UTM URL QR Code: 3 Steps to Track Your Campaign with Precision

Update:  April 23, 2024
UTM URL QR Code: 3 Steps to Track Your Campaign with Precision

Once you generate a UTM URL QR code, the QR code will contain your shortened URL when you scan it, including the UTM codes attached to the end of a URL.

When using offline communication tools such as brochures, flyers, or magazines for your marketing, QR codes and NFC tags are the perfect way to connect your offline audience to your online platform or website.

That said, you can also precisely track your website traffic using the UTM tags.

The UTM-powered custom QR code can be printed in your marketing materials. And to access the online content, they need to scan the QR code using a smartphone device.

Moreover, using the UTM QR code that is added to your URL, you will know from what marketing activity (whether offline or online) your website traffic is coming.

So how do you track your UTM data on Google Analytics (GA4)? Read this blog to find out!

What is a UTM URL QR code?

Utm url QR code

A UTM URL QR code is a solution that can embed a link with UTM codes.

UTM codes are snippets of text attached to the link to improve online and offline campaign tracking.

These codes contain five query parameters that can help you precisely track your campaign: source, medium, campaign, content, and term.

These parameters let you identify your campaign based on these attributes, making it a lot easier to track its traffic and performance on Google Analytics or other analytics tools.

QR TIGER simplifies this with their built-in UTM builder. This ISO-certified software has grown from a custom QR code creator to a UTM link generator.

With this advanced URL QR code feature, you can directly generate a link with UTM code on your account dashboard—you no longer need to use a third-party UTM QR code generator.

3 Steps to track your UTM URL QR code campaign on Google Analytics (GA4)

Once you have a URL QR code with UTM parameters, you can easily identify the campaign, source, medium, content type, and exact keyword or search term that generates the most and least traffic.

Here’s how you can find your UTM data on Google Analytics (GA4):

1. Log in to your Google Analytics (GA4) account and navigate to Reports.

2. Click the Life Cycle dropdown button and click Acquisition.

3. Track your UTM campaign data in Acquisition overview, User acquisition, and Traffic acquisition.

Why use a UTM tracking link for your campaigns?

UTM links help you accurately track online and offline campaigns. This is why they’re the most useful tool for campaigns.

You can use UTM for CPC, email, affiliate, content, advertising, and marketing.

Sure with QR codes, you can track the QR code campaign performance based on the number of scans, time and location, and device type of scanner.

But with UTM, you can see the traffic performance based on the specific campaign attributes. 

Without the tracking tags, it can be difficult to identify what specific campaign or which strategy is most effective for your target audience.

Why should you generate a UTM URL QR code on QR TIGER?

Though you can use dynamic QR codes for trackable QR code campaigns, QR codes with UTM parameters help you precisely track your campaigns online and offline.

Here’s why you should use UTM parameters on your QR codes:

Editable UTM code

QR TIGER UTM link generator is a built-in feature of a dynamic URL QR code. This feature lets you edit your tracking link by adding or removing query parameters.

This way, it’s easier to manage parameters. You can easily update or manage the query string values on your account dashboard whenever you want.

Accurate campaign tracking

For highly accurate online and offline campaign analytics tracking, UTM tracking links can definitely help.

With the UTM tags attached to your campaign link, you can easily see where the traffic is coming from, how the traffic is going there, which specific campaign, what content type, and specific keywords generate the most and least traffic.

Easy Google Analytics integration

What makes QR TIGER QR Code Generator ideal for campaigns is that it supports Google Analytics integration.

You can easily connect your campaigns to Google Analytics (GA4). This way, you can monitor and manage multiple active campaigns hassle-free.

Highly-secure platform

QR TIGER is a highly secure software that complies with the highest safety and security standards—ISO 27001, CCPA, and GDPR.

This guarantees that they value and prioritize customer or user data privacy. It also uses the most advanced safety tools to ensure that all user accounts and data are highly protected against risks and data breaches.

QR code with UTM code campaign example

To run a trackable offline campaign, the best tool to use is customized QR codes with a UTM tracking link.

It must be challenging for marketers to track how well their print campaigns are performing.

Let’s say you’re running a billboard campaign.

To be able to track if your billboard campaign has an impact, you can add a customized QR code with UTM codes.

The UTM QR code link or query string should be:

Utm code link example

By adding the five query parameters, you can easily measure your print campaign’s performance. This way, you can see whether it’s performing well or not.

It helps you better understand your target audience and fine-tune your future campaigns based on the insights.

QR TIGER: Simplifying campaign tracking

A UTM URL QR code is a smart addition to your campaigns because they are versatile and can be scanned from both offline and online marketing materials.

You can place QR codes on your marketing materials, whether it is digital or print. This helps your buyers or target audience quickly get to the right content by scanning the QR code with a smartphone.

And with QR TIGER’s built-in UTM feature, there’s no need to use external tools to add UTM codes or tags to your campaign links.

Sign up today to start your UTM-powered campaigns with QR TIGER.

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