Make Free QR Codes With QR TIGER: Fast and Easy

Update:  January 22, 2024
Make Free QR Codes With QR TIGER: Fast and Easy

On a hunt for the best QR code generator for free? Look no further.

QR TIGER is an all-in-one QR code maker where you can make free and customized QR codes. Our QR code software offers a variety of solutions, from basic to advanced features. 

Read on to learn more about QR codes and how to make your own for free.

Step-by-step guide on how to create a free QR code

Choose a free QR code generator with a logo

Using a QR code free generator, you can create your own customized QR codes with your own logo. You can do this by using a static QR code solution.

Enter the necessary data 

After deciding on the category you want, type the URL or other required information into the box.

Click on Generate static QR code

A static QR code is entirely free to use and can be scanned countless times, but once they’re encoded, you can’t change the data behind them.

Data is frequently contained in the images of this type of programming, so the more information you have, the more pixelated it becomes.

Dynamic QR codes, however, can be used to track and edit data.

However, creating dynamic QR codes necessitates the purchase of a subscription.

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Customize your QR code

Add your brand’s logo or image, play with colors, select eye-catching patterns, designs, layouts, and so on.

This will assist you in creating, reflecting, or aligning your QR code with your company’s logo.

You can also save your free QR code as a template that you can use again and again or delete at any moment.

Download your QR Code in any types of format

You should generate high-quality, standard QR codes with the best QR Code software.

As a result, users should download QR codes in raster formats such as JPG, SVG, PDF, PNG, and others.

It allows you to download your QR code as PNG or SVG in static mode.

It’s vital to realize that you can’t change the URL behind your QR code if you use a static QR code.

Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, can be edited even once they’ve been printed, and the user can track the scans.

Once you’ve created one, you can’t move from a static to a dynamic QR code.

Both are different.

Always Test Your QR Code

After making your unique QR code, check and test it on multiple mobile devices to see if it works properly.

There are various methods for determining whether or not your QR code is operating correctly. QR code testing aims to ensure that your QR code is readable.

Distribute your QR Code

Ensure that your QR code is visible. Print your QR code on ads, posters, publications, or catalogs and post it anywhere people can see it.

Don’t forget to include a call-to-action in your QR code as well! “Scan Now” or “Scan to see a video!” are examples of CTAs.” This will result in an increase of 80% in scans.

Free QR code solutions

QR codes are divided into two categories: static and dynamic. A QR free generator offers static QR codes which you can create for free.

Static QR codes are also known as free QR codes, but dynamic QR codes require a premium membership.

Let’s look at some of the available free QR code options.

URL QR Code (can be static or dynamic)

Create a QR code for your website or any landing page where scanners will be directed. You can update the URL of your URL QR code with a dynamic QR Code.

You can also generate a URL QR code in bulk.

WIFI QR Code (static)

WiFi QR code

They don’t have to remember long passwords, significantly improving customer experience.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Email QR Codes (can be static or dynamic)

Social media QR code

Text QR Code

You can transmit simple information to your scanners and scans a text QR Code.

The benefits of a free QR code with QR TIGER QR code generator

There are several free QR codesoftware available on the internet.

Even if your QR code is static, the best and most advanced QR code maker with a logo is one that allows you to personalize and make it.

These are some of the best things you can get for free if you create a QR code:

QR codes with logo

A static QR code with branding is necessary.

QR TIGER QR code software can help you quickly and easily create a free QR code with a logo while providing several design options.

You have complete control over the pattern, eyes, and colors and the addition of your brand or picture! It’s possible to do it even if the static QR Code is free!

Make as many static QR codes as you want.

Yes, you read that correctly. An added benefit is that your QR code will never expire.

Unlimited scans

Consider this scenario: you’ve created a QR Code, but you’re directed to an error page after ten scans.

A malfunctioning link is a complete waste of time and money if you’ve already printed this QR Code on your print materials, magazine, catalog, or posters.

QR TIGER lets you scan a code as often as you like.

There are eight different QR code options to pick from

Our QR code software allows users to create up to eight distinct QR code solutions for free.

These free QR code solutions are URL, Wifi, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Email, and text QR codes.

Why are dynamic QR codes better than static QR codes?

Editable QR code

An editable QR code is a dynamic QR code, meaning it allows you to change the contents of your QR code even when the QR code is already printed.

Using this method, you won’t need to create a new QR code.

If you’re diverting it to a YouTube video, you may use the same QR code to redirect your scanners to another URL, such as your website.

Using a dynamic QR code, you may change your data and replace it with new data within the same QR code.

Trackable QR code

Users may also track their QR code scans with dynamic QR codes, which show real-time statistics, the device used by scanners to scan the QR code, and a map chart of the QR code scans, which shows where their scanners are coming from in greater detail.

Integration of QR code software to other apps

Listed below are the dynamic QR code solution integration to other apps:

  • Zapier
  • HubSpot
  • Google QR Code Analytics
  • API QR Code Software
  • Google Analytics + QR Code Software with a robust tracking mechanism

Some advanced features of dynamic QR code

The following are some of the dynamic QR code’s features:

  • Password protected feature
  • Email Scan Notification
  • Expiry Feature
  • Integration to google tag manager feature
  • Integration to Google Analytics
  • Helpful Dynamic QR code solutions
  • URL QR Codes
  • URL QR code- You can use a URL QR code for websites, brochures, flyers, catalogs, business cards, education, and retail windows.

When your target audience scans a URL QR code, they will be directed to a landing page online with information about your business, brand, or whatever you are promoting.

Helpful Dynamic QR code solutions

URL QR Codes

You can use a URL QR code for websites, brochures, flyers, catalogs, business cards, education, and retail windows.

When your target audience scans a URL QR code, they will be directed to a landing page online with information about your business, brand, or whatever you are promoting.

vCard QR Code

vCard QR code

To engage with potential consumers, investors, and business partners, QR codes on business cards are essential.

It’s critical to do so to showcase your company’s credentials to other businesses.

As the race for beautiful and professional business cards heats up, QR codes for business cards may be your best weapon for staying ahead of the competition.

Because the information necessary on a business card can be lengthy, the space supplied by a traditional business card template is insufficient.

To avoid this issue, preserve your basic information and create a QR code that you can add to your vCard without taking up too much space.

A dynamic QR code can be used to make a business card.

A large amount of data is required to encrypt and embed information into a QR code.

File QR Codes

QR codes for files allow you to digitize documents. When your target audience scans a file QR code, it allows her to view the file on her smartphone and download it right away.

Social Media QR Codes

social media QR code

When users scan this type of QR code, they will see all your social media handles where they can follow you instantly on any online platform.

A QR code for social media has become a popular tool to attract additional followers and subscribers.

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Menu QR Codes

Diners can view a digital menu after scanning a QR code on a menu, which will show on their cellphones once the QR code has been scanned.

MENU TIGER is QR TIGER’s interactive restaurant menu QR code software that can help you improve your restaurant’s operations by giving you a more advanced and cost-effective menu system. 

Landing page QR code (H5 QR code)

The H5 QR code editor allows users to create web pages. You won’t require any commercialized host domains for your events.

Multi URL QR Code

This type of QR code is used to route and redirect people based on their time, location, number of scans, and language.

• Time — You can redirect scanners to a landing based on a specific time you set.

• Location — This multi-URL QR code feature can redirect scanners to a landing page based on their location.

• Number of Scans — The QR code’s URL direction changes over time after a certain number of scans. This could be a terrific approach to promoting oneself for various marketing personas.

Because it is a dynamic QR code, you may select the number of scans you desire.

• Language — This can redirect scanners to a certain landing page based on their device’s language setup.

You can use a single QR code to sell your products, items, or whatever else you have to offer by creating separate and independent landing pages for different types of audiences.

Businesses can use this to build global campaigns to reach consumers worldwide with various products, services, and websites.

Additionally, because you won’t have to deal with regional language barriers, this is a simple method to start worldwide marketing.

App Stores QR Codes

The app stores QR code solution allows the scanner to download your mobile app without looking for it, which is great for mobile app marketing.

Mp3 QR Codes

A QR code that embeds audio is known as an MP3 QR code.

People can listen to music immediately instead of downloading streaming software for the audio by scanning it with the scan-and-see capability.

They can also download the audio file.

Create your customized QR codes with the QR TIGER today

Most online QR code platforms allow you to make QR codes for free.

QR TIGER is a QR code generator with free and advanced solutions that gives you various design and layout options for your QR code.

Your free QR codes will never expire, either.

You can also use the dynamic QR code solution to employ advanced QR solutions, such as editing your QR codes and seeing data in real-time.

You can also reach out to us our customer support now for additional information.

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