Best free QR code generator in 2022

Last updated:   June 28, 2022

QRTIGER is known as one of the most popular free QR Code generators on the web. In fact, it was hailed one of the “20 Best Free Marketing SaaS Tools and Platforms for Your Business!” just at the start of the year

The QRTIGER QR Code generator gives you total control over your QR Code campaigns and allows you to customize everything about them.

It offers high-quality data tracking and real-time editing capabilities and retargeting and generates a professional and high-quality custom-made QR code. 

We’ll go over the features of QRTIGER in greater detail in this article, but first, let me give you a comprehensive overview of what makes a QR code generator the most acceptable option.

Let’s have a look at the qualities that you really must have! 

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How to find the Best Free QR Code Generator Online?

Do your research first

best free qr code generator

It’s not easy to find the perfect QR code generator online that meets all your requirements.

Finding the proper service can be a time-consuming process requiring a lot of searching and trial-and-error before you locate the best one. That is why it is best to conduct the preliminary study.

If you browse the internet for a QR code generator, you will most likely come across many of them.

It’s just like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But what distinguishes the Best QR Code Generator from the rest? That is, its ability to deliver high-quality, real-world results.

As a result, it is critical to conduct a current study when looking for the Best QR Code Generator on the internet.

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A QR code generator’s credibility is critical and should never be overlooked.

Using a shady QR Code generator could jeopardize your privacy by exposing your personal information hidden behind the QR code’s content!

credible qr code generator

The reliability and security of the QR code generator you employ should be taken into account.

When looking for a QR code generator to utilize online, it is critical to read blog articles, unbiased reviews, and suggestions as this will serve as an indicator of the QR code generator’s performance, quality, and credibility.

Furthermore, it is critical that they distinguish themselves from the competition by having a large number of trusted users.

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Is the QR code generator regularly updating?

Nobody wants to use an old and out-of-date QR code generator. You’ll need QR code software that’s quick, effective, and simple to use so that users can get the most out of their QR code marketing campaign.

You’ll need to have the best QR code generator, constantly inventing and updating, one that seeks to meet the wants of clients, and one that won’t lead to any non-working QR codes.

Efficient customer support

customer support

When it comes to finding the best QR code generator online, customer service is crucial. If you pick a QR code generator that does not provide customer support if you require assistance with your QR code campaigns or solution, you will be squandering your money, time, and effort.

Firstly, try contacting the firm through chat or email to see how quickly they respond to your questions.

This will give you an idea of how helpful and efficient their customer service is by providing you with direct responses and solutions.

This way, you’ll know what to expect if you run into any problems or issues during your QR code marketing campaign.

You can contact QRTIGER’s customer service staff directly through our website.

Various Designing Options

Modern QR code generators allow you to modify and add originality to your QR code based on your goal, style, brand theme, and other factors.

multiple design qr code

There are thousands of QR code generators accessible online that may help you do this, but the correct software should allow you to customize your codes professionally and generate high-quality QR codes.

You can, for example, choose colors, add a gradient effect, choose patterns, add eyes, add an image or a logo, and design your QR code to make it appealing wherever it is placed.

It could be on your products, website, brochures, catalogs, magazines, or posters, among other places.

With all of these things being said, QRTIGER allows you to tailor-made your QR codes by:

Choosing different design patterns

• Customizing eyes at the corners

• Add a logo or image of your brand/product. 

And what’s even greater? You can still customize your QR Code even if it is Static!

A unique QR code sticks out from the crowd. It distinguishes your brand or product from the competition and gives your target audience a reason to interact with it more.

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Download Different Formats

QR code formats

The perfect QR Code Generator should enable you to produce high-quality, standard QR codes to distribute to your consumers.

For example, if you are a pastry chef who owns and operates a pastry store, you can include a dynamic QR Code on your menu or even on the wall of your business.

A dynamic QR Code can be used to convey additional information about your company.

You could, for example, link your QR code to a film explaining your shop’s history and how it got started. Alternatively, an easy video demonstration of making cookies, cakes, desserts, and other baked goods!

Demonstrating your abilities enhances your credibility and leads to possible consumers!

Thereby, a QR code generator should allow users to download QR codes in raster formats like JPG, SVG, PDF, PNG, etc.

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QR Code Solutions That Can Be Generated for Free

QR codes are classified into two types: static QR codes and dynamic QR codes, both of which are used in the same way. Dynamic QR codes require a premium account to generate, whereas static QR codes can be created for free.

Let’s take a look at some of the free QR code solutions available.

URL QR Code (can be static or dynamic)

url qr code

Make a QR code for your website or any landing page where you want your scanners to go. Using a Dynamic QR Code, you may change the URL of your URL QR code.

WIFI QR Code (static)

wifi qr codes

Your WIFI QR Code can be generated for free. When your customers scan the code, they will have direct access to the internet.

They don’t have to write long passwords, which improves the customer experience significantly.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest (can be static or dynamic)

Make a QR code for each social networking site you want to expand. You have the option of making it static or dynamic.

Email QR Codes

email qr codes

An email QR code redirects scanners to your email address, where they can leave you a message right away.

Text QR Code

text qr code

A text QR code embeds texts, and numbers and you can encode words, numbers, and even punctuation marks and emojis. It can fit up to 1268 characters long! You can also generate your text QR codes in bulk.

The Advantages of A Free QR Code By QRTIGER QR Code Generator

Several free QR code generators can be found on the internet. The best and perfect QR code generator with a logo is one that allows you to personalize and produce it even if your QR code is static.

These are some of the finest things you can get if you design a QR code for free:

Logo-free QR code

logo qr code

It is essential to have a static QR code with branding. QRTIGER can help you create a Free QR Code generator with a logo fast and efficiently while also allowing you to choose from various design possibilities.

You may choose your pattern, eyes, and colors, as well as add your brand or image! Even if the static QR Code is free, you can still do it. 

You can also make as many static QR codes as you like. That’s right, you read correctly. Your QR code will never expire, which is a bonus.

QR code generator with unlimited scans

With QRTIGER QR code generator's static QR code solution, users can enjoy an unlimited scan of their QR code and it will never expire. 

Eight distinct QR code solutions to choose from. (URL, WIFI, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Email, and Text QR code)

With our QR code generator, users can generate up to eight different QR code solutions for free.

What Are the Benefits of Using Dynamic QR Codes?

You can alter your data within the same QR code and replace it with new data using a dynamic QR code.

If you utilize this method, you won’t need to produce a new QR code.

If you redirect your URL to a YouTube video, you may use the same QR to turn it to another URL, such as your website.

Dynamic QR codes can also keep track of the information included in your QR code.

dynamic qr code

The following are some of the features of the dynamic QR code:

  • Editable in content
  • Scans are trackable
  • Password protected feature
  • Email Scan Notification
  • Expiry Feature
  • Integration to google tag manager feature
  • Integration with Google Analytics

Useful QR Code Solutions That You Can Generate in Dynamic QR Code

URL QR Codes

The most well-known use of QR codes is creating link directories. The user can use a QR code scanner app or their smartphone’s built-in camera to scan the QR code.

QR codes can be used in various ways, including websites, brochures, flyers, catalogs, business cards, education, and store windows.

vCard QR Code

vcard qr codes

QR codes on business cards are required to engage with potential customers, investors, and business partners. To promote your company’s credentials to other businesses, it’s crucial to do so.

QR codes for business cards may be your best weapon for staying ahead of the competition as the race for smart and professional business cards heats up.

The space provided by a conventional business card template is insufficient because the information required on a business card can be lengthy.

To avoid this problem, you can keep your basic information and generate a QR code that can be added to your vCard without taking up too much space.

A business card can be created with a dynamic QR code. A lot of data is needed to encrypt and embed information into a QR code.

File QR Codes

file qr code

According to the user and how they use them, QR codes for files have varying levels of utility.

It is easy to keep track of how many files you have by saving and sharing them with friends, classmates, and colleagues who share your interests because it is so simple to do.

Unlike static QR codes, file QR codes are dynamic because they require the quick uploading or saving of too large files for static QR codes to manage.

Social Media QR Codes

social media qr code

QR codes have been a popular way to attract more followers and subscribers as social media has grown popular.

Among the social media, QR codes are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

If you create a QR code for your social media account, people will have no trouble finding it in the search bar of social networking sites.

menu qr code

After scanning a menu QR code, diners will receive a digital menu that will appear on their cellphones once they’ve scanned the menu’s QR code.

Menu Tiger is an interactive restaurant menu QR code software from QRTIGER that may help you improve your restaurant operations by providing you with a more advanced and economical restaurant menu system.

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H5 QR Code

h5 qr codes

QR codes with the H5 editor are interactive QR codes that allow users to create their own direct web pages. For your events, you won’t need any commercialized host domains.

In the case of mobile browsers, H5 refers to the mobile versions of websites. The most common application for an H5 page is to advertise upcoming events and products.

Multi-URL QR Code

This type of QR code embeds multiple URLs in one QR and is used to route and reroute people based on their:

  • Time – You may direct clients to different apps, websites, and other portals depending on the time of day.
multi-url qr code time feature

  • Location – To redirect users, these QR code features can be utilized to determine their geographical or geo-locational position.
multi-url qr code location feature

  • Number of Scans – After a specific number of scans, the QR code’s URL direction changes over time. For various marketing personas, this could be a great way to promote yourself.
multi-url qr code number of scans feature

You can choose how many scans you want when you customize it, as it is a dynamic QR code.

  • Language – By developing distinct and independent landing pages for different types of audiences, you may utilize a single QR code to sell your products, items, or anything else you have to offer.
multi-url qr code language feature

Note: There should only be one QR code per Multi-URL QR code feature.

This can be used in businesses that wish to run worldwide campaigns to reach consumers all over the world with a wide range of products, services, and websites.

Moreover, because you won’t have to deal with regional language difficulties, this is a straightforward approach to get started with global marketing because it’s a quick way to get started.

App Stores QR Codes

app stores qr code

To redirect scanners to download an app on both Android and iPhone devices, the App Stores QR code is the solution. 

Mp3 QR Codes

mp3 qr code

An MP3 QR code is a type of QR code with audio embedded in it.

Instead of downloading streaming software for the audio, people may listen to the track right away by scanning it using the scan and view function.

QRTIGER’s Dynamic QR Code Solution Integration To Other Apps



Your favorite apps, such as Trello, Gmail, Slack, QR code generator, Mailchimp, and many others may be connected with Zapier using online automation tools.

You may use this tool to connect two or more apps of your choice to automate repetitive operations without having to code or rely on software developers to do it for you.



Zapier allows you to link up to 2000 apps or software to create a seamless and simple workflow that allows you to concentrate on more important activities.

Google QR Code Analytics

You can use QR code analytics to keep track of your QR code statistics. With analytics, you can also track the scans of QR codes in real-time while simultaneously optimizing your marketing strategy.

API QR Code Generator

A professional solution for organizations and brands that require customized QR code templates with a sophisticated data tracking system is a custom QR code API.

QR codes are linked into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with dynamic QR codes or bulk QR codes.

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Google Analytics + QR Code Generator with a strong tracking mechanism

QRTIGER comes with a robust analytics dashboard that gathers the following information:

• Time Chart

google analytics time chart

You can filter your data by day, week, month, or year, and then click “download” to get a CSV file.

• Device Chart

google analytics device chart

You can see the graph of time and when individuals scanned your QR Code and what device they used.

• Map Chart

google analytics map chart

From any place in the world where people have scanned your QR Code, the map chart gives you a complete and superior look!

• Number of Scans, Location, and Device

number of scans, location, and device analytics

QRTIGER QR Code generator has an integration with Google Analytics and provides you with valuable and in-depth information about each visitor to your website.

Furthermore, it also includes the device they use to access your site, the browser they use, demographics, and whether or not they leave their contact information.

Subscription Types Available in QRTIGER for Dynamic QR Codes

Some aspects of multiple QR code generator online programs are available for free. All of them are now acceptable for one-time or personal use.

QRTIGER subscription

To ensure that your QR code marketing campaigns are secure, customizable, and trackable, you should check into some premium QR code generators that will undoubtedly provide and deliver.

There are four types of subscriptions available in the QRTIGER QR Code Generator, including:

  • Free 
  • Regular 
  • Premium 
  • Advanced 

Each QR Code generator has its own set of features, and you can pick the membership plan that best fits your needs.

Comparison of the best QR code generators online today

Comparison of the best QR code generators online

Difference between free and paid QR code generators?

Several free QR code generators are available on the internet, each with its own set of features. For one-time use, these are completely fine. The free QR code generator is strongly recommended. 

However, suppose you have a premium account from our QR code generator.

In that case, it can ensure that your QR code marketing campaigns are secure, trackable, and customizable even after they have been printed.

Unlicensed QR code generators have caused inevitable QR code failures.

Take, for example, Continental Airlines. The well-known company experienced a QR code disaster when flight magazines were unavailable throughout the journey.

The issue occurs when the data from the QR code does not appear.

Which QR Code Generator is best for you?

Any sort of QR code can be created with QRTIGER. The result is that it is a one-stop-shop for all your QR code needs. There are a number of other characteristics as well.

best qr code generator

The software QRTIGER offers all of the features you’ll need to create a QR code. For businesses and marketers worldwide, it is believed to be the most effective QR code software.

Furthermore, QRTIGER is continually looking for innovative ways to integrate its software with the most popular platforms.

This QR code maker and scanner software are quite famous in respective play stores. Integrations into CRMs and other systems are also something they do.

Customers may also rest certain that their data is safe with QRTIGER because it is ISO 27001 certified.

Today, generate your free dynamic QR code with the best free QR code generator

QR codes have become an essential aspect of business, offering direct information and marketing while also giving more value to various types of services, products, or anything you have to offer by exhibiting rich information through a digital gateway. 

It gives clients value by making something more accessible and straightforward by integrating useful real-time information. 

They’ll be more inclined to buy more, interact with you, and remember your brand, products, or service positively as a result of this!

Your next effective marketing approach might be QR code software with a logo right now. 


What do you mean by QR Code Marketing?

QR code marketing is a popular marketing approach utilized by marketers, businesspeople, and practically all industries around the world, including well-known companies such as Nestle, Kitkat, Louis Vuitton, and others.

The challenge for firms now is to develop a ground-breaking QR code strategy that will make a lasting impression on their target customers.

As a result, choosing the correct QR code generator with all of the attributes listed above, in addition to creating your QR code, is critical.

Why do you need a QR code generator?

To get started with your QR code marketing campaign, you’ll need to use a QR code generator to make your QR code.

Find a suitable QR code generator that is simple to use and does not require any technological expertise. It’s also crucial that it, like QRTIGER, generates high-quality, customizable QR codes.

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What is a dynamic QR code generator?

You may produce trackable and editable QR codes with a dynamic QR Code Generator. You can modify the URL of your QR code to another URL at any time after it has been published using a Dynamic QR Code.

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Are QR Code generators free to use?

The majority of online QR code generators allow you to make static QR codes for free, whereas dynamic QR code generators demand an ongoing subscription.

With QRTIGER’s dynamic QR code generator, you’ll be able to have a better overall experience with your QR code and get more value for your money.

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Will I get unlimited QR Code scans?

Most free QR code generators include a maximum number of scans, after which the QR code will no longer be able to accommodate scans. The finest QR code generator, on the other hand, allows you to scan as many times as you like.

Can I integrate my Dynamic QR code generator with Google Analytics to track the scans?

It’s critical to maintain track of all QR code scans if you decide to employ QR codes as part of your marketing strategy.

This will allow you to assess your outcomes regularly, allowing you to develop a more effective marketing strategy.

Also, a QR code generator coupled with Google Analytics will provide you with even more detailed information about the scanner profile.

Is the QR Code Generator safe to use?

Aside from the advantages that a QR code generator can offer, it’s also critical to remember that the greatest QR code generator is genuine and trustworthy. It should ensure that the data behind your QR code is secure and protected.

The more secure and protected your QR codes are, the better your brand’s image among users. The finest QR code generator to use has been around for a long time yet is still constantly invented and updated.

Furthermore, it is critical to see that known brands and companies trust them since this will gauge whether or not a QR code generator is worthwhile to use.

Big brands like Ford, Yakult, Midea, Universal, YOUR M&S, and others trust the QRTIGER QR code generator because it provides enterprise-level security.

Why should I customize my QR Codes?

Unlike the standard black and white QR code, a customized QR code sticks out. It offers your company’s brand identity, making it more identifiable.

A QR code that has been personalized attracts attention more rapidly and is more visually appealing.

The design of your QR code is critical to the success of your campaign because it will increase conversion rates. Select the best QR code generator that allows you to modify your QR codes to meet your specific requirements.

Can I manage my QR code campaigns?

Also, should you be able to create your QR code, you should also track the progress of your QR code marketing campaign in real-time.

The ability to design a relatable and thorough campaign for your QR codes is an essential aspect of your QR code marketing plan.

The ideal QR code generator to use allows you to create and launch your QR marketing campaign and create QR codes instantaneously.

Can I retarget users who have scanned my QR Code?

The ability of QR codes to retarget clients is one of the best and most important marketing uses. The best QR code generator will not only help you track scan data but will also assist you in obtaining leads from your scanners who have scanned your QR codes and retargeting them appropriately.

Best free dynamic QR code generator 

QRTIGER also generates dynamic QR codes for free by availing of the trial version. To try, go to and subscribe to the free version. 

Dynamic QR code is usually paid for advanced QR code solutions and features compared to static QR codes.

brands using qr codes