Budweiser Releases QR Codes for World Cup Golden Tickets

Update:  August 21, 2023
Budweiser Releases QR Codes for World Cup Golden Tickets

The official beer sponsor launches QR codes with coordinates to special prize boxes with signed merch, a year’s supply of beer, and an all-expense paid trip to the tournament.

Scan a QR code and win a trip to the World Cup

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Budweiser partners with football superstars Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr., and Raheem Sterling in an ad showing hundreds of red prize boxes “dropped” worldwide.

Starting August 13, fans must scan special Budweiser QR codes to find the coordinates to these boxes.

This marks the start of the 100-day countdown to the World Cup.

Fans can find these special QR code Budweiser on social media, in specific locations such as stadiums, and on selected Budweiser products.

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Each box contains any of the following: signed items, official FIFA footballs, a one-year supply of beer, Budweiser merch, and the grand prize—two golden tickets to the World Cup.

Budweiser global vice-president of marketing Todd Allen calls the 2022 FIFA World Cup a “unifying global moment.”

“As the official beer of the FIFA World Cup, we are engaging fans and elevating how they experience the games,” says Allen.

Possible QR code use cases at the World Cup

Budweiser’s use of QR codes for World Cup tickets and freebies shows how beneficial QR codes can be.

But their function can go more than just simply sending coordinates.

Here are possible ways QR codes can work in the upcoming World Cup:


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Every match from this year’s World Cup will be available on-demand on Tubi, a free on-demand video streaming platform owned by Fox.

Fans can then watch the World Cup on demand through the platform, but QR codes can improve this convenience even further.

Fans can embed links to each match on Tubi within a QR code and share the code with fellow soccer enthusiasts.

This way, accessing Tubi for World Cup matches is faster and easier.

Game schedules

Game schedules are usually on websites, but fans may have difficulty finding them.

When they do, many results will show, and they can’t tell which among them is accurate.

With a URL QR code, fans can simply scan it to access official websites quickly.

This helps them guarantee that the schedules posted are accurate and legit. 

Actually, QR code benefits extend beyond that. They can also transform live sports events systems and processes.

Event organizers can use stadium QR codes to streamline live sports events.

Monitor standings in real-time

Fans who cannot watch game streams often rely on websites that show current standings so they can still keep up with the game, and QR codes can easily take them to these sites.

With just a scan of their smartphones, they can already check real-time scores and standings to keep updated despite not being able to watch the game live.


Soccer teams competing in the World Cup can have customized jerseys with QR codes that will either redirect to the team’s official website or the player’s social media pages.

To excite fans, they can also use these QR codes to provide freebies and digital collectibles, such as NFTs of the team’s official mascot.


Remember when the Super Bowl featured a QR code to entertain viewers at home?

The World Cup can also do the same. 

Advertising partners of the global tournament can use QR codes to make their ads highly engaging and fun for those who cannot watch the event live.

QR codes for World Cup controversy

Jersey QR codeThe FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar, making it the first edition of the tournament held in the Arab region.

Unfortunately, this has received backlash from the soccer community.

There are two reasons for this: the alleged abuses of many migrant workers hired in the construction of stadiums and the country’s discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community.

Among the many who have spoken up about this is Tromso IL, a Norwegian professional football club.

They spoke out against these issues by adding a QR code on their players’ jerseys.

The club collaborated with Kenyan labor rights activist Malcolm Bidali and Amnesty International, who have dubbed the tournament “Qatar World Cup of Shame.”

When scanned, the QR code redirects to a website that documents Qatar’s alleged human rights violations.

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