Calendly QR Code: Book an Appointment in a Scan

Update:  January 14, 2024
Calendly QR Code: Book an Appointment in a Scan

A Calendly QR code is an advanced solution allowing you to share your schedule with people so they can conveniently find one that works with their availability.

Calendly is a scheduling software that automates booking appointments and setting up schedules for meetings, events, and more. 

And to take it up a notch, you can use QR codes to provide quick access to your schedules. With just one smartphone scan, people can see when you’re available.

QR code technology can go hand in hand with Calendly to make the most convenient and efficient scheduling system.

The good news is creating QR codes is now easier with the most advanced QR code generator. You can even customize your QR codes so they’d match your branding.

Read further below and learn how to use QR codes to share your Calendly.

How does Calendly work?

Calendly is a scheduling software designed to automate appointment bookings for seamless business communication. It helps businesses or teams eliminate the back-and-forth emails in finding the perfect meeting time. 

The process is simple. Once you set up your Calendly profile, you just have to connect your calendar and video conferencing platform. Then, you can set schedules by creating events and adding all the necessary details.

Now, the question is, “Is there a QR code for Calendly?”

Yes. And you can create a customized QR code with a logo for your Calendly link. In fact, there are a few advanced QR code solutions that allow you to embed the URL or link of your Calendly.

You can then share your booking link with anyone so they can easily pick the most convenient time. Once booked, Calendly automatically adds the appointment to your calendar and notifies you and the end user.

You can sign up for their free plan to use the software’s basic features.

What is a Calendly QR code?

Calendly QR code

Quick Response or QR codes are matrix barcodes with unique patterns of black-and-white squares. These codes hold information accessible by scanning the code using a smartphone’s camera or a QR code reader app.

To date, many QR code software exists online offering different advanced QR code solutions to meet every marketing and business need.

And one of those solutions is a QR code for your Calendly that can help make online appointments accessible.

Using QR codes to share your Calendly link makes it more convenient for people to book an appointment. All they have to do is scan the code with their device—no need to search or manually type the link.

This solution makes setting up appointments convenient, especially in today’s fast-paced world where everyone’s constantly on the go.

Static vs dynamic QR code: Which is better for Calendly?

Static vs dynamic QR code

Before learning how to make a QR code for your Calendly, you must first know the difference between the static and dynamic QR code types.

Static QR code for Calendly

Static QR codes, in general, are permanent. The code fixes your Calendly link right into its pattern. Hence, you cannot edit or change the embedded link once you create and deploy the QR code.

The data size embedded in static QR codes affects its scannability. The bigger the data, the more congested and denser the code’s pattern, which may result in slower scans.

Although static QR codes work fine for your Calendly link, it’s much better if you can edit or update the QR code information anytime in case you change your Calendly link.

Dynamic QR code for Calendly

Meanwhile, you can change the data in dynamic QR codes because they store a short URL in their pattern instead of your actual data—your Calendly link, in this case. 

When a user scans the QR code, its short URL will redirect to your Calendly page.

Since your data isn’t hard-coded into the QR code, you can change it anytime you want; no need to create a new QR code, saving you more time, effort, and money.

You can also track your Calendly link based on the number of scanners, time, location, and device type used in scanning the QR code.

This feature allows you to extract insights based on the QR code data to help you dive deeper into your leads.

Advanced QR code generator solutions you can use for your Calendly schedule 

Creating a QR code for your Calendly will be quick since you’ll only convert your Calendly link into a QR code. Here are two solutions that can do that job:

URL QR code

Calendly link QR code

This primary QR code type is the most suitable solution for your Calendly link. People only need to scan it and can instantly access your Calendly schedule on their smartphones.

The URL QR code can either be static or dynamic. But as explained above, a dynamic URL QR code is better because it has advanced features.

vCard QR code

Calendly vcard QR code

This dynamic QR code solution can be your all-in-one point of business contact. The good news is it can also store a link, so you can use it to share your Calendly URL and let potential clients easily tap you and instantly book an appointment.

It can embed the following important contact information:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Company
  • Website
  • Social media links
  • Contact details
  • Address
  • Short personal description
  • Photo

Social media QR code

Calendly social media QR code

This dynamic QR code can store links to various social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; you name it. It can also keep other URLs, such as your Calendly link.

With this fantastic solution, you can lead people to your Calendly schedule and promote your social media pages. People can like and follow your social media channels and book an appointment with you.

And since it’s dynamic, you can update the links if you have changed them.

How to make a QR code for Calendly

Using QR codes for your Calendly link can do wonders for your business. Aside from providing convenience, these versatile squares can help with your branding and audience reach.

And with a reliable QR code software, you can create a QR code in seconds. Here’s a quick guide you can use:

  1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator and log in to your account.

Note: You can avail of QR TIGER’s freemium plan to enjoy its full features for free if you don’t have an account yet.

  1. Choose between URL, vCard, and Social media.
  2. Copy your Calendly link and paste it onto the empty field
  3. Select Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code.
  4. Customize your QR code according to your preference.
  5. Run a test scan to check if your QR code works.
  6. Download and deploy the QR code.

5 creative ways to share QR codes for Calendly

Share calendly link

Now that you have your custom QR code for your Calendly link, you must ensure it reaches your target audience. Otherwise, no one will scan it.

Here’s how you can creatively share your QR codes to maximize your reach and visibility:

1. Business cards

Business cards represent your company and are in charge of making a first impression on clients to establish customer relationships.

To make a more striking impression, add your vCard QR code for your Calendly link to a business card.

This way, interested clients can immediately pick a schedule and book meetings with you—no need to call or email you.

2. Social media posts

Social media has become the primary point of contact for most businesses today. Since many people use social media daily, companies can reach more potential leads.

Reach and grow your target clients by adding the QR code for your Calendly URL on your social media posts. This technique lets online audiences quickly book an appointment with you via social media.

3. Print materials

One thing that made QR codes popular is their power to bridge offline and online marketing streams. They can improve print ads by giving them a digital edge.

You can place your QR codes on posters, flyers, brochures, and other print materials to bring any audience to your Calendly booking system.

Create a coherent customer journey by promoting your business and offerings along with your QR codes for Calendly. This way, you can effortlessly increase your visibility and reach offline and online.

So, instead of reaching out to your leads, create a smooth pathway for them to go to you using QR codes.

4. Presentations

Don’t miss any chance to grow your clients, even during speaking engagements or presentations.

You can flash your custom QR code with your Calendly URL at every end of your presentation so people can reach you and instantly book an appointment with a scan.

5. Videos

Videos alone are already engaging. But QR code-powered video marketing is even more striking.

Allow your target audience to take action while watching promotional videos by flashing a QR code with your Calendly link.

This strategy can help marketers or business elevate their promotional videos and boost their advertising return on investment.

How can a QR code generator help businesses?

Along with the rapid rise of QR codes came advanced online software and platforms where users can easily create custom QR codes for different purposes.

Using the best QR generators can provide more benefits. Here’s why it’s wise to use QR code software for your business:

1. Versatile and functional

QR codes can store bigger data, which means they can provide detailed and complete information. This quality makes them practical tools for information sharing.

It only takes a few seconds to read the data embedded in the code. Within a short time frame, QR codes can provide what you need.

With the many creative uses and methods to employ QR codes, there’s totally a way for you to increase your visibility and reach a broader market.

A highly advanced QR code software offers many QR code solutions to help you build an omnichannel and cross-promotional strategy. They allow you to connect to your target market in any marketing stream—offline or online.

2. Smoother business processes

Many organizations now push for digitalization for smoother operations and customer experiences. And QR codes are among the leading tools that can help with this.

QR codes allow businesses to automate tasks and remove unnecessary steps. For instance, people can simply scan a QR code to access a Calendly calendar; no need to click links.

Moreover, QR codes can improve your marketing campaigns online and offline. Dynamic QR codes can also give you accurate metrics that help you assess your campaign’s performance.

And on top of that, the best QR code maker offers integrations with other software. This feature lets you work seamlessly across different apps.

3. Improve productivity

Minimal effort for maximum results. Creating QR codes requires little effort but can bring multiple advantages when appropriately implemented.

QR codes can transform your business by automating and simplifying work processes. Employees can scan specific QR codes for different purposes, such as file sharing or video conference meetings.

4. Boost return on investment

Hit your numbers and maximize your ROI with QR codes. Their ability to give fast access to data and their curiosity-raising appearance make them effective for lead generation and conversion.

Statista reported that 45% of US consumers used a marketing-related QR code. Backed by the Insider Intelligence report, over 94 million US customers will use smartphone QR scanners in 2023, which will rise to 102.6 million by 2026. 

These numbers show that QR codes can boost your marketing response rate as they drive people to take action.

QR TIGER: taking your business to greater heights with cutting-edge solutions

Share and seal the deal with your clients using a Calendly QR code, an excellent tool to automate access to your scheduling link.

This way, you can effectively and efficiently share your Calendly, allowing people to book schedules and set meetings instantly.

Today, people are more drawn to businesses that can best provide value and solutions to meet their modern wants and needs.

Modern times call for modern solutions. Catch up with the new gen’s demand for revolutionary methods and systems using QR TIGER—the best QR code generator online.

Join the pack today by signing up and take your business to greater heights with its 17 advanced solutions.

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