QR TIGER Built-in UTM Builder: 3 Steps to Generate UTM Codes

Update:  October 24, 2023
QR TIGER Built-in UTM Builder: 3 Steps to Generate UTM  Codes

Achieve seamless and precise campaign tracking with QR TIGER’s built-in UTM builder.

QR TIGER presents you with a new and advanced URL QR code feature: Campaign URLs.

You can add custom URL parameters directly from the QR TIGER dashboard to enhance your campaign tracking not just in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) but also in other analytics tools.

Experience UTM-powered campaigns with the most advanced QR code generator. Learn how this feature works and how to generate these codes for your next campaign.

UTM code: What is it, and why does it matter?

A UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) code is an additional snippet of text attached to the end of a link to monitor and track campaigns with precision.

A UTM code consists of two parts: a parameter and a value.

There are five (5) types of parameters, each capable of tracking specific traffic data: source, medium, campaign, content, and term.

Meanwhile, values are the specific information you assign to the parameter to track the link’s various attributes. The equal sign (=) comes before this.

A UTM code will look like this: utm_medium=email_newsletter.

What makes this feature valuable? Why should you use it?

It all lies in precise campaign tracking. These codes can track the traffic source, whether from Google, social media, email, or other marketing channels—even offline.

This feature helps marketers or campaign managers customize links and match them to a specific campaign.

The 5 types of UTM parameters (with examples)

You must add query parameters and the correct values to track the traffic based on source, medium, or a specific campaign. These tags help you easily track and monitor multiple active campaigns at once.

Here are the five parameters you should know for your next UTM-powered campaigns:

1. Campaign

This one’s a required tracking tag. It groups content based on a specific campaign. If you have multiple active campaigns, this UTM parameter makes it easier to identify which campaign the traffic came from.

Let’s say you have two running campaigns for your boutique: “Midyear Promos” and “Sunny Summer Sales.” If you want to track the traffic from the latter, then you can use the example below:

Campaign UTM tag example: utm_campaign=sunny_summer_sale

2. Source

The source-based tag is another required parameter. This parameter lets you know where the traffic came from. You can identify whether visitors got to your website from a search engine, a social media post, or an email newsletter.

This parameter helps you determine the platforms driving the most traffic to your website.

Source UTM tag example: utm_source=billboard

3. Medium

Say you’re using various mediums to gather traffic: cost-per-click ads, email newsletters, or specific social media posts.

With this required parameter, you can determine which of the mediums you deployed generated the specific traffic. It will help you track and compare the performance of these mediums.

Adding this tag, you can precisely track QR codes with Google Analytics.

Medium UTM tag example: utm_medium=qr_0001 or utm_medium=email

4. Content

Let’s say you’re launching a campaign containing various content types. It has a call-to-action banner, an image, a logo, and a hyperlink. Now, you want to determine which gets the most clicks from visitors.

This is the job of the content parameter. It’s an optional tag that lets you track the engagement driven by each element in your campaign.

This can help you determine what type of content attracts your audience most.

Content UTM tag example: utm_content=middle_cta

5. Term

The term-based UTM tag refers to a specific set of keywords or search term of your active campaign. You can use this tracking tag to check whether a specific term generates clicks or traffic.

For paid ads, this tag helps search engines identify the specific keywords of your advertisement.

Term UTM tag example: utm_term=buy_now or utm_term=best_running_shoes

QR TIGER UTM builder: What does it do?

You can now create UTM-powered dynamic URL QR codes with QR TIGER QR Code Generator.

With this built-in UTM feature, you no longer need to use third-party builders for UTM.

Once you create a URL QR code, you can activate the UTM feature by adding query parameters. Doing so lets you precisely track your campaigns online and even offline.

To date, marketers use magazines, display banners, billboards, posters, flyers, brochures, and other print mediums for their marketing campaigns.

But the thing about print mediums is that they’re not trackable. Since they’re offline campaigns, it’s impossible to measure their effectiveness and success.

That’s why it’s ideal to use UTM-powered QR codes. This lets campaign managers track the traffic of their QR code-powered campaigns—online and offline.

3-step guide to generating UTM codes using QR TIGER QR Code Generator

Utm builder
QR TIGER makes it extremely easy for users to generate UTM links. Even beginners can do it in just 3 easy steps. Here’s how:

1. Log in to your QR TIGER account and create a URL QR code. You can also use an existing dynamic URL QR code.

The UTM feature is available on Advanced and Premium plans. Sign up today to get a welcome gift of $7 discount on any yearly plan.

2. Go to your Dashboard. Select a URL QR code and click the UTM icon.

3. Add query parameters and values. Once all set, click Save.

Note: Make sure to enter the source, medium, and campaign parameters since these are required. The content and term parameters are optional.

Once done, the UTM link should look like this (assuming you added all query parameters)

Sample utm code

5 reasons why you should use QR TIGER’s built-in UTM generator

QR TIGER is an advanced QR code software that offers 20 QR code solutions, including the URL QR code with a built-in UTM creator.

Here’s why it’s wise to use QR TIGER:

1. Easy integration

You can directly add UTM tags to the link in your URL QR code. It’s a built-in feature of dynamic QR codes, and you can access this on the easy-to-use QR TIGER dashboard.

You only have to enter the parameters with their corresponding values; no complicated processes involved.

This is much easier than creating a UTM URL QR code using a third-party tracking link generator.

2. Quick UTM link generation

QR TIGER is not just a QR code creator; it’s also a UTM link generator. You no longer need to use a third-party UTM link creator or take the risk of doing it yourself.

This method is way faster and easier if you want to run UTM-powered QR code campaigns.

3. Effortless query parameter management

Utm parameters

What makes QR TIGER an ideal UTM generator is that you can manage the query string value or individual query parameters without much hassle.

You can easily add or remove query parameters. You can also edit the UTM tags and their corresponding values anytime. The changes you made reflect on your link in real-time.

To do so, simply go to your Dashboard > Select the QR code with the UTM tag > click the UTM icon > Edit data > click Save.

4. Precise campaign tracking in Google Analytics

Google analytics campaign tracking

UTM tags help you customize a specific campaign link. So when you track this on Google Analytics, you’ll see the total traffic based on the specific UTM tag.

With this data, you can see the accurate data on the performance of your campaign. This lets you make sound decisions and fine-tune your future campaigns based on the insights from the data.

Without the UTM link codes attached to your link, you won’t be able to track your marketing campaign’s traffic source and other attributes.

5. Secure QR code generator

QR TIGER prioritizes user privacy and security. It complies with ISO 27001, CCPA, and GDPR privacy and security standards, making it the most secure QR code software.

It uses the most advanced safety tools like 2FA (two-factor authentication) on all accounts. Rest assured, all your confidential information and details are safe from data breaches.

How to use QR codes with UTM parameters in your next campaign

When it comes to using UTM links or UTM QR codes, there are many ways you can use them in your campaign. Check out these various applications:

1. Offline advertising

Utm code
When running offline advertising campaigns, it’s ideal to use QR codes with UTM tags.

Accurately tracking engagement from print ads can be tough. But with QR codes on these mediums, you’ll know the number of scans, the time and location of each scan, and the device type of scanner using the QR code tracking feature.

But how will you know the traffic source and how much traffic it drives to your site? That’s the crucial role of the UTM tags.

With QR TIGER QR Code Generator, you can easily add UTM tags to your URL QR code and track the effectiveness and success of your print campaigns with precision.

Your UTM tags can be:

  • utm_source=poster_ad
  • utm_medium=qr_ad
  • utm_campaign=product_launch

2. Online advertising

For accurate online QR code campaign analytics, use URL QR codes with UTM tags to track the traffic from specific sources of your online promotions.

You can also use the source UTM tag for a particular QR code campaign. When monitoring on Google Analytics or another analytics tool, you’ll know the number of traffic of that specific QR campaign.

You can use the UTM tags like:

  • utm_source=online_advertising
  • utm_medium=qr_displayad
  • utm_campaign=20_discount

3. Email marketing

A QR code software with a UTM builder can help measure the page traffic driven by your email marketing campaigns.

Even when running multiple email campaigns, these codes attached to each campaign link let you easily track which brings the most and least traffic to your site.

You’ll know which strategy works best for your target audience through the UTM for email campaigns.

Email campaign UTM tags can be:

  • utm_source=email
  • utm_medium=email
  • utm_campaign=new_product

4. Affiliate marketing

UTM tags are also ideal for affiliate marketing. These codes can help you track the results of your strategies or see if your audience took action on your promotions.

Aside from accurate campaign tracking, it’s easier to identify which affiliate code drives more traffic and conversions.

Your affiliate UTM tags can be:

  • utm_source=affiliate_name
  • utm_medium=affiliate_marketing
  • utm_campaign=affiliate_campaign

5. Content marketing

Content marketing involves different content pieces: blog posts, videos, images, ebooks, and more. If you want to track the traffic from each content you have, UTM tags are ideal for the job.

With the UTM tags on your content, you’ll know which type of content attracts your audience the most based on user interaction and performance.

This can also help you better align your strategy to current content marketing trends.

UTM tags for content could be:

  • utm_source=content_marketing
  • utm_medium=product_video
  • utm_campaign=product_launch

Uses of QR code with UTM in various industries (with examples)

Check out these various applications and UTM examples of QR codes with UTM parameters in different industries:


Utm generator
There are many ways to use QR codes in retail.

The retail industry can use QR codes with UTM links for product pages or special offers. Even if you use multiple channels to promote your campaign, you can still identify the driven traffic from each channel.

It’s also ideal for running numerous campaigns at different retail branches. The UTM tags will help you distinguish the engagement driven by ads in each store location.

UTM tag example for retail:

  • utm_source=store_branch1
  • utm_medium=poster_ad
  • utm_campaign=store_branch1_brand_awareness

Real estate

Using custom QR codes in real estate marketing can be better with UTM query parameters. 

Today’s digital advancements have given real estate agents numerous channels to promote property listings to a broader audience. Aside from traditional print ads, they can now use social media, websites, or newsletters.

Some real estate agencies have even adopted QR code usage. For instance, Catherine Bassick of  Bassick Real Estate Advisors sends postcards containing QR codes that lead users immediately to the property website.

QR codes with UTM links will also come in handy for agents. These will give them traffic data that will help them identify the channel with the most audience engagement and boost their promotions on that platform.

Here are sample UTM tracking tags for real estate:

  • utm_source=print_ad
  • utm_medium=billboard
  • utm_campaign=new_property_list

Tourism and travel

Many travel agencies have used online platforms to promote holiday packages and bookings, but this doesn’t mean that print is dead in this industry.

A YouGov global survey in September 2022 revealed that 45% of respondents say travel articles in newspapers and magazines influence their vacation plans.

Travel and tour market companies who still opt for print can use QR codes with UTM links to make their print travel campaigns trackable.

They can add these codes to magazines, flyers, and brochures, as well as on their online promotions like social media posts and online ads.

These tracking tags can help you measure your campaign’s effectiveness on tracking tools like Google Analytics.

You can also specify the UTM link based on a travel package to track which is most popular with your audience.

Tourism and travel UTM example:

  • utm_source=print_ad
  • utm_medium=flyer
  • utm_campaign=travel_package

Track your campaigns with precision using QR TIGER

QR TIGER’s built-in UTM builder lets you accurately track online and offline campaigns. With this added feature on your dynamic URL QR code, you no longer need a third-party UTM link generator for your campaigns.

Campaign management and engagement tracking have never been easier. All the data you’ll need is at your fingertips.

This addition to the software’s roster of handy features only proves that QR TIGER is the most advanced QR code generator online. Sign up for our Advanced or Premium plans today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does UTM stand for?

UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module. These are sets of codes or snippets of texts attached to links for tracking purposes.

These codes have five query parameters: source, medium, campaign, content, and term. Once added to your link, you can easily monitor a specific campaign’s performance on Google Analytics or other tracking tool.

What is a UTM builder?

A UTM builder or a UTM link generator is an online platform or software that lets you create tracking links to make campaign tracking easier.

One example of this is QR TIGER. It’s a QR code software with a built-in UTM link generator. It’s an all-in-one software that lets you create tracking links hassle-free.

How do I create a UTM?

To create a UTM, simply go to a UTM link generator online. You can use QR TIGER to create UTM links for your campaigns.

Go to QR TIGER > Create a URL QR code > Go to Dashboard > Select the URL QR code > Click UTM icon > Add query parameters > Save.

You can now copy and share the UTM link generated in your URL QR code.

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