Best free QR code generator in 2022

Last updated:   January 13, 2022

One of the best free QR Code generators available on the internet is QRTIGER. Just at the beginning of the year, it has been featured as “20 Best Free Marketing SaaS Tools and Platforms for Your Business!” in! 

QRTIGER QR Code generator provides you an overall and complete customization experience and control over your QR Code campaigns.

It has high-grade data tracking and gives you real-time editing feature along with its re-targeting, and produces a professional and high-quality custom-made QR code. 

In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into QRTIGER’s features, but firstly, let me teach you a thorough guide on what makes a QR Code Generator the ideal and best one to choose.

Let’s dive into its must-have features! 

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How to find the Best Free QR Code Generator Online? 8 important steps!

1. Do your research first 

Finding the best QR code generator online that will suit all your needs is not that simple.

Sometimes, looking for the right service is a painstaking process and requires a lot of searching and try-outs before you can find the ideal one. That’s why it is best to do your research first. 

If you were to Google on the internet for a QR Code Generator that you can use, chances are, you are going to encounter lots of them.

It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. But what sets apart the Best QR Code generator from the ordinary one? That is- its ability to deliver high quality and actual results. 

So, therefore, it is of utmost importance to do your updated research when it comes to finding the Best QR Code Generator online.

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2. Credibility

The credibility of a QR code generator is a MUST and should never be discounted. Using an unreliable QR Code generator could put your privacy in danger, by using your private data behind the content of your QR code! 

The trustworthiness and security of the QR code generator you use should be essentially considered. 
Finding the right QR code generator online that you can use, it is vital that you go through and read blog articles, unbiased reviews, recommendations as this will serve as an indicator of the performance, quality, and credibility of the QR code generator. 

Furthermore, it is crucial that they set a good reputation apart from the rest and has a considerable amount of trusted users.

3. Is the QR code generator regularly updating?

No one wants to use a QR code generator that looks old and outdated. You need a QR code software that is fast, effective, and easy to use that will allow the user to have a premium experience during their QR code marketing campaign.

You need the best QR code generator that is continually innovating and updating every now and then, that aims to satisfy customers' needs and won’t lead you to any non-functioning QR codes. 

4. Efficient customer support

Customer support is critical when it comes to choosing the ideal and best QR code generator online. If you use a QR code generator that fails to offer you customer support in case you will be needing help for your QR code campaigns or using your solution, you will only end up wasting your money, time, and effort. 

First, try reaching out to the company via chat or email and see how responsive they can be to your queries.

This will give you a sense of how much support and how efficient their customer support is by providing you direct answers and solutions. 

This way, you will know what you can expect in case you encounter any issue or problem throughout your QR code marketing campaign.

If you need to reach QRTIGER’s support team, you can directly contact us on our website.

5. Conversion Tracking Capacity

Conversion tracking only works with Dynamic QR Code generators online. Most of the QR code producing software offers this-but- not ALL provides accurate conversion tracking capacity. 

Tracking is of GREAT IMPORTANCE. If you’re doing your business and you are not keeping on track of your QR code scans, then you are just definitely wasting money and leaving all the sales opportunities to your competitors. 

The ideal and best QR code software should provide you accurate data with real-time conversion tracking capacity, that enables you to track your overall number of scans, the location to where you get the most scans, and users device type. 

Are your scanners using an iPhone or android? At what particular time do you get the highest sales or scans? Which among of your goods or products are failing? Or do you need to do more advertising campaigns? What action should you take?

With Dynamic QR code generator, you will get valuable insights into these things like which of your data campaign are getting the most scans or the ones that are not doing good enough. 

Furthermore, you can also track the exact GPS of your QR code that is scanned. Dynamic QR code generator helps you to analyze the profile of your targeted customers in various countries, cities, regions down to areas.

The best QR code generator will provide all of the qualities mentioned above, as this will serve as your metric in tracking the overall success of your QR code marketing!

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6. Multiple Designing Options

Best Free QR Code Generator for Custom QR codes

My friend, long gone are the days for monochromatic QR codes because now, modern QR code generators allow you to customize and add creativity on your QR code according to your aim, style, brand theme, and so on. 

There are dozens of QR code generators available online that offer such, but the right software should provide you professional customization and high-quality QR codes. 

For example, you can choose colors, add a gradient effect, choose patterns, eyes, add an image or a logo, and design your QR code to make them look attractive wherever you place them.

It could be in your products, website, brochures, catalogs, magazines, or posters.

With all of these things being said, QRTIGER allows you to tailor-made your QR codes by:
• Choosing different design patterns

• Customizing eyes at the corners

• Add a logo or image of your brand/product. 

And what’s even greater? You can still customize your QR Code even if it is Static! (which is for free) 

A customized QR code stands out from the rest than the regular looking ones. It gives your brand or product an edge and identity apart from the rest and provides your target audience something to engage more with your brand.

7. Download Different Formats

The ideal QR Code Generator should allow you to print high-quality and standard QR codes for distribution among your customers.

For instance, if you are a pastry chef and you run your own pastry shop, you can print a dynamic QR Code on your menu or even placing it on the wall of your business establishment.

You can provide additional information about your business using a dynamic QR Code.

For example, you can link your QR code to a video about the history of your shop and how you started. Or a simple video presentation on how you bake cookies, cakes, desserts, and the likes! Showing your skills improves your credibility and will lead you to potential customers!

Thereby, a QR code generator should allow users to download QR codes in raster formats like JPG, SVG, PDF, PNG, etc.

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8. Make a comparison between feature and prices 

Most QR Code generators software list out their features and prices, which makes it convenient and easier for you to decide and make a comparison which QR Code generator should you use that suits your purpose and needs. 

If you look for QR Code generators online, most of them just offer subscription annually. But QRTIGER understands that a user might only be needing it like maybe for one month or six for special occasions, events, or activities.

So to make it convenient for customers, it offers you monthly and annual subscriptions. 

Furthermore, it offers you a reasonable price yet produces outstanding, high caliber QR Codes of all types. 

All-Important Features of the Best free QR Code Generator Online

Free QR Code Generator with Logo or Static QR Code 

Static QR code with a logo is a must-have. If you want to generate your Free QR Code generator with a logo quickly and efficiently while allowing you to have multiple designing options upfront, QRTIGER provides this for you. 

You can customize the pattern that you want, the eyes, the colors, and add your logo or image! You can do that even if the static QR Code is free!

Furthermore, you can create static QR codes for as many as you want. Yes, you read that right. Even more so, your QR code will never expire. 

Unlimited scans of the QR Code

Imagine this: You’ve created a QR Code, but after ten scans, you get redirected to an error page. Say you’ve already printed this QR Code on your print material, magazine, catalog, or posters, then having a broken link is only a total waste of effort and money. 

QRTIGER QR code generator offers you unlimited scans of the QR code your create. 

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Editable QR Code or Dynamic QR Code

Dynamic QR Codes allow you to change or update the data behind your QR Code and link it to a different URL address even after you have printed your QR codes. You don’t need to re-print or generate a new QR code. Not only this save you time, but also your money! 

This allows you to re-use it, make adjustments even if your marketing campaign is running and track the data of scans!
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Bulk QR Code Generator 

What if you need hundreds and thousands of QR codes? For example, you need to create 5000 QR codes for your products, or an event, or a seminar? What will you do?

Well, my friend, great news for you because you don’t have to create thousands of it and do it manually! The emergence of dynamic QR code generators has made it all possible to generate QR codes in bulk.

Users can quickly create hundreds and thousands of QR codes, all at once with ease, encoded with the appropriate and right information.

You can use QRTIGER’s CSV template to find the page to create QR codes in bulk or, secondly, enter how many QR codes you want to create using the same URL but having different unique QR codes. 

A Bulk QR code comes in handy if you need to generate unique QR codes or need to create QR codes of many different URLs.
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Basic and Advanced CustomizationsBest Free QR Code Generator for Customizations

The days of monochromatic QR code colors are over because modern QR code generators allow you to customize your QR code.

The best QR code generator with a logo should enable you to design your QR code, such as setting the colors, the pattern, the eyes, and the overall appearance of your QR code even if it's static. You can do this using the best free QR code generator online. 

API QR Code Generator

A custom QR code API offers a professional solution for businesses and brands that need to have customized QR code templates with a robust data tracking system. Dynamic QR codes or bulk QR codes have QR codes integrated into their Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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QR Code Generator with a robust tracking system and data analytics + Google Analytics 

QRTIGER offers a powerful analytics dashboard and collects the following data:
• Time Chart

 You can filter your data day by day by week month or years and hit the "download" button to download CSV file

• Device Chart

 You can see the time chart, and you can see when people scan your QR Code and the type of device they used

• Map Chart

The map chart gives you a comprehensive and better view from anywhere in the world where people have scanned your QR Code! 

• Number of Scans, Location, and Device

undefinedQRTIGER QR Code generator, when connected to Google Analytics, gives you valuable and more profound insights about every visitors on your website such as the device that they use to access your site, which browser, the demographics, and if users leave their contact information

Subscription Types Available in QRTIGER

Multiple QR code generator online software offers some features for free. Now, these are all okay for one-time usage or personal use. 

However, to ensure that your QR code marketing campaigns are covered with immense security, editable, and is trackable, you need to look at some premium QR code generators that will surely provide and deliver. 

In QRTIGER QR Code Generator, there are four types of subscription you can choose which includes:

• Free 

• Regular 

• Premium 

• Advanced 

Each QR Code generator has unique functions, and you can choose which subscription type best suits you! 

What is the difference between Free QR Code Generators and Premium QR Code Generators? 

There are multiple free QR code generators online that offer some features for free. Now, these are totally okay for one-time use. 

But to ensure that your QR code marketing campaigns are safeguarded, trackable, and editable even after printing, it is highly recommended that you use a premium QR code generator.

There have been some instances of QR Code failure brought by unaccredited QR code generators.

Take Continental Airlines, for example. The well-known corporation had a QR code fiasco when flight magazines weren’t accessible during the flight. The failure occurs when the data of the QR code fails to display.

What Types of QR Code Features you can generate in QRTIGER? 

URL QR CodeBest Free QR Code Generator For URL QR Code

Generate a QR code for your website or any landing page you want your scanners to be redirected. Update your URL QR code to a different URL address by using a Dynamic QR Code.

You can also choose to generate your URL QR code in static mode. 

V-Card QR Code Best Free QR Code Generator Vcards

V-card QR code is greatly relevant for any business card. Your potential clients can straight away connect with you on your professional social media accounts like LinkedIn, Google, Instagram, Twitter in a scan.

Furthermore, they can save all of the essential information in their smartphones right away.

File QR CodeBest Free QR Code Generator File QR Code

This feature allows end-users to download PDF, Jpeg, PNG, MP3, MP4, etc. when your QR code is scanned. This is a convenient way to save the information directly on their smartphones.

This is super useful in cataloging or sharing different types of information right away. Related: How to create a video QR Code

Social Media QR Code

Who doesn’t even have a single social media account in this modern era? Everyone does, right? And there’s no denying on that. Using a social media QR code will have your social media channels roll into one.

Best Free QR Code Generator Social Media QR Code

If you’re a businessman, marketer, social media influencer, a social media QR code is essential for an easy follow on your social media pages. It grows your reach a thousand fold in just a short time.  

H5 Editor

This allows you to make a straight web page about your product or any services you provide. Simply put, finding more information about your products makes it easy for customers easy in one scan.


You can generate your WIFI QR Code for free. This will give your customers direct access to the internet when they scan the code. They don’t need to type out long passwords, which creates a much better customer experience.

Best Free QR Code Generator Wifi QR Code Generator

App Store QR CodeBest Free QR Code Generator App Store QR Code

App Store QR code is an excellent marketing app strategy. It redirects the scanner to Google play or the App-store depending on what device he uses to download your app straight. 

Multi-URL QR Code

This feature will redirect the end-user to a specific webpage based on their geographical location, time, etc. Multi- URL QR code is made particularly for businesses and companies who want to run marketing campaigns on a global scale. 

Best Free QR Code Generator Multi URL QR Code

MP3 QR Code

Link your QR Code directly to a soundtrack using MP3 QR code. This can be useful for music event organizers to let their prospective attendees have an idea of the music fest event genre. 

Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Email

Create a profile QR Code for your social media sites that you like to grow. You can also choose to make it Static or Dynamic. 

Text QR CodeYou can make a simple text like a greeting on your customer or to someone when they scan a text QR Code. 

So what is the best QR Code Generator for you?

QRTIGER produces any types of QR codes. Thus it offers you a one-stop-shop for your QR code needs. Moreover, it has multiple added features. 

The must-have features that you need to create your QR code are available all in QRTIGER software. It is foreseen to be the best QR code software for businesses and marketers around the world. 


What do you mean by QR Code Marketing?

QR code marketing is one of the most used marketing techniques used mostly by marketers, business people, and almost all industries around the globe like prominent brands in different industries like Nestle, Kitkat, Louis Vuitton, and the likes. 

Now the challenge for businesses is how to create a ground-breaking QR code campaign, which will leave an outstanding impact on their target-costumers.

That’s why it is a significant decision, along with making your QR code that you use the right QR code generator with all of the qualities mentioned above. 

Why do you need a QR code generator?

You need a QR code generator to create your QR code so you can get started with your QR code marketing campaign.

Choose a QR code generator that is easy to use without needing you to have any prior technical knowledge about it. Furthermore, it is also important that it produces high-quality, customizable QR codes like QRTIGER. 

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What is a dynamic QR code generator?

A dynamic QR Code Generator enables you to create trackable and editable QR codes. Using a Dynamic QR Code, you can change the URL of your QR code to another URL anytime you want even after having them deployed. 

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Are QR Code generators free to use?

Most of the QR code generators online allow you to create free static QR code while Dynamic QR code generators will require you an active subscription.

With QRTIGER's dynamic QR code generator, the software will allow you to have an overall experience with your QR code and meets your expectations more than you pay for. 

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Will I get unlimited QR Code scans?

For most QR code generators that offer you to create a free QR code, they will tend to have a maximum limit of scans, and after that, the QR code won’t be able to cater scans anymore. But the best QR code generator offers you unlimited scans feature. 

Can I integrate my Dynamic QR code generator with Google Analytics to track the scans?

If you decide to use QR code as a part of your marketing technique, it is crucial to keep track of all of your QR code scans.

This will enable you to analyze your results from time to time, allowing you to formulate a more successful marketing technique.

Even more so, a QR code generator integrated with Google analytics will give you even more in-depth data about the profile of your scanners. 

Is the QR Code Generator safe to use?

Besides the features that a QR code generator can provide, it is also very important to keep in mind that the best QR code generator should be credible and trustworthy. It should guarantee to secure and protect the data behind your QR code.

The more secure and safeguarded your QR codes are, the better will be the image of your brand among the users. A QR code generator that has been around for years nevertheless is continuously innovating and updating, is the best QR code generator to use.

Moreover, it is important to see that established brands and companies trust them as this will serve as a barometer that a QR code generator is indeed worthy of using.

QRTIGER QR code generator offers enterprise-level security and is trusted by big brands like Ford, Yakult, Midea, Universal, YOUR M&S, etc. 

Why should I customize my QR Codes?

A customized QR code stands out from the usual black and white QR code. It gives your brand an identity that will help your company even more recognizable.

A customized QR code grabs attention quickly and is more visually attractive.

Designing your QR code is important for your campaign, as it will garner more conversion rates! Choose the best QR code generator that will allow you to customize your QR codes according to your needs. 

Can I manage my QR code campaigns?

Not only is it important that you can generate your customized QR code, but it is also important that you can track your QR code marketing campaign in real-time.

One of the essential parts of the QR code marketing strategy is to be able to create a relatable and comprehensive campaign for your QR codes.

If a QR code generator allows you to instantly generate and launch your QR marketing campaign along with the instant making of QR codes, then that would be the best QR code generator you should use. 

Can I retarget users who have scanned my QR Code?

One of the best and most essential marketing applications of QR codes is its capacity to retarget customers. The best Qr code generator does not only allow you to track data of scans but also will assist and help you to get leads of your scanners who have scanned your QR codes and retarget them accordingly. 

Generate your free dynamic QR code today with the best QR code generator! 

QR codes have become a vital part when it comes to business, sharing direct information and marketing while adding more value to different forms of services, products, or whatever you may have to offer by showcasing them extensive information through a digital portal! 

It provides value back to the customers by making something more accessible and simple by connecting beneficial information online-- back to a physical location. 

This will make them likely to purchase more, interact, and remember your brand, products, or service in a positive light! 
A QR code software with a logo could be your next winning marketing strategy today!