The Greatest Super Bowl QR Code Ads and More

Update:  January 23, 2024
The Greatest Super Bowl QR Code Ads and More

The 56th Super Bowl QR code commercials hyped up the NFL audience when companies took TV advertising to a whole new level.

With over 100 million viewers worldwide, this annual football playoffs offers the biggest marketing shot for businesses to boost their brand across the globe.

Despite its annual ad rates increase, Super Bowl commercial slots remain the best and the most effective marketing platform for brands coming from various industries.

From using hilarious or heart-warming storylines, featuring celebrities and NFL stars, or showcasing out-of-this-world animations, marketers now use a QR code generator and platform to maximize their 30 to 90-second shots.

With QR codes, companies can engage the audience, foster an interactive commercial, and track their campaign with so much ease.

Now, if you’ve been eyeing producing a TV commercial for your brand, you’ll definitely need to know the successful Super Bowl ads to get you started.

History of Super Bowl commercials

Along with the American’s love for football, broadcasting corporations CBS, Fox, and NBS began the tradition of providing each sponsor a 90 or 30-second spot to promote their product or service creatively.

Each spot has a significant price point that makes famous brands host worthwhile commercials getting over a hundred million viewers’ attention from all over the world.

And with the creative usage of these advertising spots, the tradition of showcasing a thematic Super Bowl ad starts.

With the increasing ratings the NFL games received over the years, brands are now improving their commercials.

During the 56th Super Bowl, most of the brands integrated QR codes for marketing campaigns which stirred the audience’s curiosity.

And as technology plays into the way brands market their product or services, QR codes are becoming a trademark marketing tool in the current NFL Super Bowl Seasons.

QR codes aren’t just popular in marketing and advertising. To date, more and more brands are trying to get the most of this technology. Hence, we can see more businesses getting their hands to the best QR code generator.

30 most iconic Super Bowl QR code ads and commercials

1. Avocados from Mexico’s ChatGPT QR code (2023)

Super bowl QR code
Latest QR code Super Bowl ad comes from Avocados from Mexico.

Avocado produces supplier and marketer Avocados from Mexico leverages ChatGPT AI and QR code in their 30-second Super Bowl ad.

The QR code campaign will lead onlookers to ChatGPT, where they are asked to generate a tweet about the company, including a hashtag.

Users and Super Bowl viewers can use the generated tweet on their Twitter status during the big game.

2. Coinbase’s floating QR code (2022)

Coinbase QR code commercial
The recently concluded opening of the NFL 56th Super Bowl has the home viewers contemplating the moving QR code ad for more than 30 seconds.

Coinbase QR code commercial is a 60-second ad with a floating QR code bouncing randomly and changing color when bounced off the corner.

This commercial pays homage to the famous DVD screensaver from the late 90s to the late 2010s.

Scanning the Coinbase QR code redirects you to a website where users can get a chance to win a cryptocurrency coin like BTC.

Because of that, Coinbase’s website crashed with an influx of visitors in a few hours.

Brands got inspired by the iconic Coinbase Super Bowl ad. Hence, it’s likely that this won’t be the last brand to use a QR code generator in their campaign.

3. Bud Light QR code for the 57th Super Bowl (2022)

QR code super bowl
This year, bud light chooses to stay away from spending millions of dollars on a 30-second commercial spot.

Instead, they focus on the traditional way of marketing their product with print materials with a QR code.

The QR code directs people to the 57th Super Bowl Music Fest venue sweepstakes website.

While still securing a spot in the big game commercials, they also maximize their sales by stamping a print QR code marketing event for the sweepstakes.

Aside from the Sweepstakes, they are also launching their collection of NFTs.

4. Rocket Mortgage’s “Barbie Dream House” (2022)

QR code advertising
Rocket Mortgage’s Super Bowl ad sports a retro Barbie dreamhouse commercial starring Anna Kendrick as a roleplay real estate agent.

In the commercial, Anna Kendrick teaches children how Barbie found her dream house on Rocket Homes.

While in the middle of the narration, a kid wearing a T-shirt with a Stock X print makes a cameo.

Stock X is a sneaker retail brand that resells luxury items with a QR code feature.

The QR code redirects to the Stock X giveaway landing page, where the mechanics are placed.

5. Kia’s “Robo Dog” (2022)

QR code ad
During the 56th NFL season, Kia debuts their official mascot, “Robo Dog.”

The brand unveils its new electric car line-up, “EV6”, to millions of viewers in the ad.

The robot sees a human hugging a dog in the advertisement and glances at an EV driver who wants to be its master.

While persuading people to go green with electric vehicles, Kia partnered with the Petfinder Foundation to convince people to adopt rescue animals.

And with the campaign, they develop a landing page where people will only need to scan a QR code to open the page. The QR code is displayed as part of their Robo Dog campaign unveiling.

The page is called Kia Dogmented Reality. On the page, you’ll first see a part that enables you to pet the Robo Dog virtually by enabling the AR capabilities on your phone.

In the second part, you will notice Kia’s car lineup and a button to go deeper into the car’s specifications.

The Petfinder Foundation partnership and a button allowing you to adopt rescues and shelter dogs are placed in the last section.

6. Pepsi Can QR code Super Bowl Promotions (2021)

Pepsi super bowl QR code
Pepsi has an 11-year long-standing halftime show sponsorship for the NFL games. And every year, they excite the performance of the featured artist/s they choose to perform.

With The Weeknd as their Super Bowl Half-Time Show Entertainer, they maximize their marketing and sales.

While they still promote the event on television, Pepsi incorporates digital marketing to improve its exposure. It integrates a scannable QR code in their 55th NFL season Pepsi cans.

Using a QR code can introduce a new way for customers to experience halftime shows online.

In addition, they can unlock exclusive clips and merchandise of the invited performer.

This time, it was The Weeknd.

7. Cheetos “Snap to Steal” Super Bowl QR code Challenge (2021)

Cheetos QR code ad
The Cheetos Super Bowl ad from 2021 has viewers intrigued with Mila Kunis’ rendition of Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” song.

While it captures the attention of the 100 million NFL fans, Cheetos runs a Super Bowl ad to optimize its exposure.

Cheetos also placed a QR code for people living in Brooklyn, New York, to make it more personal and fun.

The code is placed in a Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix advertisement on Wythe and North 10th.

This gives passersby a chance to get a free bag of Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix when scanning the QR code during the event.

8. Pringles “Sad Device” Super Bowl QR code Ad (2019)

Pringles super bowl ad
The popular stackable potato-based crisp snack, Pringles, includes QR codes in its 53rd Super Bowl commercial.

In the ad, two friends are stacking different flavored potato crisps as their pastimes.

While stacking their snacks, one actor asked about how many stacks one person could create with the different Pringles flavors available.

Alexa answered the query but ended with a sad speech about why she could not enjoy one.

The QR code is then displayed in the middle of the ad. It contains the link where viewers can order their Pringles snacks via Amazon.

9. “EXPENSIFY TH!$” Super Bowl QR code Ad (2019)

Expensify this super bowl
Expensify is a software corporation that creates cost-tracking systems for personal and commercial use.

They hired 2 Chainz and Adam Scott to do their 53rd Super Bowl commercial in this ad.

Placing a setup for a music video, the two raise awareness about a new way to track their expenses.

2 Chainz scans a receipt with a QR code in an outro part of the commercial. And the QR code, when scanned, redirects you to Expensify’s mobile app.

10. Danica Patrick & the Pussycat Dolls for GoDaddy (2012)

Godaddy ad
The Amazon-based internet domain registry launched its Super Bowl 30-second commercial with Danica Patrick, the Pussycat Dolls, and a QR code displayed on the screen.

GoDaddy’s commercial storyline started with two men watching what seemed to be a Super Bowl game on TV who suddenly got teleported to an ethereal setting.

And just when the lads thought it was heaven, in came Danica Patrick and the Pussycat Dolls clad in angel costumes and introduced the place as GoDaddy’s internet cloud.

The QR code campaign displayed throughout the commercial led the audience to a landing page where they can redeem discounts on services and products and watch the commercial on their phones anytime.

Outside of QR code-based campaigns, here are the all-time biggest and most memorable Super Bowl ads:

11. SquareSpace with Zendaya (2022)

Squarespace showed how B2B marketing is done during the 56th Super Bowl as the website builder cast Zendaya for their strategy.

Zendaya, who seems to be struggling to sell her seashells by the seashore, figures she can actually sell her products online through her own website at Squarespace. And she did.

The ad made a seamless 1-minute representation of how easy it is just to sell online: Zendaya got to reach her target market, sell to multinational customers, track her business’ growth, and enjoy good business.

12. General Motors’ “Dr. EV-il” (2022)

Yep, it’s another EV advertisement from GM. But this time with a superhero-themed campaign.

With reference to the film series Austin Powers, the ad declares that with climate change, Dr. Evil no longer holds the top spot for villains on Earth.

And in order to reclaim his spot, Dr. Evil has to save the world through EVs before he can officially take over it again.

This witty ad is one of General Motors’ ways of promoting electric vehicles, as they plan on selling 30 different EVs by 2025.

13. Cadillac with Timothée Chalamet (2021)

The American luxury automobile manufacturer launched a short sequel to Tim Burton’s iconic movie “Edward Scissorhands” as their 2021 Super Bowl commercial.

Featuring the rising star actor Timothée Chalamet and veteran actress Winona Ryder, Tim Burton directed the 1-minute-30-second commercial for the latest Super Cruise Cadillac.

The commercial focuses on the story of Edgar Scissorhands, Edward Scissorhands’ son, and how he lives his life as a societal outcast: prohibited from school and public buses, having no circle in school, and facing daily struggles because of his hands.

With the car’s self-driving feature — the best plot twist — Edward is able to travel however and whenever he wants…even without getting his Scissorhands on the steering wheel.

14. Wayne’s World for Uber Eats (2021)

The iconic duo Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) and Garth Algar (Dana Carvey) are back in Wayne’s World setup during the 2021 Super Bowl season for an Uber Eats commercial. And with the special cameo of Cardi B.

With the “Support Local” campaign, both Myers and Carvey got into character during the 1-minute TVC.

Though quite short, the duo and Cardi B were able to accurately dispense the importance of supporting local restaurants and diners who are struggling during the global health crisis.

The marketers really delved into how to increase UberEats ranking rating and came up with this amazing advertisement.

15. Tide with Jason Alexander (2021)

The iconic Jason Alexander “Give me back my face!” made Tide one of the most popular commercials during the NFL 2021.

Tide knows how intense the football playoffs can get. So, they made sure to make their commercial as hilarious and unforgettable as it can be with the help of the American actor and entertainer.

To promote Tide’s Hygienic Clean Heavy Duty 10x detergent, the commercial focuses on a teenager’s favorite hoodie with an animated Jason Alexander face in it, which just gets filthier by the day.

And the major takeaway of the ad?

Your clothes can be dirtier than they look. Jason Alexander’s hilarious facial expressions throughout the commercial could attest to that.

16. Will Ferrell for General Motors (2021)

Comedian and actor Will Ferrell wage war against Norway to contest the country’s title as the world’s top-selling electric vehicle (EV) market per capita. Well, that’s how the commercial story goes.

General Motors’ extensively budgeted 1-minute ad called “No way, Norway” took Ferrell and his friends Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina on a journey to Norway to check if it’s actually true.

Despite the misadventure — Ferrell ending up in Sweden and Thompson and Awkwafina in Finland — GM definitely spread awareness about EVs with this campaign.

In an interview with CNBC news, GM’s Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Wahl explained that the commercial was meant to encourage the use of electric vehicles primarily in the US.

17. Hyundai’s “Smart Park” (2020)

Chris Evans, John Krasinski, and Rachel Dratch got together in Hyundai’s 2020 Super Bowl ad featuring the car’s latest feature — Smaht Pahk (Smart Park in Boston accent).

The star-studded commercial shows the terrifying parking problems in Massachusetts and gives a solution to this pain point outright.

Through Hyundai Sonata’s remote-powered parking system, John Krasinski boasted how he’s able to park and unpark his car even at the smallest spot he could find.

And the best part is that CBS ranked this ad as the top commercial of the night.

18. Doritos with Lil Nas X and Sam Elliot (2020)

Rapper Lil Nas X and actor Sam Elliot went to the Super Bowl LIV games, not as football players but as rivals for a bag of Doritos’ newest ranch flavor.

The two icons of their time did a dance face-off to the rapper’s debut single “Old Town Road.”

But really, Sam Elliot’s mustache and grooves can’t outdo Lil Nas’ smooth moves.

In the end, Lil Nas got to bring home the Doritos bag as he rode on his old town horse.

But what really made this an influential commercial is that this helped Lil Nas’ single to hit the top charts on Apple Music, Spotify, and Billboard.

19. Rocket Mortgage with Jason Momoa (2020)

Aquaman star Jason Momoa stripped some clothes and skin in the 2020 Rocket Mortgage ad. And no, not that kind of stripping.

The 60-second ad focuses on Momoa talking about how Rocket Mortgage helped him get all comfortable in his home — minus the muscles.

This Rocket Mortgage commercial was so engaging it got viewers searching for Jason Momoa’s real body on Google in 2020.

20. All-star NFL’s “The 100-Year Game” (2019)

The NFL “The 100-year game” commercial gathered together six generations of NFL players for a chaotic but top-ranked ad in 2019.

The commercial started off with a fancy vibe as the football stars sat together in a banquet hall for the NFL centennial celebration. But when the golden football cake topper falls off the cake, the players couldn’t help but fight over it — as a normal football player would.

NFL’s all-star commercial ranked first during USA Today’s Ad Meter, making it the first NFL ad to top any other Super Bowl ads.

21. “It’s a Tide Ad” (2018)

Tide’s 2018 Super Bowl commercial launched a thought-provoking ad that simply teases how every single commercial is a Tide ad.

It could be quite absurd, but when you think about it (or when you actually watch their ad), it sort of makes sense.

That famous beer ad, posh car commercial, vibey soft drink campaign, and every common commercial you can think of could potentially be a Tide ad. Because when there’s a clean, stainless shirt, it’s definitely a Tide ad.

Or is it?

22. PepsiCo’s Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice (2018)

For years PepsiCo aired separate ads for its products such as Mountain Dew, Doritos, and their Pepsi sodas.

But in the Super Bowl LII season, the company made a historical tactic where they joined Doritos and Mountain Dew in one commercial.

The ad focuses on the lip-synced rap battle between Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage to Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes’ hit beats.

PepsiCo executives told news outlet NBC that the strategy was taken into action after finding out in market research that Mountain Dew and Doritos actually come in pairs when purchased by young consumers like the Gen Zs.

And the strategy really got the popularity it deserved as it became a talk-of-the-town during the season.

23. Amazon’s “Alexa Loses Her Voice” (2018)

What happens when Alexa loses her voice?

Well, Amazon showed humorous celeb-studded scenarios of what might actually happen if their voice search service fails to function because of a vocal cord issue (much to Jeff Bezos’ surprise).

In an attempt to save millions of Alexa-reliant users across the globe, the team hired celebrities like Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, Gordon Ramsay, and Anthony Hopkins as Alexa’s voice replacements.

But the changes in the voice search service gave confusion rather than answers.

The cast ended up giving sarcastic, non-serious, creepy, and profanity-filled answers.

This effectively represents the aftermath of not having the actual Alexa. And this is how Amazon was able to market its voice service during the NFL season.

24. Kevin Hart for Hyundai Genesis (2016)

When you put Kevin Hart on the screen, it’s going to be something your audience will surely remember.

Hyundai’s 60-second ad allowed the Super Bowl LII viewers to tag along with Kevin Hart on his journey to spy on his daughter’s first date.

No hate here; it’s what a father’s gotta do.

Hart decided to lend his Hyundai Genesis car to his daughter’s date so they could have the ‘best first date experience.’

But really, he did that so he could follow them around through the car’s tracker feature, which is connected to his smartwatch.

25. Budweiser Clydesdales (2013–2015)

The Budweiser Clydesdales commercial series was one of the most entertaining ads seen in every Super Bowl playoff, as it can either make you laugh out loud or cry your heart out.

But the 2013–2015 Clydesdales commercials, namely “Brotherhood,” “Puppy Love,” and “Lost Dog,” really stuck with every NFL audience.

The charisma brought by the puppy and the Clydesdale horses made audiences agree to vote for it as the top commercial of the season.

According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the Budweiser Clydesdale ads topped the popularity poll, which consisted of almost 8,000 respondents.

26. E-trade Baby (2012)

Really, who could forget the talking baby who seems to know a lot more about finances than the average adult does? Yep, the E-trade baby (or babies, they seemed to have multiplied by now).

This is E-trade’s niche in TV commercials.

When you see a toddler talking like a 30-year-old, giving financial advice to real grown-ups, prompting them to seek financial advice from professional advisers from E-trade, that’s definitely an E-trade ad.

27. Coca-Cola’s anthropomorphic polar bears (2012)

During the 2012 season, Coca-Cola aired a TV commercial featuring anthropomorphic polar bears and an occasional penguin chilling in the Arctic, watching a football game, with bottles of Coke on the side.

The commercial showcased relatable scenarios where one bear gets cranky while watching the big game decides to open a bottle of Coca-Cola and regains its happiness back as it continues to watch the playoffs.

But there’s more. Coca-Cola integrates social media and live streaming platforms in this campaign as well for a unique viewing experience.

The soda brand also provided football fans with a fun way to watch the game through their website.

Viewers can watch the game with the polar bears by simply visiting their live-streaming platform.

28. Betty White for Snickers (2010)

You’re not you when you’re hungry, indeed.

The chocolate brand’s iconic storyline brought yet another top ad of the season.

Snickers featured veteran actress Betty White in a sports-filled commercial and even got her playing with the boys in the muddy field, symbolizing a hungry player who just needs a good old bar of chocolate to get his skills back.

This creative advertising made it one of the most entertaining and unique commercials of the 2010 Super Bowl, according to Ipsos ASI metrics.

29. Google’s “Parisian Love” (2010)

One of the best Super Bowl ads in 2010 is Google’s “Parisian Love” campaign.

The commercial’s story is quite simple and heart-warming and is told through Google’s search feature.

It revolves around a Google user’s love story progression in the form of a series of Google searches.

Paired with the perfect music in the background, Google’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial perfectly touched the hearts of the audience.

The campaign’s storyline stuck to the NFL audience, and in 2010, it was considered one of the most successful commercials ever.

30. Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Should Smell Like” (2010)

Isaiah Mustafa graced the Old Spice 2010 commercial that went viral in an instant 2010.

According to Old Spice’s executives, the ad was targeted to women rather than men, seeing that women tend to buy more body wash which their guy partners end up using. As a result, the guys smelled like flowers and fruits. And that’s not how a man should smell like.

The trending body washes commercial saved the company from throwing off tons of its Old Spice products because of the successful campaign.

Create a QR code for commercials

With most brand commercials leaning towards the modern side of the world, QR codes are, without a doubt, a valuable tool to drive more impressions and conversions.

Now that they are commonly used in various spaces today, here are a few simple steps on how businesses can create their QR code.

  1. Open QR TIGER QR Code Generator online and create or log in to your account.
  2. Choose a QR code solution you want to create that best suits your target campaign.
  3. Upload or input the content you want to encrypt into the QR code.
  4. Switch to dynamic QR code and click generate.
  5. Customize your QR code solution.
  6. Save and download your QR code campaign.

How to market your next Super Bowl QR code Ad?

With a large consumer base that watches every NFL game every year, most well-known brands in the United States use this platform to sell their product or service.

By securing an ad spot for each commercial break, here are the ways brands can use QR codes to market themselves.

Know your audience 

Any advertisement worth its salt considers who it’s trying to impress. Your QR code should be tailored to the diehard viewers of the Super Bowl. 

Create ads that resonate with your target demographic, their interests, and how they behave toward certain content. 

Run a sweepstakes campaign

Running sweepstakes events helps firms enhance sales and exposure by creating a limited-time-only TV commercial and gaining customers’ attention.

Because they operate an event based on a set of mechanics that every spectator must follow, it might be challenging to find a tool to run one.

But with QR codes, running one can be made easier.

Depending on the time of day, you can either set a prize based on the number of scans made or a ticket that appears.

By integrating its use, you can try various approaches to register for the current promotions and increase your chance of winning.

Simplify the way you introduce your mobile app

As integrating a mobile app is vital in modernizing one’s business approach, promoting the app to existing users can be difficult.

But with an App Store QR code, you can simplify how you introduce your mobile app to them by embedding your App Store and Play Store link in it.

From that point, you can then directly lead your customer to download your app with just a scan.

Thus, eliminating the need to search for the app name in their default mobile Application stores.

Redirect to the homepage/website

You can use QR codes to redirect viewers to your company website and compel them to purchase or browse through the site.

In this way, you can increase your page visits and let Google think that the web page is relevant to more users.

Promote your social media pages

Social media is one of the most humane platforms businesses can use to boost their presence and sales. And through using these platforms, you can make

Using a social media QR code, you can promote your business’s social media pages on your commercials.

You can direct your target audience to your social media feed and allow them to interact by posting, commenting, and tagging your company on social media.

Benefits of using QR codes in marketing and commercials

Dynamic QR codes are now an essential tool in modern marketing. And as several businesses are integrating its use, the following benefits that entrepreneurs can get in using them.


The widespread use of mobile devices aligns well with the convenience of QR codes. Scanning a code can easily take users to the information they need, allow them to make online payments, and provide contactless interactions. 

This integration lets marketers reach more consumers on a device they already use on a regular basis. 

Helps you track your ad impressions

Ad impressions are essential in the marketing industry. They determine if their ad is successful or not.

Because of that, many businesses today are setting up various ad tracker tools to measure the impressions and conversions made with it.

However, they can now easily track the scans and receive an email notification using dynamic QR codes. What makes this tech tool more ideal for business and marketing is that it has a built-in QR code tracking feature.

In this way, they don’t have to go on another data tracking service to track the scans their QR code makes.

Improves commercial interactions

QR codes are not just portals for the digital material you deliver; they are also your channel for people to interact with you.

You can use them to lead customers to your online interactive game or lead them to an augmented reality experience.

The possibilities for making commercial interactions with QR codes are limitless.

Just let your imagination play and improve the way you market with it.

Changes can be made to data

With the use of QR codes, especially dynamic ones, businesses can avoid marketing mistakes.

Businesses may now remedy mistakes and even design seasonal campaigns thanks to developments in this technology.

You can always use one QR code layout and trademark it as your official commercial QR code.

Saves money on promotional materials

Creating and running a marketing campaign means burning a lot of money to gain the attention of the target customers.

But as technology evolves, the cost incurred in making and running one reduces with the right marketing tool.

And, with hundreds of marketing techniques available for any firm to explore, QR codes have shown to be a cost-cutting tool by up to 50%.

Current QR code technology can now incorporate multiple modern marketing functions into a single code. Through this, the cost of using them decreases.

They can launch a marketing campaign with the necessary metrics tools to regulate and contain impressions by deploying a dynamic QR code.

Transform your ads with QR codes

Because of the pandemic, QR codes have become an important part of most business marketing campaigns today.

They have empowered brands to improve their marketing means and minimize the cost incurred with every campaign.

Because technology drives businesses to upgrade their advertising game, upgrading their advertising strategies with QR codes can never go wrong.

QR codes serve as your digital dimension for consumers to reach your products or services online.

Upgrade how you advertise by creating a QR code using QR TIGER QR code generator now.

Frequently asked questions

What do QR codes do?

QR codes are designed to provide people with instant access to information by scanning the code with a smartphone camera. In just a quick smartphone scan, people can instantly access the store information in just a few seconds.

How effective are QR codes in marketing?

It proved itself to be a reliable alternative to contactless interactions, and now has evolved as an efficient and versatile tool used by marketers to promote their brands.

Brands using QR codes

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