How to create free QR codes in 9 steps

Last updated:   September 07, 2022

There are many QR code generators online through which you can generate your free QR code.

However, many of these QR code generators do not vouch in their credibility when it comes to making static QR codes, and sometimes, they even fail to  function or show a scanning error when you scan the code.

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How to make a free QR code?

  • Go to
  • Click from the menu the type of QR code you want to create
  • Enter the necessary data to generate your QR code
  • Choose “static” or “dynamic”
  • Click “generate QR code”
  • Customize your QR code
  • Test your QR code
  • Click “download”
  • Distribute your QR code

That is why you should always choose a trusted QR code generator with a logo if you want to create your free QR code, customized fonts, and will allow you to set the colors and have your preferred layout. 

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to create a free QR code for yourself:

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QR code basics

For any QR code types or solutions you want to generate, whether it’s for your website/a URL QR code, social media, V-card, Multi-URL QR code, and many more, you can either choose to generate your QR in two types. Do you want it to be static or dynamic? Now, what is the difference between these two and which one should you choose? 

Static QR code (free)

While static QR codes are free to create, it is not advisable to use in the long term especially if you’re using it for a business or marketing campaign.

Static QR code does not allow you to edit the data behind your QR.

This means, if you want to update or change the information behind your code, you need to regenerate them again and reprint.

Furthermore, you cannot also track the data of your scans. 

You can make a free QR code in QRTIGER that does not expire. 

Dynamic QR code (not free but better to use in marketing and businesses)

However, when you choose to generate your QR solution in a dynamic form, you will be able to modify or change the data or landing page of your QR code even if it has been printed, enabling you to save money from the printing costs in the long run as you don’t need to reprint or reproduce them again!

You can also edit your QR code anytime it is necessary! 
Furthermore, dynamic QR codes also allow you to have a QR code tracking system, that enables you to track your QR code scans and see who and how many have scanned your QR code,  in which location/country, city or are they Android or iPhone users? 

Dynamic QR code generator reveals statistics results about your target audience, allowing you to analyze better which campaign has been effective and where can you improve more. 

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How to create a QR code for free? 

As we have mentioned, there are several QR Code generators online where you can make a free QR code.

However, many of these QR code generator software does not vouch for their credibility as static QR codes and sometimes even fail to function and show a scanning error. 

That is why you should always choose a trusted QR code generator like QRTIGER that has a good reputation and has a high number of trusted users if you want to create a free QR code with a logo, changed fonts, and customize the designs and colors. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make your free QR Code! 

There are dozens of QR code generators on the internet. Still, the best QR code generator with a logo is the one that gives you many customizations and designing options even if the QR Code is static. 

You should always choose the one with optimal functions and is compatible with almost all of the QR code reader apps in mobile devices like QRTIGER.

Other factors which make a QR code generator the best to use is the analytics and performance tracking features. You should not ignore these factors, especially if you are generating a QR code with your brand logo. 

Although, you cannot track and change your data in a Static QR Code, the high-grade tracking and editing capacity of a QR Code generator is essential just in case you want to choose to generate a Dynamic QR Code in the future.  

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Select The Type of Content You’re Promoting how do i create a free qr code

After choosing a credible QR code generator with a logo, you need to think about what type of content you’re going to feed in your QR code?

Do you want a QR Code that will redirect your scanners to your personal page? A QR Code for your social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, or a text or an email that will point the smartphone users to this information once they scan your QR Code. 

Add the data for the QR code content that you selected.

After choosing what type of content you want your scanners to access, you need to fill out the required data to create your QR Code. 

Customize Your QR Codefree qr code

Designing is the most exciting part of creating your QR code for free. Do you want a QR code with a logo? Do you want a multi-colored QR code? Well, you can do it through the QR code generator with a logo. This will help you to reflect on your business’s stream and name. 

However, customizations can make it difficult for consumers to scan the QR code. So, it is better to create a customized version and a plain version with your preferred design and layout. 

Moreover, you can save it as a template that you can re-use later and quickly delete it when you want. 

Download your QR Code (but it is always best to choose Dynamic)free qr code in static

If you’re considering creating a static QR code, you must know that you cannot re-print the data stored in the QR code. Whereas, you can edit the data contained by the dynamic QR code. 

You should always keep in mind that once you select and make a static QR Code, you cannot change it to a Dynamic QR code. Both are very different. 

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Always Test Your Free QR Code

After you are done creating your customized QR code, always make sure to check and test it if it’s scanning properly by multiple mobile devices.

There are several other ways through which you can test if your QR code is working properly or not. Testing a QR Code is for your QR code’s readability.

Distribute your QR Code

A QR code is not beneficial unless it is seen. Make sure to print your QR Code in ads, magazines, or posters and place it in areas where people can easily scan it. You can download it in SVG or PNG format. Both work great in printed form! 

What types of free QR Code features can you create in QRTIGER?

Now in QRTIGER, you can create several types of QR Codes and even customize it without having to register! Here are QR Code features you can create for free! 

URL QR Codefree url qr code

Link your URL directly to your business page or your blog website! 

WIFI QR Codefree wifi qr code

Connect to WIFI directly by having a QR Code attached to it. All you have to do is scan the WIFI QR Code then boom! You’re internet-connected. 


Link your QR Code directly to a soundtrack. Yes, you can upload your QR code on Soundcloud and use this URL to make your QR code.

Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterestfree social media qr code

Create an individual profile QR Code for your social media platforms that will allow your followers or subscribers to have an overview of you instantly. 


You can create a static QR Code that links straight to your email!


Make a simple text or greeting when smartphone users scan your QR Code Text! Furthermore, these static QR code features will still allow you to have multiple designing options. 

Make a free QR code in QRTIGER QR code generator today

Most QR Code Platforms offer to create QR Codes for free. However, QRTIGER is an advanced QR Code generator online that allows you to have multiple designing options with your preferred design and layout, etc. 

However, for business and marketing, dynamic QR codes are always better to use so you can track your QR codes scans and edit your QR code data to another data without reprinting or reproducing it all over again. 

QRTIGER QR code generator is a reliable software that will protect and secure the data of your QR Code even if it’s static! If you want to experience it yourself, create your QR Codes with a logo with us today! 

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