What to Know About LINE QR Codes

Update:  May 03, 2024
What to Know About LINE QR Codes

LINE app integrated a QR code feature, allowing users to create a QR code.

Users can use their LINE account QR code to share their contact instantly. When scanned, other users can instantly add you as a friend.

This allows all the users to efficiently connect on the app without manually entering a profile ID or phone number.

This integration effortlessly unites friends, families, and businesses. Whether you’re a business eyeing fresh clientele or an individual aiming to broaden your network, tapping into QR codes can be a game-changer.

With the constant advancement, there’s a better way to share your LINE contact. Using a Link in Bio QR code, you can share all your social media accounts in one QR code.

This way, people can like, follow, subscribe, or connect with you without jumping from one app to another.

This article will show you how these QR codes work, how to create them using a dynamic QR code generator and explore the benefits of using this technology.

What is a LINE QR code, and how does it work?

Line QR code

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In an article published in 2019, LINE Plus Corporation announced a new way to log into their LINE accounts. And through their LINE Login v2.1, their users can scan the QR code for LINE to log in.

Not only does the QR code allow users to log in to the LINE messenger app, but it is also designed specifically so that users can access LINE’s other channels.

With this new addition of the QR code function in the social media platform, the QR code usage statistics boomed to 98% in 2020 when the pandemic hit the world.

This high-functioning interactivity denotes that people are now more familiar with QR code scanning compared to how it was pre-pandemic.

And just like every QR code, the LINE QR redirects each user to a customized landing page with every scan.

In this case, LINE users are automatically logged into their accounts when their phone reads the QR code presented.

How to log in using LINE QR codes

LINE Corporation provided its users with a wide array of options when logging in to their accounts. With their Login version 2.1, users can now use the LINE QR to log in with various devices.

LINE QR code log in using Chrome

Line login on chrome

1. Launch the Chrome version of the LINE application.

2. Tap the QR Code Login option.

3. Open the smartphone version of the LINE application.

4. Click More, choose Add Friends, then tap QR Code.

5. Scan the QR code presented on the Chrome version.

6. Click Login.

LINE QR code log in using iOS/iPad or PC

1. Open your LINE application on your iPad or PC.

2. For iPad users, log in to LINE and select Other ways to log in option.

3. Start the LINE QR code scanner on your smartphone.

4. Once the QR code appears on the screen of your iPad or PC, scan the QR code with the app’s reader.

5. Click log in.

LINE QR code log-in using Android phones

Line app QR code

Download the LINE Lite version to log in to your LINE account through QR codes on your Android device.

1. Open the LINE Lite version and click on Log in.

2. When the question “Are you already using LINE on a mobile phone?” pops up, tap Yes, and click Next.

3. Choose Yes, I would like to use this account on other devices, and click Next.

4. Select Log in with the QR code. Take note that the QR code validity only lasts for two minutes. However, it can also vary to the type of device used.

5. Finally, use the original LINE version to scan the QR code on LINE Lite and click Log in.

How to share a LINE account with other users with a LINE account QR code

Share line account

LINE messenger app is all about communication. So, it’s easy to infer that its users would also want to connect to other people.

With the QR code for LINE, users can easily share their accounts and add more friends with just a quick scan!

There are two ways for you to do this.

1. Go to LINE Developers Console.

2. Tap on Messaging API tag from your LINE channel settings.

3. Click the QR code selection.

Or you can follow this method instead:

1. Navigate to the LINE Official Account Manager.

2. Go to the Home page, and click Gain Friends.

3. Tap the QR code tab you’ll see.

How to generate a Link in Bio QR code for LINE on QR TIGER

With QR TIGER, users can create a customized QR code with a logo that stores all their social media accounts. Here’s how you can create one:

  1. Go to QR TIGER and log in to your account.
  2. Choose Link in Bio QR code solution.
  3. Click the LINE icon and enter your LINE ID.
  4. To add more social media profiles, click the corresponding social media icons. Add the necessary information in the space provided.
  5. Tap Generate dynamic QR code.
  6. Customize your QR code by choosing the patterns, eyes, and color scheme, and add a logo and a call-to-action.
  7. Perform a scan test.
  8. Save your QR code by clicking Download

How does the Link in Bio for LINE work?

Link in bio QR code
Connection and communication have never been this easy.

With QR TIGER, social networking has become more and more accessible for all of its users.

The Link in Bio QR code solution, or what we call the social media QR code, can merge multiple social media accounts into a single QR code, instantly connecting scanners to your platforms.

Now, your potential subscribers or followers won’t have to manually type in your name on the search bar to know life updates about you.

Using this advanced solution also allows you to track your QR code performance. This way, you can monitor the engagement and interactivity of your QR code.

It also has a click button tracker to track and monitor how many scanners have clicked a specific social media button.

Benefits of using QR TIGER’s custom QR code for LINE

1. Allows a faster social media profile sharing and adding of contacts

Gone are the days when you had to manually type your contacts’ names so that you could add them to your socials.

Now, you can directly present your QR code, let the other person scan it, and voila! You’ve just added another person to your contacts.

2. Optimizes your social media engagements

QR codes boost your social media analytics. That is a fact. With every QR code scan, your QR code generator can add this data to your profile engagements.

Thus, optimizing your social media interactions.

3. Ensures better exposure to social media

You can display your QR code anywhere: on your social media pages or printed media.

This strategy helps social media influencers and managers to step up their promotional tactics and let people know about their social media profiles in just a scan.

4. Editable content

It’s inevitable to commit mistakes. The same goes when you’re generating a QR code.

But errors are not a big deal with Dynamic QR code because it allows you to edit contents and URLs.

So you don’t have to sweat when making inaccuracies in your content.

When generating your LINE account QR code, you can update your outdated information or non-functional landing page using QR TIGER.

5. Social media button tracker

The Link in Bio QR code solution comes with a button tracker. This feature allows you to monitor the number of clicks on a specific button on the corresponding social media platform.

This way, you can keep an eye on whenever a scanner clicks a specific social media button. The data can help you determine which social media platform most of your target market uses.

You’ll know their platform preferences through the social media button tracker, ultimately helping you which social media you need to focus more.

6. Minimalist looks

Custom line QR code

Dynamic QR codes only store short URLs; it doesn’t have many pixels and clutter going on about them.

This feature makes it more scannable and more appealing to the audience.

Its minimalistic appearance can lure in more people, potentially adding to your QR scans’ demographics.

7. Scannable both in print and online display

Wherever you wish to display your QR code shouldn’t be a problem.

QR TIGER’s Link in Bio QR code allows the audience to easily scan your QR code, even when it’s presented on phones, computers, magazines, product packaging, or even on bracelets.

Generate a custom LINE account QR code on QR TIGER today

LINE surely made a huge leap with the LINE account QR code they’ve introduced to the world. And it made things convenient for its users.

Since QR codes are being used more and more, it makes sense to include them in everything these days.

That’s why it’s not surprising to see QR codes for LINE plastered on walls, in public places, and even popping on our computer and phone screens.

With QR TIGER, generating and deploying your QR code is ensured to be safe and fast.

It’s accessible since you can find it on the internet browser or download the app to keep it handy.

Allow yourself to integrate your LINE ID and all your existing social media accounts within one QR code for a faster and more convenient connection with your peers.

You can boost your social media marketing with this strategy.

Visit QR TIGER now and generate your LINE account QR code with us.

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