How to Customize Your Own White Label for Restaurant Domain in MENU TIGER

Update:  May 29, 2023
How to Customize Your Own White Label for Restaurant Domain in MENU TIGER

MENU TIGER allows restaurants, diners, and cafes to personalize their own websites. Luckily, today’s newest integration in MENU TIGER enables entrepreneurs to have their own website identity because of its white-label feature.

The white label feature lets you create your own domain name without the MENU TIGER extensions. You can personalize it the way you want your restaurant to be known in the digital market. 

To know more about why you should create your own website, continue reading.

Why do you need a restaurant website?

75% of diners typically choose a restaurant based on search results. For a restaurant to grow, having a website is crucial. Using your own website, you can reach more potential customers and grow your customer loyalty. 

Having a  website influences how your customers perceive your brand and it might also be a factor whether they will visit your restaurant.

That is why, creating a website with a customizable domain name is important. Here are some of its advantages.

Benefits of using your own domain for your restaurant

Improves the credibility of your restaurant

White label allows you to customize your domain in MENU TIGER so you can boost the visibility and credibility of your brand.

When customers visit your website to order and they see your brand name, they will associate it with convenience and their loyalty to your brand will increase.

Saves you time and money

Creating your own website from scratch is costly and might take a long time. Why would you waste time reinventing the wheel when you can create your own ordering website with customizable domain? 

With the help of MENU TIGER, you don’t have to spend more time and money designing and developing your own website.

How to set up your own domain for your restaurant in MENU TIGER

1. First, you can create a CNAME record with the value Later, a different value will be used in place of this.

menu tiger create cname record

 2. After that, log in to your account in MENU TIGERmenu tiger log in

 3. Go to Add-ons or Integrations sectionmenu tiger add ons integration

 4. Click White Labelmenu tiger white label

 5. In the MENU TIGER admin application, create a white label request using the recently generated CNAME by typing the CNAME in the given input box. menu tiger white label cname

6. You’ll see a PENDING status of your request. 

menu tiger pending white label

7. You will also receive a confirmation email regarding domain ownership. Confirm your tiger domain ownership email

8. The MENU TIGER team will approve your request within 3 to 5 hours.  After that, you’ll receive an email confirming the tiger white label approval email 

9. Once confirmed, the status of your request will turn to “ACTIVE”. menu tiger active white label10. Copy the URL and replace with the value used at CNAME creation.  menu tiger copy url

11. It will take some time for this to be deployed. From the dashboard, copy the URL for the customer application. It’s important to note that the original CNAME has been changed.

menu tiger customer url

Must-have Essentials for your restaurant website

When building the website for your restaurant, keep the following tips in mind for consistent branding.

Presents a branding

You must come up with a restaurant name that will be distinctive and unique for customers.

If you select a name that precisely captures your restaurant’s branding, you can influence how others perceive it. By doing this, you’ll be able to make a point using nothing but your name and logo.

Customers will obtain a thorough insight of the origins and development of your restaurant. 

Making a name for your brand and including high-quality images of your restaurant and the food you offer can help you make the best first impression. 

You can also highlight your staff by including their pictures, bios, and personal accounts on your website.

Establishes a trustworthy business

A BrightLocal survey found that 84% of consumers trust online reviews and personal recommendations equally. 

Your business can earn credibility by having a website, which also allows you to display customer reviews on your online purchase page. 

Other potential consumers will see these comments and reviews as more trustworthy.

If you don’t have anything to post, you can create a survey feedback form using your MENU TIGER account. Customers can use the app while dining in to respond to your survey questions. 

As a result, you can publish their feedback to make your company more valuable to other potential clients.

Easy to navigate online ordering page

Customers typically decide to place their orders directly through a restaurant’s website in the amount of 82 percent.

Today, a lot of popular restaurants offer an electronic menu page right on their home page of their websites.

It’s crucial to remember the essentials, which are always necessary, such as always posting photographs.

Additionally, it’s critical that restaurants with lengthy menus have top-notch menu descriptions.

Set up promotions for your website

Write a strategy in the About Us part of your website for the restaurant.

To interest restaurant customers, you may write a history of the establishment or even utilize humor.

You can give a description of your restaurant under “About Us.” Customers are emotionally engaged by the About Us section.

To establish trust and empathy with your customers, introduce your company.

Customize your restaurant domain name using MENU TIGER

When you consider that 89 percent of consumers conduct preliminary internet research about restaurants before actually visiting them.

Hence, having a restaurant website is becoming an even more important marketing tool.

With the help of MENU TIGER, you can now easily create your own website with customizable domain name and built-in ordering page. Contact MENU TIGER today and build your own restaurant website.

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