How to Make URL QR Codes in Bulk

Last updated:   March 01, 2023

Are you looking for ways on how you can generate hundreds of your URLs into bulk QR codes?

With the QRTIGER QR code generator, you can create hundreds and even thousands of your URL QR codes in bulk within seconds.  

In this article, we will walk you through how you can use QRTIGER to create your QR codes in bulk. 

What is a Bulk URL QR code? 

A bulk URL QR code is generated using a QR code generator online, which allows you to generate URLs in bulk instead of having to generate them individually.


If you have hundreds of URLs/links that you need to convert into a QR code, download this template for bulk URL and go to and upload the file. 

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How to make a bulk URL QR code? A step-by-step guide

Download the template and edit

In QRTiger’s sample template, you can edit the URLs and replace them with other URLs you need to convert into a QR code. After making some changes, save the excel file in the CSV format.


Upload the CSV file in the bulk feature of QRTiger and click generate the bulk QR 

To start generating your URL QR codes into bulk, simply click on the generate bulk QR. 

Why should you generate your Bulk QR codes in dynamic form?

Ability to edit your Bulk URL QR codes

Even though you have generated and printed hundreds of QR codes already, you can still edit the URL of your QR code to another URL.

In the long run, this will save you time and money from all the printing costs.


Just go to your bulk QR code campaign> see details> click the edit data button.

This allows you to have multiple QR code campaign in one. 

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Ability to track your Bulk URL QR code scans. 

With static bulk QR codes, you cannot edit and track your QR codes. 

But when you generate your bulk QR codes in dynamic, you can track the data for each of your URL QR code campaigns. The data you can unlock in the QR code analytics includes the number of scans your QR code gets in a day/s/weeks/month/years. 

Moreover, you can also determine the demographics of your scanners and from what location they are scanning from or if they are using an Android or iPhone device to scan your QR code. 

This allows you to determine, analyze and gauge the success of your QR campaign.  

What other QR code solutions you can generate in bulk? 

vCard (dynamic QR)

This is used to generate unique vCard QR codes in bulk. Download the template vCard QR code here.

URL with the number and log-in authentication (dynamic QR)

This is used to generate unique URL QR codes with the number and log-in authentication codes in bulk. Download the template here.

Number (static QR)

This is used to create a unique number of QR codes in bulk. Download sample template here.

Text (static QR)

This is used to generate unique and plain text QR codes in bulk. Download sample template here.

Generate your bulk URL QR codes with QRTIGER QR code generator 

To generate bulk URL QR codes quickly and easily, use QRTIGER’s QR code generator. You can also customize your QR code according to your brand and purpose. 

If you have more questions about bulk QR codes, you can contact us today for more information.