YouTube QR Code Generator: Convert YouTube URL to QR

Last updated:   March 08, 2023

Do you need to convert your YouTube video URL into a QR code?

Well, using a YouTube QR code generator, converting it easily and quickly is possible using QR TIGER QR code software. 

Instead of typing out a full URL of your YouTube search bar, you can redirect your scanners straight to your YouTube video when they scan your QR code.

Read this blog to know how. 

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How to make a QR code for a YouTube video

  • Go to QR code generator online
  • Click the YouTube File in the category 
  • Enter the URL of your YouTube video 
  • Switch to Dynamic QR code
  • Click the “generate QR code” button 
  • Customize your QR code 
  • After you’re done hit the download button 

Keep reading to learn more about a Static YouTube QR code and a Dynamic YouTube QR code 

Converting YouTube link to a QR code: why is it convenient? 

Youtube QR codeConverting a YouTube link to a QR code makes it easy for your target audience to view any video on YouTube directly on their smartphones by scanning the code.

I know we have all been very familiar with traditional print marketing promotions, such as mentioning the name of the video or video channels on banners, posters, and other print materials. 

Today, QR codes have been bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds by offering different QR code solutions that you can use.

But as we all know, this takes time for people to go over YouTube and search for a video, which can take their time.

When this happens, they might just end up ignoring it anyway. 

One effective solution to overcome this is by making a YouTube QR code that will redirect your audience to your video channel once they scan your QR code, where they can share and even subscribe to your YouTube channel.

To do this, you need a YouTube QR code generator. 

What is the difference between a static and a dynamic QR code?

You can create two types of QR codes for your YouTube QR code: A static QR code or a Dynamic QR code. 

If you’re a beginner and wish to experiment with your YouTube QR code marketing campaign, you can use a Static QR code that comes for free in QR TIGER. 

Now the thing is, not all QR code generators will provide you unlimited scans of your QR code if it’s static. 

If you don’t want to spoil your QR code YouTube experience, it is essential to convert a YouTube link to a QR code with QR TIGER.

We offer you unlimited scans for your QR code for free, and you can also customize your QR.

However, a static QR code does not allow you to change the data behind your QR code.

This means you cannot redirect your video QR code or YouTube QR code to another video. It is permanent and stays as it is.

Unlike the dynamic QR, it allows you to change your URL to another URL and track your QR scans. 

Why is it better to generate a YouTube QR code in a dynamic QR?

Dynamic youtube QR code
As we have mentioned,  YouTube QR code in a Dynamic mode allows you to edit your YouTube QR code to another video anytime you want.

Moreover, you can also track the data of your QR code, where you can see the statistics results such as the number of scans it gets, the device used when scanning, what time you get the most scans, etc.

Dynamic QR codes are better to use in the long term because you can re-target your YouTube QR code video marketing campaign anytime and track the scanning activity. 

By knowing how to track your QR code data in the QR code generator dashboard, you will be able to take advantage of the information gathered like the number of interactions and user engagement in your videos. 

If you wish to redirect your scanners to different YouTube video content, you can quickly update your campaign data by clicking on the “track data” and the "edit" buttons. Click save once done. 

What are the benefits of converting a YouTube link to a QR code?

A YouTube QR code is an excellent way to grow your followers on YouTube and share your videos instantly. Using a QR code for your YouTube, you can: 

  • connect and link all people directly to your YouTube page in a scan
  • easy content viewing
  • modernizes video link sharing
  • increase and grow your YouTube subscribers
  • people can follow you more easier
  • saves effort and time for people who are looking for your YouTube account or channel
  • Share videos directly without breaking a sweat
  • promote and advertise your business using a YouTube QR code 
  • track the data of your scans using a Dynamic YouTube QR code generator 

How to make a QR code for a YouTube video using a YouTube QR code generator online? A Step by step guide

1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online

QR code generatorThere are a lot of QR code generators you can generate your YouTube QR code but QR TIGER is an advanced QR code generator software that allows you to customize your YouTube QR code in any way. 

Simply go to QR TIGER, and click on the YouTube file category. 

2. Enter the URL of the YouTube video 

Upload the YouTube URL of the video you want to convert into a QR code.

3. Click Static or Dynamic (but it’s better to choose Dynamic)

Static QR codes have fixed information, and you cannot change it.

Therefore, generating your QR code using static will permanently redirect you to that particular YouTube video.

On the other hand, when you use a Dynamic QR code, it will allow you to change the video link to another video without generating another QR code.

You can change it anytime, even in real time.

4. Click the “generate QR code” button

To start generating your QR code, click Generate.

5. Customize your QR code

Customize QR codeAdd colors to your YouTube QR code, set unique edges, choose patterns, or add a frame and make it stunning!

You can do this even if it is static. Static QR codes are free to generate, and QR TIGER provides unlimited scans of your QR code, even if it is static. 

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6. After you’re done, hit the download button

Download your QR code in PNG or SVG format and start to distribute your QR code. 

How can you use your YouTube QR code? 

Boost your YouTube Channel

Video QR codeYou can grow your subscribers by sharing your YouTube QR code that links to your YouTube channel. 

You can print your QR code along with any of your marketing materials, such as flyers, or posters, or even have it distributed through social media platforms or email.

It is an effortless way to drive traffic to your channel. 

Brochures and Magazines

Youtube QR code magazine No need for lengthy information that takes up so much space in your brochures and magazines.

You can emphasize your product digitally to your target audience and let them visualize your service or goods instantly using a YouTube QR code. 

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Marketing/Advertising Campaign

Visual advertising and marketing are always the best.

You can integrate your YouTube QR code into your print or digital marketing and redirect people to your channel or YouTube videos to see more. 

Product packaging

Video QR code  on packagingVideos convert into sales!

You can redirect your scanners to your YouTube channel, or you can link them to a YouTube video that will allow your users to get to know about the product or items you are offering. 

You can also redirect them to how-to videos. 

Promote event

Announcing an event through social media is probably familiar to all of us. And one of the most popular platforms that are being used is YouTube.  

You can print your YouTube QR code encoded with the related event information you like people to know. You can then deploy it to your target audience using social media or have it printed.  

Advertise or promote your restaurant, bar, hotels, and other business establishments you run

Establishing a strong social media image is a great way to maximize your YouTube subscribers.

Aside from creating a custom-built website for business promotions using interactive restaurant menu QR code software, establishing a social media image is also a viable option for increasing client engagement.

Using a YouTube QR code, you will gain more organic followers on your platform and will give an added boost to your channel.  

How to use your YouTube QR code generator to make your campaign effective

QR code with CTAAlways communicate with your QR code and track the data using a YouTube QR code generator in a dynamic mode!

It is very, very, very essential that you put a call to action in your YouTube QR code marketing campaign. Otherwise, people wouldn’t know what your QR code is all about

Always give your audience an idea of what is behind your YouTube QR code. 

A call-to-action could be like “Scan to watch a YouTube video”

A proper CTA gets more scans!

Who are the people best to use a YouTube QR code?

A YouTube QR code is available for everyone who wishes to grow their connections or subscribers on YouTube.

But- if you are a social media marketer, a social media influencer, or a YouTube vlogger, a YouTube QR code is something that will even boost your presence in the YouTube world and can grow your followers instantly. 

YouTube QR code vs. social media YouTube QR code 

Social media QR code for youtube

While a YouTube QR code only directs your scanners to a YouTube link, a social media QR code is a powerful solution that integrates all your social media apps and other digital resources in one QR code. 

Now, what does this mean? 

When your target audience scans your QR code, the social media channels you embed in the Social Media YouTube QR code display directly on his smartphone screen. 

They can't only subscribe to your YouTube videos or watch them, but you can also promote your other social media networks by 'cross-pollinating' them.

Your followers can then instantly follow you on other social media platforms. 

Use QR TIGER QR code generator to convert your YouTube to a QR code now

Use a QR code generator to convert your YouTube videos and other social media into a QR code and instantly share them in a scan. 

In a world where easy access to content and video is important to meet people's needs right now, putting QR codes on videos makes it easy to watch content while modernizing the way people share video links.

Share your video instantly and hassle-free using QR codes! Create them now at QR TIGER.

Frequently asked questions

How to make a QR code for a YouTube video?

To make a QR code for a YouTube video, simply copy the URL of your YouTube video that you wish to convert to a QR code using a QR code generator online. 

Click whether static or dynamic and then click generate QR code. You can customize your YouTube QR code by adding colors, setting the patterns you want, or adding an image or logo. 

What is a YouTube QR code generator?

A YouTube QR code generator allows you to convert your video to a QR code. When the QR code is scanned, it redirects your audience directly to your video channel. 

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