How to create a Text QR code for free in 5 steps!

Last updated:   October 13, 2021

Using the QRTiger QR code generator, you can generate your free and customized text QR codes! A text QR is static in nature; therefore, it is free to generate using any QR code software online. 

However, unlike any other free QR code generators that function only for a certain period of time, QRtiger offers users unlimited scans of your QR code text, and is valid for a lifetime! 

There are different ways you can use a QR code text! Keep reading to know-how! 

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What is a text QR code?text qr code

A text QR is a type of static QR code that is free to generate. This type of QR feature is generated using a QR code generator or what we call a plain text QR code generator.  

QR code software will differ in features when generating your text QR.

In QRTiger's text generator, you can encode words, numbers, and even punctuation marks and emojis. It can fit up to 1268 characters long!  

Furthermore, scanning a text QR will not require you to be connected to the internet. They are scan-able right away!  

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Generating text QR codes in bulk

If you have many texts that you would like to generate in bulk. You can also use the text QR code solution in bulk. 

Using the text QR codes in bulk QR solution, you don't need to generate individual text QR codes. You can generate multiple of texts in one go. 

To generate texts in bulk, simply download the template here, save it as a CSV file and upload to the bulk QR solution here to generate your QR code texts in bulk. 

How to create a QR code with text inside in 5 steps?

  1. Go to
  2. Click text from the menu (or if you need to generate texts in bulk click on the bulk solution)
  3. Type the data provided in the box below
  4. Click "generate QR code and customize."
  5. Test your QR code and make sure it leads to the correct data
  6. Download and print

How to use Plain text QR code generator?

1. Enter a serial code number/ A short product detailqr code serial number

This is useful to track inventory because, after all, inventories have many products and items. This is also useful in consumer electronics that require a product ID, date, and manufacturing house location.  

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2. Convert text into a QR codetext to qr

One of the text QR code generator's main functions is to convert a text into a QR code.  

However, you need to be mindful that the content you encrypt in a text QR leads you to the correct information as it is permanent and cannot be changed.  

You cannot edit it. However, if you want to create another QR code again, this is still possible. You can generate as much static text QR as you want, and it will never expire! You can also generate your multiple texts in bulk! 

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3. Enter your personal informationinformation qr

You can use a text QR to make short contact details about yourself or your business company's name and number and print it in your business card. Or better yet, you can generate a vCard QR code!

Educational sector 

1. Provide an answer key to an activity

You can use a text QR that leads the students to the answer key to your class activity! This is a fun activity that can engage your students to participate more in your class!

Moreover, it is just scan-able using smartphone devices, which makes it accessible! 

2. Do a treasure hunt activity

You can also do a treasure hunt for your students to get them physically active in class. Here's how to do it!

  • Make a treasure box and put a price/award inside of anyone who will be able to find it!
  • Go to and make text QR
  • Add different clues in the text field provided in the box below
  • Print the QR Codes and paste it in the different classroom sections and areas
  • Make sure that the embedded information in the text QR will lead them to the next QR Code for a clue or guess
  • The last QR Code must lead the student to the treasure box!
  • And you're done!

It's a fun and exciting activity for your students to raise their technology awareness and improve and enhance their reading and motor skills.

3. Word Wall QR codescustomized qr code

Make text QR codes encrypted with words or text phrases. Let your students scan the code, and whatever word pops up, instruct them to write it down on the word wall.

This practice their reading skills in a fun way using the Word wall QR codes strategy!

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1. Propose to your loved oneundefined

You can definitely use a Text QR to propose to your loved one in a techie way! Using the text QR code generator, you can simply generate the "will you marry me?" question for your loved one!

You can print the QR code in your t-shirt, for example, and let your girlfriend scan it to reveal the much-awaited magical question! 

This adds excitement to your proposal while not being too obvious! 

2. In your gravestoneundefined

You can definitely die in style. Would it be lovely if you can just simply leave a short message for your loved ones every time they come to visit you in your resting place?

You can read this real-life example of how QR codes are used in tombstone. 

How to create a text QR code? A step by step guide

1. Go to

plain text qr code generator In order to create your text QR, you need a QR code generator online, and you can try creating yours in QRTiger.

2. Click text from the menu.

At the very end of the QR solution, click on the text QR code.

3. Enter your message, serial number of emojis

Enter the necessary data in the field below. It could be a text, a serial number code with a combination of emoji or punctuations. It's up to you.

4. Click "generate QR code and customize"qr code generator

After you are finished entering the information you need, click the "generate QR code" button. You can also choose to customize your QR code and add a logo, image, icon, set the colors and patterns of your choice to make it even more captivating.

5. Test your QR code and make sure it leads to the correct data

Text QR code is static in quality. Unlike the dynamic QR code type, it cannot be edited so make sure always to check it before printing.

Scan your QR code multiple times using different devices and make sure that it leads you to the correct information you have entered. 

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6. Download and print

text qr code print Download and print your QR code in your materials or distribute it online.

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What are the best practices you should follow when generating or printing your text QR code? 

Always be mindful of the size of your text QRundefined

The ideal size of the text QR when print should be at least 1.2 inches (3-4 cm) in dimension for people to be able to scan it! But always try to scan it several times to be sure it works before printing it.

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Add style to your text QR code.undefined

A custom design QR code attracts 80 percent of the scanners than the traditional plain-looking QR code. Make them stand out by personalizing it. Add your logo, image, and also play with colors! But make sure you don't over-customize your QR.

Be mindful of the character you enter.

Since a text QR code is static, this means you can only embed limited characters. QRTiger has the maximum capacity to encrypt 1268 characters long, which is already good enough for a text QR in static mode.

Put a call to action or CTA in your QRundefined

You should put a call-to-action in your text QR code that lets users get an idea of the information behind your text QR for them to scan it. It could be such as "scan me" or "scan for more info" or a "message for you!"

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Text QR code: Convert plain texts to QR code for free in bulk 

There are a lot of creative and useful things you can do using a text QR. It is also a handy digital to pass on information accessibly using your smartphone devices without using an internet connection! 

Furthermore, your text QR created in QRTiger offers unlimited scans of your static text QR. You don't need to sign-up, and you can start right away with creating your free text QR!

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