How to Generate a UTM URL QR Code

Last updated:   March 09, 2023

Once you generate a UTM URL QR code, the QR code will contain your shortened URL when you scan it, including the UTM codes attached to the end of a URL. 

When you’re using offline communication tools such as a brochure, flyers, or magazine for your marketing, QR codes and NFC tags are the perfect way to get your offline audience connected to your online platform or website.

That said, you can also increase your website traffic using these tools. 

These tags like UTM URL QR codes can be printed in your your marketing materials. And to to access the online content, they need to scan the QR code using a smartphone device.

Moreover, using the UTM code that is added in your URL, you will know from what marketing activity (whether offline or online) your website traffic is coming from. 

So how do you generate a URL QR code for UTM? Read this blog to find out! 

What is a URL QR code

A URL QR code can encrypt your website's URL into the QR code for faster redirection. Once scanned using a smartphone, you are able to view and access the website within seconds.

How to create URL parameters using Google’s URL Builder 

Instead of doing it manually, Google’s URL builder gives you an easy and quick way to generate your QR code UTM. The example is shown below.

UTM QR code

Why should you generate a UTM URL QR code? 

Though QR codes do not directly function as your main campaign source parameter for your traffic, but you can use these codes as your campaign medium parameter that will act as the gateway to bring your offline users to your online platform. UTM URL QR code Once you generate your UTM QR code, the QR code will then contain your shortened URL and the snippets of code. 

You can then access the embedded content in the QR code using smartphone device to scan it. 

Combining offline media such as flyers, magazines, brochures, business cards, QR codes with UTM tags can help you track where and how someone is visiting or buying from your website.

By creating your URL with the UTM code link into a dynamic QR code, you can see the engagements of your QR code campaign and how often it gets scans.  

How to generate your link with the UTM code into a QR code

After you have generated your URL with the UTM code with the Google builder or in any platform available, here is what you should do: 

  • First, shortened your URL with the UTM code (optional)
  • Copy and paste the shortened link to the best QR code generator for UTM parameter
  • Choose the URL category
    URL QR code for UTM
  • Click dynamic QR code. This type of QR code offers you numerous features that allows you to streamline your tasks. Using this, you can activate the QR code password generator to restrict unwanted access, monitor QR code campaigns with in-depth real-time analytics, and edit QR code campaigns without hassle.Dynamic QR code
  • Customize your QR code's design to make it more attractive
    Custom QR code
  • Test your QR code
    Scan QR code
  • Download and deploy    

Viewing, tracking and editing your QR code for UTM in the QR code generator dashboard 

Once you generated your UTM URL QR code in a dynamic form, your QR code is stored in the UTM QR code generator dashboard, where you can track your QR code scans and edit or modify the URL/landing page if needed even if you have already printed it.

You can also view the results of your UTM QR code offline campaign in Google Analytics!         

Tracking your QR code scans

QR code tracking

By clicking on the track data button in the UTM QR code generator dashboard, you can see the data of your QR code scans, such as the:

  • Real-time data of your QR code scans where you can also filter these data by days, weeks, months, or years! 
  • Device use by your scanners 
  • Map chart and the summary of your QR code scans and view

Editing your QR code for UTM 

Good thing with QR codes is that not only they are a better tool to communicate with your audience in a faster and more seamless, but you can also edit a QR code campaign without generating another QR code. 

Edit QR codeFor example, if you have entered the wrong data/URL.

You can edit this even if your UTM URL QR code has been printed or distributed in your marketing materials. 

You can redirect it to another campaign anytime you want.

Just find your UTM QR code campaign in the UTM QR code generator dashboard, click the URL campaign section and edit your URL. 

How to use your UTM URL QR code as a campaign medium to drive traffic to your website/landing page?

As we have mentioned, you can use various mediums to identify what type of traffic the visitor originated from.

It could be from CPC, email, social, referral, display, affiliate, or a QR code.

But since we are talking about using QR codes as your campaign medium to bring traffic to your website for offline marketing, here is a use-case scenario that you can integrate QR codes with and drive visits to your site.

Scenario: Scanning the QR code printed on flyers at an event to get your visitors contact and email address

QR code on brochuresWhen you’re conducting a business event, of course, you would want to know how your business event is going and to see if you’ve made an impression or enough engagement with your guests. 

By creating a UTM-tagged URL and converting it into a QR code, people can scan that QR code and be redirected to the URL/landing page to enter their contact details and address without the hassle of typing out a long URL.

In exchange for this, you can also allow them to download your free e-book for them to register.  

Create a QR code for UTM with QR TIGER QR code generator

QR codes are a smart addition to your campaigns because they are versatile and can be scanned from both offline and online marketing materials.

You can place QR codes on your products to help your buyers or target audience to quickly get to the right content by scanning the QR code. 

Now that most smartphone devices are already innovated to scan QR codes, this digital tool is perfect for bringing traffic and website visitors to your platform. 

brands using qr codes