How to create a Social Media QR Code in 7 steps!

A Social Media QR Code redirects to a webpage that links and connects to all of your social media channels or networks when scanned. You can definitely grow your followers organically by adding these QR codes to your offline and online channels!

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What is a Social Media QR Code and how to scan it? 

To scan a QR Code, all you need is to open your smartphone camera feature or download a QR Code Scanner application directly to your smartphone. 

With the increasing volume of mobile technology usage across the globe, incorporating a social media QR Code generated using a QR Code Generator online that can customize your QR Code and, which offers the best visual QR code services and has more advanced tracking features is a MUST.  

Social Media Platform is a powerful marketing tool! And now, it’s time to have all of your social media channels in one roll!

create a QR code

Why is there a need for a QR Code in Social Media? 

Social media is an excellent way to promote QR codes due to their share-ability functions and the number of connections and shares you get to make.

How to create a social media QR code

  1. go to
  2. Click the "social media" category
  3. Enter your social media profiles
  4. Click the "generate QR code" button
  5. Customize QR code
  6. Do a scan test 
  7. Download, print and deploy

How to use a Social Media QR Code and its benefits?

1. Link all of your Social Media Pagessocial media qr code

If you’re a social media influencer, a social media marketer, an individual who’s doing business online or a person who’s doing a business or advocacy campaign or whatever purposes it may serve, 

Creating this type of QR Code will: 

• connect and link all of your social media pages in one scan 

• will save time and effort for you and the people who are following you on social media pages as they don’t have to look at each of your channels 

• share direct access and sharing of your social profiles without a sweat

• Promote and advertise your social media platforms

• Reach out to more people easier all over the globe! 

• Increase the number of followers, likes, or subscribers in your social media accounts! 

• gives your audience the option to follow you on their favorite platform

• And most importantly, track the data of your scans

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2. Increase your number of followers or likessocial media qr code to increase followers

Using a Social Media QR Code can speed up your number of followers or likes ten times fold in a short span of time! 

But how does that work? 

You can cross-pollinate your accounts by asking your Instagram followers to follow you on Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social networking sites. 

It’s the easiest way for people to get to your social media accounts without having them to type, and go search for each social media platform that you have.

You can add, edit, or delete any website you want on your QR Code and even change the usernames. 

Encourage them to follow you for more content! 

Customized your QR Code using a QR Code Generator online. 

create a QR code

3. Upgrade your social media marketing 

As we all know, social media is the most powerful and most used marketing tool globally. 

Now, have you ever imagine how much greater impact it could give if you integrate a QR Code to your Social Media that- will connect all of your social media channels? From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Skype, TikTok, Youtube, Linkedin, Quora, or just about anything. 

It could quadruple the amount of traffic on your channel overnight!

Make it more engaging and interactive by landing the people to an interactive page like a video and get them entertained. 

Moreover, it allows your customers to have full control of the social media channels that they’d like to go over and share.   

Incorporating a QR Code that links all of your social media pages in one is the best social media marketing strategy. 

4. Social Media QR Codes on Online Shopping and E-Commercesocial media qr code e-commerce

Did you know that by applying Social Media QR Codes in your online business can help you dramatically increase your business revenue? 

How is that? 

Well, according to The Next Scoop, which is an internet marketing blog, E-Commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate all over the globe because people are undoubtedly crazy about smartphone usage.

No wonder why a lot of people are addicted to online shopping nowadays. 

It allows them to buy and connect online just by staying in their home, with their pajamas, lying in their bed while making their purchase. 

People get lazy nowadays to go out!

Moreover, it is expected that the growth of e-commerce will only increase in the coming years like never before. With all of the technological innovations, it’s not possible. 

Drive your customers and prospective customers to all of your social media pages using a social media QR Code that will advertise your e-commerce business and make a revolution! 

5. Social Media QR Codes for Consumer Packaged Goodssocial media qr code packaging

You can give a discount and reward your customers with a coupon or enter them into an exclusive product giveaway by sharing your page, add your social profiles, and let them follow each one of them. 

The prize will tempt your audience to enter your giveaway! 

6. Social Media QR Codes in Business Cards 

Let your customers access the valuable information about your business and increase the data information you give to a potential customer with your business cards.

They can log in to their social media and instantly share your content. 

create a QR code

7. Use Social Media QR Code for your Advocacy Campaignsocial media qr code advocacy

Are you an inspiring and motivating individual who aspires to make a change in the world? An environmentalist, maybe? An animal lover? Or an individual who is concerned and passionate about preserving the seas and marine life? 

Then, expanding your campaign advocacy on a global scale with the use of social media QR Codes is a convenient way of finding a support group easier and faster from all over the world. 

Raise more awareness and build a relationship with stakeholders and alike individuals, who share the same mission and vision as you, and inspire more people to go with your act!

You could be the next Greta Thunberg!

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How to make a social media QR code in 6 easy steps! A step-by-step guide! 

1. Go to

To create a social media QR code, you need a QR code generator online. For this, you can go to QRTiger to generate this type of solution. 

2. Select on the "social media" QR code category

There are a variety of QR codes you can create and you can also generate a QR code for your individual online platform accounts. However, using a social media QR code is beneficial as it will link all of your social media platforms together.

3. Enter your social media profiles

Enter the social media platforms that you want to link together in the QR code. 

4. Click "Generate QR code"

To start generating your QR, simply click the green button that says "Generate QR code"

5. Customize your QR code

You can make your QR code extra fancy by making it more personalized to your taste. You can add a logo, frame, set the design patterns of your choice, etc. 

6. Do a scan test

Before you download and print your social media QR code, make sure to do a scan test first if it correctly redirects to your social media profiles. 

7. Download, print and deploy

After doing a scan test of your QR code, you can now download and print it to your marketing materials and even distribute them online! 


The approach of Social Media QR Code has a variety of uses, and its usefulness will keep on increasing even more so to the coming years. 

In fact, it is now gaining enormous momentum at a very rapid pace, which brings added value to everything. 

Furthermore, you can also make a customized QR code! It’s a great tool for your brand and for the marketing of your company.

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