How to get instant reviews on Yelp using a QR code?

Last updated:   May 05, 2022

Using a Yelp QR code makes it easy for your customers to find and review your business by scanning the Yelp QR code! That’s it! 

Neil Patel, a digital marketing entrepreneur, once said, “Failing to be on Yelp means you won’t be successful. If you’re a localized business, you need business reviews especially if you’re based in the US!” 

According to a study conducted by Bright Local, a whopping 97% of customers read online reviews before purchasing an item or trying out business services. 

And Yelp, as one of the leading review platforms in the US, showed statistics that last year, 45% of customers are likely to check Yelp reviews before visiting a business, in which 35% of these people searching on Yelp will visit the site they check within 24 hours.  

Furthermore, studies show a relative 9% growth in sales for every new star earned on Yelp. 

What is a Yelp QR code? yelp qr code

A Yelp QR code will redirect customers directly to your Yelp review page link so that your customers can leave their feedback instantly in a scan.

A QR code for Yelp review is an easy way for your customers to leave their review or opinion of your business without having to type your page link manually. 

This means this allows you to gain more Yelp reviews, faster-using QR codes.

And as businesses have slowly resumed with their operation observing strict guidelines, bouncing back to generate revenue losses due to the COVID-19 will still be challenged. 

Statista reported that one-third of people surveyed in the United States lost 10 to 25 percent of their income over the past four weeks brought by the pandemic.

For most businesses, building up customers’ trust and confidence by having a quality online review of your business with 4-stars or better, is one of the key elements to staying on top of their game. 

Reviews, opinions, or feedbacks impact your customer’s decision-making as a consumer; thus, it is vital to pay attention to the quality of your business’ reviews online!

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How to create a QR code for Yelp review?

  • Go to QR Code generator with logo online
  • Copy the URL of your Yelp review page link and paste it into the “URL” section
  • Click “generate QR code.”
  • Stylize or custom-design your QR code
  • Test your QR code
  • Download and deploy QR code

Why online reviews matter on Yelp? undefined

Review and star rating impact sales. 

It helps you understand your customers even better

And influences your rank on the search engine results page

Online reviews play an essential role in how your customers react or engage with your services as they reflect on the trustworthiness of a business. 

91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses.

Businesses with more than 82 total reviews earn 54% in annual revenue than average. 

Businesses aren’t all about good reviews. There can also be negative ones that are bound to happen. Still, the overall point of reviews is that your customers or guests would be able to see how effectively you manage and respond to feedback and opinions just as how much you can provide solutions to problems or to address the negative ones.

If the overall customer service is publicly conveyed as relevant to your business, customers and guests are sure to remember you and make further transactions or purchases from you.

How to create a QR code for Yelp review? A step-by-step guide! 

Go to QR Code generator with logo online

QRTIGER is an innovative and reliable QR code generator online used by big brands such as Yakult, Midea, Universal, Ford, and many others.

Moreover, it has responsive customer support that is quick to answer your QR code queries, which is an essential factor for QR code software in case you encounter trouble with your QR code marketing campaign. 

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Copy the URL of your Yelp review page link and paste it into the “URL” sectionqr code generator

Copy the URL of your Yelp review page link and paste it inside the box of the QR code generator to proceed. Or you can also use a URL shortener like to shorten your link before copy and pasting it to the QR code generator online. 

Click “generate QR code.”

To start generating your QR code for the Yelp review page link, click “generate QR code” and choose whether static or dynamic.

Personalize or custom-design QR codecustomized qr code

Don’t just negligently design your QR code. Custom-design and make it part of your branding! Add colors, logo, image, and icon and stylize it according to your aim, target, and personal taste! Make it stunning. 

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Test your QR code

Now, before downloading your QR code, always test it and scan it to see if it correctly redirects users to your Yelp review page link. 

Download and deploy undefined

QR codes are scan-able in print and online display! Therefore you can scan it from a computer screen or print materials where you can redirect your customers to your Yelp review page and allow them to leave their feedback in just a scan!

A Yelp QR code is flexible when collecting guest reviews enabling you to get more reviews of your business! 

Why choose a Dynamic QR code to generate your Yelp QR code? dynamic qr code

The information generated with Static QR codes is fixed and you cannot change it. Also, the scans are not traceable.

If you’re a serious marketer or businessman, using a Dynamic QR code to generate your Yelp QR code will be your advantage. 

Dynamic QR codes are flexible to use as they are editable, and the scans are traceable, therefore, you can set-up a QR code tracking system to know the demographics of your scanners. 

For example, if you have already printed or distributed your Yelp QR code for marketing only to find out you’ve entered a wrong URL, you can easily re-correct the data of your Yelp QR code using its QR code generator online. And no- you don’t need to reprint the code again, which saves you a lot of time, money, and effort. 

Moreover, Dynamic QR code allows you to collect the data of your scans and reveal valuable data of your scanners profile, such as their location and the particular time when they scanned from. You can view this in real-time! 

Or- if you fail to get enough scans, these valuable statistics results will guide you on how you can improve more of your Yelp QR code marketing campaign! 

How to use Yelp QR code

There are three leading business categories regularly reviewed by customers in Yelp, and this includes Restaurants, Shopping, and Local services. So how to use Yelp QR code in these services to gain more reviews?

Restaurants qr code yelp restaurant

QR codes on table tents and receipts

Online reviews for the food industry, especially restaurants, are an essential factor that drives customers to their business.

Quality reviews made by guests can determine the number of customers who will want to visit the restaurant.

Generating a Yelp QR code on table tents and receipts allow your guests to make it easy to leave their review. It also increases their retention of your business because you make it an effortless experience for them! 

Shoppingqr code for shirt

Product packaging and product tags

Use a QR code for Yelp review on your product tag and packaging to let your buyers instantly leave their review once they got their purchase! They don’t need to go over your site purposely, as you can automate your Yelp review page link for them to send their feedback! They only need to scan them! 

Local, home services, and othersyelp qr code for home services

You can have your business card printed with a Yelp QR code as well! Not only are you can leave them your contact information, but it also allows them to leave their feedback on your services as well! 

The placement of Yelp QR codes on your business cards gives you a bond with the customers. 

Get more business reviews on Yelp using a Yelp QR code.undefined

With the advent of smart-tech such as QR codes, you can gain more reviews of your local business by scanning the QR code, and your customers will be instantly landed on your Yelp review page to leave a comment without having to search you!

This allows you to reach a further audience and grow your reviews faster Yelp to get customers review. 

Social media QR code vs. Yelp QR code

While Yelp QR code instantly redirects your scanners to your Yelp page, generating a social media QR code allows you to have an overall growth of your social media pages!

The social media QR is a powerful and robust QR solution that links all of your social media together in one QR code when scanned.

Not only they will be redirected to your Yelp page, but you can also maximize your social media network by linking of your social media channels in one roll! 

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Grow your audience on Yelp and maximize getting feedbacks using QR codes today!

Acknowledging your guests’ or customers’ feedbacks, specifically, is a powerful and robust strategy to gain your audience. Good quality review is an opportunity to build trust and confidence with your customers.

Yelp QR code is a powerful device allowing your audience to leave their review at ease. To get started with your Yelp QR code marketing campaign, you need to use a trusted QR Code generator online to generate your QR code that allows you to have overall control and customization of your QR code with stunning designs!

Grow your Yelp audience now using a Yelp QR code.