QR codes

Bulk QR codes

Bulk QR codes are a type of QR code solution that allows you to generate QR codes in bulk rather than individually.

With QR TIGER’s bulk QR code generation solution, you can create up to 100 QR codes per batch.

The QR code solutions you can create by batch dynamically are URL, text, and vCard QR codes.

Integration to Zapier

You may make a bulk QR code for URL, URL with the number and log-in authentication, vCard, text, and number QR with the QR TIGER QR code generator online.

Start to connect your app to QR TIGER’s QR code to automate your workflow with a QR code.

You may build dynamic and static QR codes using QR TIGER’s QR code. As an alternative, you can build a vCard QR code with Zapier.

Integration to HubSpot

If you are integrating HubSpot to automate your inbound marketing schemes, you can integrate QR TIGER’s dynamic QR code generator to capture more leads.

Integration to Canva 

With this integration, you can directly add a QR code to whatever design you have directly from Canva. No need to open a new tab to copy and paste your QR; simply enable the integration.

QR code solutions that are dynamic and easy to integrate for business and marketing

With the cumulative benefits dynamic QR codes can provide for small and medium enterprises can get, they can integrate the following QR code solutions to improve their marketing and operations means with it.

Social media QR code

Social media QR code

Social media is one of the online channels that many startups focus on advertising and promoting goods and services.

And because of that, they will need a tool that helps interconnect their followers and customers to their other social media pages and increase their social media engagements.

With the presence of social media QR codes, they can further increase their social media engagements with the offline audience and let them interact with them seamlessly.

Multi URL QR code

Businesses that wish to specifically market their product and services and redirect QR codes to a certain location, time, language, or a number of scans can integrate a multi-URL QR code to make this marketing scheme a reality.

With just one QR code, they can specifically select their means of showcasing their product at various times of the day, the location of the scanner, the language set by the scanner’s device, or the number of scan limits for the URL to change.

H5 QR code solution

If you are looking for a temporary way to host a personalized landing page without the need to call up the domain hosting seller to set up one, building a landing page with QR codes is possible.

Through the H5 QR code solution, you can easily build your promotional H5 page landing page without needing a domain hosting site to set the necessary web hosting requirements.

App store QR code

For directing app downloads for your customers from the IOS and Android ecosystem, you can integrate an App Store QR code to lead them to the appropriate location for download easily.

Simply place your App Store and Play Store links in their dedicated spaces; the QR code will automatically read the type of device the scanner is currently using by leading them to the right app store interface.

Menu QR code

Since the pandemic, many restaurants have been forced to integrate a contactless way for diners to order food from them.

With the rise of menu QR codes, QR TIGER’s menu QR code solution is one of users’ most sought-after dynamic QR code types.

File QR code

You can use the File QR code solution for corporate document exchanges to embed the files you want to share with your colleagues and employer.

MP3 QR code

If you are a musician and need a way to market your recently recorded music, the MP3 QR code solution is the right tool to use.

You can seamlessly extensively market your song offline and online by embedding the MP3 file to the QR code.

How much does a QR code cost for the dynamic ones?

In QR TIGER, there are four different subscriptions aside from using it for free. Each subscription has different prices and different advantages for each other.

A regular subscription costs US$7/month

  • 12 dynamic QR
  • High-resolution image
  • Track the number of scans
  • Track the location of scans
  • Save your QR code design as a template!
  • Static QR codes, Unlimited
  • QR code scans: Unlimited with membership
  • Dynamic QR, Editable URL
  • App stores
  • VCard
  • Upload file 5MB
  • No ads

Advanced subscription costs US$16, billed annually

  • 200 dynamic QR / Year
  • High-resolution image
  • Track amount of scans
  • Track the location of scans
  • Save your QR code design as a template!
  • Dynamic QR, Editable URL
  • Static QR codes, Unlimited
  • QR code scans: Unlimited with membership
  • App stores
  • VCard
  • Upload file 10MB
  • No ads
  • Bulk
  • Zapier and HubSpot Integrations
  • Password
  • Retarget tool
  • Notification
  • Expiry Feature

A premium subscription costs US$37, billed annually

  • 600 dynamic QR / Year
  • High-resolution image
  • Track amount of scans
  • Track the location of scans
  • Save your QR code design as a template!
  • Dynamic QR, Editable URL
  • Static QR codes, Unlimited
  • QR code scans: Unlimited with membership
  • App stores
  • VCard
  • Upload file 20MB
  • No ads
  • Bulk
  • Use your own domain/ white label
  • Multi URL QR codes
  • Zapier and HubSpot Integrations
  • Password
  • Retarget tool
  • Notification
  • Expiry Feature


All of the features included in the premium plans with these additional perks:

  • One main account holder with 5 users
  • Hassle-free white labeling means
  • User-based QR code controls

The cost of QR codes is not expensive at all with the QR TIGER QR code generator

Overall, dynamic QR codes have become an essential part of digital marketing.

Whether running an online shopping store, a retail shop, or any other business, they can efficiently connect the online and offline worlds.

Every QR Code generator offers different tracking ranges and analytics for your marketing campaign.

These features are what you are paying for, not just the code generation process itself.

If it means subscribing and spending a little cash on an excellent dynamic QR code generator online like QR TIGER yet makes you pay more in the long run and help you succeed in your marketing campaign, then why not?

Start your QR code marketing campaign with us today.


How much does it cost to create a QR code?

Your QR codes’ cost will depend on your subscription type. You can avail of the regular plan, an advanced or premium plan.

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