How to Build Your Brand Identity With Branded QR Codes

Last updated:   March 01, 2023

Creating a unique and strong brand identity or visual identity for your business plays a key factor to your business success in the long run.

However, to stand-out in the market’s fierce competition, QR codes can serve as a complementary element when creating a visual identity for your brand or business.

This small but terrible digital tool will not only help you put your brand’s identity in the spotlight, but QR codes will also help you leverage your customers experience and connection with your brand.

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What is brand identity?

By definition, brand identity extends to every design, which are the visible elements of a brand in which a business, enterprise, corporation, presents itself to the public (eg. consumers, investors and employees).

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Brand identity is a set of individual components such as the name of the brand, color, design, set of images and a logo, that identify and distinguishes the brand or business in consumers’ minds apart from their competitor.

Why is brand identity important?

A strong brand identity helps you stand out and differentiate your business from your competitors.

Furthermore, it creates an image of an established business and positions your brand to the market.

This also serves as a key towards building awareness among your customers.

With that being said, brand creation and developing a strong and unique brand identity that sets you apart from your competitors, is one of the key elements to make your business successful.

branded qr codes

Moreover, this also increases your customers retention to your brand.

However, brand identity is more than just a piece of your business design, colors, posters etc. But above all else, it is making the overall piece valuable.

That is why, adding an element to your brand identity using QR codes can help you bring value to the market table.

QR codes are more than just a piece of artwork.

But the QR code technology is a powerful digital tool that has the ability to take your customers to all kinds of information about your products, just by scanning the QR code using their smartphones.

Using QR codes as a complementary element for building your brand identity

Quick Recap about QR codes

QR codes have been known as a digital tool that provides a valuable information about a product and the information embedded in the QR code is generated using a branded and the best QR code generator online.

qr code design rules

QR codes have the power to embed data such as any type of file, videos, URL, social media pages and accounts, or even create your own webpage using a QR code and so much more.

QR codes can present these information to the user’s smartphone device once they scanned the QR.

Using this digital tool, marketers can provide a way to advance consumer experience by providing them additional information about their business, agency, brand or whatever they are trying to promote.

What do QR codes have to do with building a brand identity

Brand identity in most businesses continue to evolve over the years.

Nothing is remains stagnant in the business industry.

Every year, new design, new trend and new innovation are constantly created to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers as the global market creates an intense competition to place themselves on top of their game.

qr code design rules

And although QR codes have been around for so many years (since 1994) they were not heard as much until the COVID-19 pandemic strike.

QR codes in the COVID-19 pandemic were popularly used for contact tracing, contactless registration, contactless payment and other contactless mode of services as they are accessible using the mobile gadgets and requires no physical contact at all.

QR codes may actually look simple with black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background (a traditional-looking QR code) but the purpose of QR codes remains ageless.

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Customized and branded QR codes that will complement your brand

Over the years, QR codes have been made to be customizable in its appearance, allowing users to have a personal and branded-looking QR codes.

Not only QR codes drive an effective mobile marketing campaign by being conveniently accessible to smartphones, but QR codes are also customizable which makes it perfect to incorporate it in your brand identity.

the branded qr code generator

Branded QR codes allow you to decide your QR codes appearance such as adding a logo, image or icon, choose the patterns and eyes and the colors of your QR code to align it to your brand identity.

Now, you have your QR codes as part of your brand identity while also connecting your brand and bringing the online of your product and business to your customers.

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How to create customized QR codes to add to your brand identity

Go to

the branded qr code generator

It is one of the most trusted QR code generators online used by many brands like Ford, Midea, Universal etc.

Select the QR code solution you want for your QR code

There are different QR code solutions that you can use to redirect your users to a specific content.

You can select which one of the QR code solutions best fits your need.

the branded qr code generator

Select the dynamic QR code

Dynamic QR codes allow you to edit the landing page of your QR information anytime you want without printing or reproducing another QR code again.

Moreover, it also allows you to track your QR code scans. 

This allows you to save money in the long-term especially if you are using QR code for marketing and business campaign.

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Generate and customize your QR code

Click “generate QR code” and customize it after. In the customization process, you can align the design of your QR code into your brand identity.

Here, you can customize the colors of your QR code, add a logo, choose the patterns and eye design.

qr code design rules

Also do not forget to put a call to action in your QR code. Call to action will help your scanners determine the content of your QR code and take action. A call to action can be like “scan me!” or “download PDF file”

Do a scan test

Even before you print and deploy your QR code, always make sure to do a scan test of your QR. See if it scans easily and if it redirects to the correct information.

the branded qr code generator

Download and deploy

After you are done with the QR code scan test, hit the download button and choose SVG format to resize your QR codes without affecting its quality.

the branded qr code generator

Your QR code solution in a dynamic mode will also be stored in the QR code generator online where you can track and edit your QR codes in real-time. 

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Editing and tracking your dynamic QR code solutions

QR codes help businesses track their ROI results. QR codes scans as what we have mentioned are trackable. Businesses and marketers can track the results of their scans and the demographics of their scanners such as:

  • The time when they get the most scans
  • Filtering the data of the scans from days/weeks/months/years
  • The device used by the scanners to scan their QR
  • The map view of which countries they get the most scans
  • You can also download the CSV file
the branded qr code generator

You can also modify your QR landing page to another data anytime you need to retarget your audience to another campaign without reprinting

Scanning your branded QR codes in offline and online marketing campaign

QR codes are both scannable when printed in marketing materials such as posters, product tags, billboards, magazines etc.

Furthermore, QR codes also work when they are displayed in marketing materials.

QR codes in printed materials (offline campaign)

qr code design rules

QR codes in online display (online campaign)

qr code design rules

QR code design rules: Generating customized QR codes for your brand identity

Do not invert your QR codes color

When it comes to designing your branded QR codes, one thing you should know about its basic rules is that never to invert your QR codes color design! It will never work this way.

Make sure your customize QR code’s foreground color is always darker than its background. Because here’s the main point, QR code readers are set to scan QR codes that have light background and a darker foreground. It’s just the way it is.

Keep the color contrast of your QR code for custom brand imagery

One thing you should also keep in mind when designing your QR code is that, you should keep enough color contrast of your QR codes and do not mix similar colors together like light yellow and pastel colors. Always make sure your QR codes have enough contrast.

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Create branded QR code with QRTIGER QR code generator

QR TIGER, one of the best QR code generators is a branded QR software that enables you to have an overall customization of the appearance of your QR code.

From its patterns, designs, adding of logo, icon and image you name it! Just the perfect complementary tech-tool for your brand creation.

For more information about QR codes, you can directly contact us today for more information!

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