How to Set Up QR Code Tracking in Real Time: Ultimate Guide

Update:  April 29, 2024
How to Set Up QR Code Tracking in Real Time: Ultimate Guide

QR code tracking allows you to track your QR code scans which will help you to improve your current QR code marketing strategies and analyze what went well and what went wrong. 

As the saying goes, “What you can’t measure, you can’t improve!” the same notion also applies to business and marketing.

Tracking is essential for every business as it improves practices and marketing efforts.

This also enables you to gauge the overall growth of your company or business.

So how does a dynamic QR code generator with a tracking system work? Let’s find out.

Dynamic QR code (Trackable and Editable)

Dynamic QR codes are QR codes that allow QR code editing and tracking.

You can track your QR code scans, and at the same time, you can update/edit the information embedded in your QR code. 

Meaning you can change the information associated with the code without the need to reprint or redistribute new QR codes. 

Using dynamic QR codes allows businesses and individuals to conveniently update the information associated with the code without reprinting or redistributing new QR codes. 

This flexibility makes dynamic QR codes well-suited for various applications, including marketing campaigns, event registrations, ticketing systems, and product promotions.

How dynamic QR code tracking works

Tracking QR codes involves actively monitoring and recording the scanning activity of your QR code campaigns.

The tracking process entails gathering data on QR code scans’ timing, frequency, and locations.

This data holds value for businesses and marketers, enabling them to analyze consumer behavior, assess campaign effectiveness, and gain insights into customer preferences.

Here’s how tracking a QR code campaign works:

1. Generating QR codes

Before you can track QR codes, you must create trackable QR codes (dynamic QR codes) using dynamic QR code software.

There are various advanced dynamic QR code solutions you can choose from.

With a dynamic QR code, you can store more than just URLs. You can embed all your social media links, contact details, documents, audio files, videos, and more.

2. Placing and distributing

QR codes are printed or displayed in diverse locations, such as physical ads, product packaging, posters, websites, emails, or social media.

The best part of using QR codes is that you can use them on your online and offline marketing channels. Hence, you can use them on digital displays and printed materials.

With QR code technology, your QR code campaigns can have a wider reach as you can integrate them into your two marketing streams.

3. Users scan the codes

Smartphone users or individuals with QR code readers capture the QR code using their device’s camera or a specialized scanning app. The app decodes the encoded information.

4. Collecting data

When people scan your QR code, the dynamic QR code generator records the information, including the scan time, location (if available), device type, and any additional parameters defined by the tracking system.

You can access comprehensive data for each QR code campaign on the dashboard when using QR code software.

It provides a centralized tracking system, allowing you to monitor each QR code’s performance easily.

5. Analyzing data

Using the available data, you can now analyze them to gain insights into user behavior and engagement. The analysis encompasses metrics such as scan count, frequency, popular scan locations, etc.

6. Optimizing campaigns

Informed by the insights from tracking data, businesses can make data-driven decisions to refine marketing strategies, optimize campaign placements, customize content, and enhance the user experience.

Note that you can only track dynamic QR code campaigns. Unlike static QR codes, dynamic ones have tracking capabilities.

Furthermore, privacy considerations must be addressed when tracking your QR codes.

Obtaining user consent and implementing appropriate measures to handle collected data in accordance with privacy regulations securely are crucial steps to uphold privacy standards.

QR code metrics you can track using a dynamic QR code generator

1. Real-time total and unique scan data

Trackable QR code

Can you track how many times a QR code is scanned? Absolutely.

On your QR TIGER campaign dashboard, you can view the number of total scans and total unique scans of your dynamic QR codes over time.

You can change the report based on your preferred timezone and group it into different time intervals such as days, weeks, months, or years.

Tracking the number of scans in a QR code campaign is crucial to evaluate its performance by measuring its effectiveness and engagement level.

Dynamic QR code tracking enables you to measure your campaign’s return on investment (ROI), ensuring that it generates desired results within budgetary constraints.

2. Scans by device & top device

User deice

QR TIGER’s dashboard also provides a device chart.

You can also track the device scanners used to scan your QR code.

The software records whether the scanner used an Android, iOS, or PC. It also detects the top device used by your scanners. 

Tracking scanner device data in QR code campaigns is essential to determine the device preferences of your audience.

This information helps you optimize your campaigns for compatibility and user experience on the most commonly used devices. You can ensure maximum engagement and effectiveness. 

You can also proactively optimize compatibility and provide your audience with the best possible scanning experience.

This data enables you to customize campaigns based on device-specific features and functionalities, enhancing user engagement.

3. Scan locations & top 5 locations

Top location

You may also wonder how to track QR code scans and location.

With QR TIGER, you can easily track the scan locations with the timestamp of your QR code campaign.

Go to My Account, then click Dashboard to access all your QR code campaigns.

Once you select a QR code campaign, click Stats and scroll down to see Scan Location data.

Here, you can see where people scan your QR code. You can view the specific data, local time, type of device, and Country & City.

Now, the question is: Can a QR code know your location?

To answer, the system only records the location where people scan a particular QR code. 

Scanners must give their permission to access their device location first. Those who don’t want to share their location have the option to deny location access.

The location tracking works by permitting the system to access the device location by the time the QR code is scanned. Otherwise, the system cannot track the scan location.

If the scanner grants permission, you can see the longitude and latitude of the geographic position they scanned your QR code.

It also determines the top 5 locations, which helps you locate the QR code campaign that performs best or identify where your QR code campaign is most popular.

This data provides insights into the areas where your audience most engages with your campaigns.

This helps you determine where to focus your marketing efforts and allocate resources on those specific regions, tailoring your messages and offers to maximize engagement and conversions. 

Understanding scanner locations provides geographical insights into your target audience, aiding business expansion plans and localized marketing initiatives.

Also, it can serve as a security measure by detecting any fraudulent or unauthorized scanning activity in unexpected locations, allowing you to take necessary precautions and protect your brand and campaigns.

4. GPS map (heat map)

GPS map

The GPS map offers a visual representation of your scan location data.

It presents a heat map that utilizes location markers and color indicators to showcase the level of scan engagement in different areas.

The GPS QR code tracking allows you to track precise scan locations.

Hence, the map provides you with a more accurate GPS position of where people scan your QR code.

The markers range from red to orange, indicating higher levels of engagement where the scanner’s device spent more time.

On the other hand, markers in blue and purple represent areas with less scan activity and shorter durations of device presence.

5. Map chart

Map chart

The map chart gives you a comprehensive and better view from anywhere in the world where people have scanned your QR code.

And under the map chart, you can see the overall number of QR code scans’ based on a specific region or area.

Google Analytics integration on dynamic QR code generator

You can connect Google Analytics with your QR TIGER account to have comprehensive statistics on your QR code campaign.

It allows you to analyze in-depth detail about the visitors on your website, such as:

  • Visitor demographics
  • User engagement
  • Device type used in scanning
  • Number of QR code scans
  • Scan time
  • Scan location

Here’s the catch when integrating Google Analytics and QR code software: you can have in-depth QR code data and website data of your campaign.

Using Google Analytics, campaign managers can easily track and monitor multiple campaigns in one place.

Track and retarget your campaigns for better results

QR code tracking empowers marketers to track and retarget their campaigns effectively, yielding superior results and heightened customer engagement. 

This way, businesses can bridge the gap between physical and digital realms, opening up a world of possibilities by integrating QR codes into marketing strategies. 

QR code campaign tracking and retargeting seamlessly work together, creating a smooth customer journey that maximizes conversion opportunities.

The data grants a deeper understanding of the target audience, enabling you to refine campaigns and make sound decisions, optimizing marketing efforts in real time, and ensuring you reach the right people with the right message.

Start your QR code campaign with a dynamic QR code generator today by signing up for QR TIGER’s affordable subscription plans.

Frequently asked questions

How can I track a QR code?

To track a QR code, your QR code must be in dynamic mode. Dynamic QR codes have tracking capabilities, allowing you to track the total number of scans, the time, the location, and the device type used in scanning the QR code.

When you create a dynamic QR code in QR TIGER, you can easily track them on your dashboard. Just go to My Account > Dashboard > Select a QR code > Stats.

Can a QR code know your location?

A dynamic QR code can only detect scan location only if the scanner gives the system permission to access the device’s GPS location.

If the scanner grants permission to their location, the system records the scan location based on their GPS position. Scanners have the option to deny access to their location.

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