Best QR code software in 2022: A detailed chart comparison

Last updated:   July 11, 2022

It’s no secret that QR codes are becoming a thing for the future. To make one for your business, the use of the best QR code software is needed. 

With hundreds of QR code generators available, choosing the best one is can be a difficult task on which one to choose from. 

As you need to set different deciding parameters to select the best one to partner with, knowing which one will fit your QR code needs come first.  

But as the parameters can be endless, here are the following factors that you should consider in choosing the best QR code generator.    

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How to select the best QR code software?

There are ways in selecting the best QR code software, and with these means, you will know which one are can be trusted or not.

1. Always start with a software background check

qr code software

As trust and money are involved in choosing the best software, it is normal to more anxious with every decision you make.

Because of that, you need to know more about the product you are planning to get.

Since doing background checks can ease your doubt about a certain product or software, then starting with it is the best move for you.

By doing a background check, every anxious buyer can be sure that the product they buy is useful and of quality.

With the internet as one of the tools you need to do a thorough software background check, you can always start by saying “OK Google on your phone and say Best QR code software.” or type “best QR code software” in Google’s search bar. 

From there you can list down some of the best QR code software Google show in its search result. 

2. Check its credibility

qr code security

Once you have made a list of the QR code software, proceed in checking each software’s credibility.

There are various ways on how you can check each software’s credibility, and that means includes checking out its SSL certification, GDPR compliance, and the software’s interface itself.

When checking the software’s SSL certification, just look at the icon beside its domain address in the search bar. 

If the QR code software has a lock icon in it, then it has an up-to-date SSL certification that safeguards you from having your information leaked to hackers.

In terms of its GDPR credibility, you can use an online GDPR compliance checker that is available on the internet.

But as you check the software’s domain in the GDPR checker, the checker will tell you to wait for a few minutes before showing the results.

Thorough credibility checking is a serious business and if one ignores it, the security consequence it gives to you and your business heightens. 

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3. Frequency of Security Updates

As hackers always update their hacking tools with the latest security features reliable websites have, the web is also updating its means to lessen the having penetration they make to sites.

Because of that, we include this factor to ensure that the software you are choosing cares for its service and customers’ security welfare.

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4. Multiple data types to embed

One thing you should look at in choosing the best QR code software is its ability to support multiple data types conversion.

Whether you will need to convert a URL, a file, or a vCard into a QR code, it is recommended to use one software that has allows multiple data conversions.

Since you are going to partner with one software for a long time, it is important to have a QR code software that caters to all your need in converting one.

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5. Allowance of QR code design personalization

custom qr code

Since QR codes are present everywhere, distinguishing which one is yours is can be a difficult pursuit.

And without a distinct feature to brand your QR code as your own, people get confused with the code they are scanning.

Because of that, the software needs to allow QR code design personalization for QR code branding and recognition.

With the use of software with design customization allowance, established and starting brands can take the QR code as their own.

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6. Editable and Trackable QR code offers

qr code tracking

Since most of your partnering decisions are to make your business grow and dominate the market, it is important to have QR code software that offers editable and trackable QR codes for users.

For businesses will suffer more if they commit an irreversible mistake with their endeavors, having one that fixes these issues is a necessity for them.

In choosing a generator to create your QR codes with, tracking its performance is important. As they can point out which approach appeals more in a campaign, the use of trackable codes becomes an essential business part.

Because of that, it is important to select the best software that provides professional editable and trackable codes to businesses.

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7. Responsive Customer Service Support

If a question pops out your mind about how you will integrate the use of QR codes into your business, the first thing you always do is to contact the software’s customer support. 

But as almost all of your listed software have their own customer support system, finding one that responds immediately wins the game.

Since time is precious for all, wasting time is like lavishly spending your money on non-essential and useless things.

Essential QR code software features that you should look for

1. Limitless Static QR code offers

static qr codes

Static QR codes are the basic type of QR codes that QR code users usually enjoy.

Though this type of QR code only embeds two types of information, text, and URL, its use for personal matters is highly reflected.

As they provide free and unlimited usage for users, you need to look for software that provides this feature for free.

But as not all QR code software offers free static QR code generation, it is important to look at its FAQ thread to know if they offer the said feature.

One software that you can use in creating limitless and no expiry static QR codes is QRTIGER.

2. Trial use of Dynamic QR codes

For business QR code usage, the use of dynamic QR codes is stressed by most QR code experts.

As they are easy to implement and can change their data without the need of creating a new one, the use of dynamic QR codes is crucial for every campaign.

Aside from that, these type of QR codes allows you to track the number of scans and divide them into. 

And for you to get the hang of using them in your business, testing the feature first is necessary.

Because of that, the QR code maker needs to offer a trial use of the dynamic QR code generator for new users like you.

As they are editable and trackable, QR code makers need to give a free trial use of dynamic QR codes to those who want to try using them. 

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3. Bulk QR code generator

If your business specializes in producing multiple things at once, then the use of a bulk QR code generator is the right thing for you.

As manually creating QR codes takes more of your generation process, the use of a bulk QR code generator is perfect.

In QRTIGER’s bulk QR code generator, the solutions you can generate in bulk are text, URLs, and vCard. Each of which is mostly produced in bulk by companies that specialize in manufacturing. 

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4. API QR code generator

api qr code generator

When planning to integrate the use of QR codes into your system, incompatibilities with the software and yours sometimes happen. 

Because of that, QR code software should have the ability to adapt to changes with the use of API.

And with the use of the QR code API, businesses can rewrite the QR code’s information by personalizing its domain, design, and integrate it into their CRM programs, or in your in-house Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).  

5. Software Integrations to other pertinent software

Let’s face it, your business is using more than one automating processing software for inbound marketing, and make the most out of your marketing results.

As your business is dealing with hundreds of inquiries and transactions, the use of automated software is a must for you.

Whether you use HubSpot or Zapier in automating your operations, the ability to integrate your software with them is a great win for your business.

6. QR code software Google Analytics Integration

Since most business ads and services are mostly powered by Google, the software most businesses use to track their traffic is Google Analytics.

Because of that, an option to pair the software with Google Analytics is a must for most QR code users.

If the QR code maker doesn’t permit you to track your QR code’s performance in Google Analytics, then you are missing out on the real-time data tracking sequence in Google.

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Subscription plans that QRTIGER has to offer for professional businesses

QRTIGER is one of the best QR code software that provides professional and budget-friendly QR code generation processes for all.

And with its means of providing budget-friendly plans, they literally mean it. Its plans are divided into four notable plans, namely;

  • Free
  • Regular
  • Advanced
  • Premium

Each one of these plans functions uniquely, and you can choose which type best suits you and your company. 

Best QR code software in 2022: A detailed chart comparison

How to generate a QR code

There are 7 simple ways of generating a QR code. And that means the only thing you need is the material you need to convert and the QR code generator you are working with.

  • Open a QR code generator
  • Select the category of the data you want to convert
  • Fill in the required fields
  • Generate your QR code
  • Personalize and run a scan test 
  • Download your QR code
  • Place it in your marketing template and print it.

Start working with the best QR code software like QRTIGER today

Since there is a lot of QR code software on the internet today, finding the best one is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

But with the parameters given to make the most out of your software search, the results is can be rewarding for you and your business.

And if you are looking for a professional QR code software that can provide you with a budget and user-friendly solutions, the use of the best QR code generator with a logo like QRTIGER is the best software you can use.

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