7 Ideas for All Souls Day QR Code Tribute Celebrations

Update:  October 27, 2023
7 Ideas for All Souls Day QR Code Tribute Celebrations

Remember your loved ones in a unique and innovative way with these All Souls Day QR code tribute ideas that we prepared just for you.

Why settle for the traditional way of honoring your departed loved ones when you can do more with QR codes? In just a scan, you can bring back memories and share special moments, reliving time spent with them. 

You only need the best QR code generator and a creative mind to make tributes more engaging and heartfelt.

All Souls Day QR code tribute ideas

All Souls Day QR codes allow you to share any information relevant to the occasion or the celebration of the departed’s colorful life.

When users scan this code, you can direct them to an image, video, audio, or links and more QR code uses related to the one who passed away.

These QR codes make transferring of information easy, providing convenience in just a scan.

Upon learning this, are you now wondering how to use and create a free QR code to pay tribute to your loved ones? Here are seven creative ideas that you can apply:

1. Digital memory booklet

QR codes for gravestones can serve as a digital memory booklet, which you can link with photos and videos of departed loved ones. When family members scan this code, they can go through those memories again digitally.

You can use the landing page QR code solution for this. Personally design your landing page with photos, videos, audio, and text. You also don’t have to worry about how to do this because this solution has all the tools you need.

2. Virtual cemetery visit

All souls video QR code

Distance is one of the struggles of distant family members during All Souls Day, as they can’t personally visit a loved one’s grave.

Tag them along in your cemetery visit using a video QR code to show them virtually how the place looks and help them feel like they’re there. 

3. Personal biography

One way to pay tribute to the dead is by reminiscing their memories and sharing their life story for everyone to remember them continuously.

You can direct people to a website with details about the departed—their education, family tree, career highlights, personal achievements, and more.

By scanning the code, people can immediately visit the page and learn so much about that person without manually searching for it.

4. Digital cemetery mass

All souls live QR code

Some families hold out masses or prayer brigades during All Souls Day as an offering to their departed loved ones. For those who can’t personally visit the cemetery and attend the mass, a QR code can help.

Share URL QR code solutions for where distant family members or relatives can join a live stream of the mass, allowing them to still offer their prayers even from afar.

5. Music QR codes for tombstones

For families who wish to spend their time in the cemetery on that day, playing your loved ones’ favorite music will help bring their memories back. It will also contribute to creating an atmosphere of fun rather than sadness.

Use an MP3 QR code to share a song they can listen to using their device. You may also use a URL QR code to direct everyone to an online All Souls Day music playlist.

6. Video compilation

Family members can record a video message for their loved ones and compile these into one video. Their messages should help bring back the good times.

Use a video QR code to share with everyone their stories to tell. It will let them easily view the video compilation without downloading any video-playing apps.

7. Memory journal

All souls google form code

Another tribute idea is organizing a memory journal, where you collect messages from friends and loved ones through a Google Form QR code.

When they scan this code, they can instantly fill out a form with their names and messages or narratives of past moments.

Scanning the QR code is more convenient than printing forms. It will also allow distant relatives to give their messages, too.

Later on, you can collect these messages and compile them on a digital page to have something to look back on in the coming years.

How to create a QR code using the best QR code generator

  1. Go to the QR TIGER website and sign in to your account. You can sign up for the freemium version if you don’t have one.
  2. Choose any QR code solution you wish to use.
  3. Provide the required data. Every QR code solution differs in its required data.
  4. Click on the Generate QR code button.
  5. Customize your QR code visuals. You can change its colors, eye shapes, and pattern style. You can also add a logo and a frame with a call to action.
  6. Test-scan your QR code with your device first.
  7. Download your QR code. You may print it or share it on digital platforms.

Why use a QR code for All Souls Day traditions?

Here are some of the reasons why you should use QR codes for All Souls Day:

Preservation of personal memories

Instead of keeping memories on photo albums, which can be very prone to tear, scratches, and other damages, why not use dynamic QR codes?

You could keep all the memorabilia safe—the letters, photos, videos, and more. This preserves the value and condition of these data while making it readily available to anyone.

Interactive engagement

With QR codes on tombstones, you can provide scanners with an interactive experience.

Instead of just showing static photos, you can provide virtual tours that allow them to explore the departed’s wonderful life or contribute their fond memories together with the person while they were still alive.

Multimedia integration

A QR code can embed multimedia resources—photos, videos, links, and more. You can be creative in whatever information you want to share to relive all the moments with your loved ones who have passed.

Convenience and accessibility

QR codes are easy to access. You don’t have to be in a specific location to scan a code and join tribute activities. Even when you scan a QR code sent online, it still serves the same purpose—sharing a memory.

Plus, it does not require a special skill. You only need a smartphone camera to scan and decode a QR code.


Custom all souls QR code

Meaningful content and an attractive QR code make all the difference. Since QR codes are customizable, you can design your QR code to match and reflect the unique personality of your dead loved ones.

Each QR code software varies in offered customization tools, so choose the best QR code generator with enough features.

What is the tradition for All Souls Day around the world? 

Did you know that All Souls Day celebrations vary from place to place? It is one of the many traditions deeply rooted in every culture.

Below are some of the All Souls Day traditions in different countries, with additional tips on how you can incorporate QR codes with them:


Mexicans call this day El Dia del Muertos. They celebrate this day both festively and solemnly. Mexicans make colorful ofrendas—altars with the dead’s pictures and favorite things decorated with marigolds believed to guide the spirits.

They also gather to share food and drink, then join processions with their faces painted with skull designs.

Local authorities can use an image QR code to provide participants with a map photo guiding them for the processional route. They can also use the same QR code to share detour routes for drivers to avoid getting stuck.


In Peru, the traditional way of celebrating All Souls Day is by preparing a meal called lechon (roasted piglet) with tamales. They also serve t’anta wawa—a sweet roll shaped and decorated like a child traditionally eaten on November 2nd.

They consume and feast on these foods when they visit cemeteries to offer flowers and colorful figurines.

You can do everyone a favor by sharing the recipe of these traditional meals so other families can do it, too. Provide a video tutorial on doing it, then embed it within a video QR code for easy access. 


Unlike Mexicans, Polish people celebrate All Souls Day or Zaduszki solemnly. Most roads and streets in Poland are closed in observance of this day. 

They also visit cemeteries to light candles and offer the bread of the dead, which they would leave in the grave to appease the souls.

You can leave a text QR code on your loved ones’ grave with a message that says you intentionally left the food and candles to prevent others from cleaning it.


Spaniards go to cemeteries with candles, flowers, and a traditional pastry called Huesos de Santo to offer to the dead.

Apart from that, they also observe castañada: They feast on fall fruits—roasted pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and chestnuts—as they believe that during this day, spirits return home to join them.

As an All Souls Day QR code tribute, you can help continue the castañada tradition by providing an infographic about this. You can then use a PDF or image QR code to share it.

This way, you can celebrate this day and strengthen this tradition at the same time.


The people of Haiti celebrate Fet Gede, or Feast of the Dead, through a pilgrimage to the Grand Cemetery in Port-au-Prince, the Haitian capital.

They also perform rituals, music, and dance to honor Baron Samedi and Papa Gede—whom they consider the cemetery’s guardian and soul’s messenger, respectively.

Share an audio QR code with the ritual music for this celebration so everyone can sing along as others dance to the tune.


On Olvera Street—one of the oldest streets in downtown Los Angeles—people celebrate the Festival of the Dead by dressing up in scary costumes and creating altars at home to pay tribute to their deceased loved ones.

You can share a poster with a QR code that will notify everyone about the event and allow them to prepare their unique costumes beforehand.


The Day of the Dead is quiet and solemn in Germany. No fancy festivals; just decorated graveyards and cemeteries with fresh flowers, wreaths, and candles that burn through the night. 

They also offer a traditional bread called Seele on this special day. The word translates to “soul” in English.

Help your fellow people by providing them with a list of your area’s best flower shops and candle makers. You can use a file QR code and compile these details, including the shop name and location. 

QR codes: Keeping memories alive, one scan at a time

While we’re still here, we must remember our loved ones who have departed. They may be gone from our sight, but we can keep them alive in our minds and hearts.

The All Souls Day QR code tribute ideas can open up a realm where memories come alive again in just a scan. You can relive the moments and preserve memories.

This QR code technology proves that innovation and tradition can work together, transcending even death.

Get yourself a QR code as a tribute for your dead loved ones today. Visit the QR TIGER QR code generator to jumpstart this QR code journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you honor the dead on All Souls Day?

There is no specific standard for honoring the dead on All Souls Day, but you can do so like most cultures do.

Offering a prayer, holding out novenas and masses, visiting graveyards, lighting candles, and offering flowers are common customs to honor the dead on All Souls Day.

But another innovative way is to use QR codes from a QR code generator, just like the ideas shared above. You can also follow these ideas to honor your departed loved ones.

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