Brands That are Using Custom QR Codes and They Look Great

Last updated:   February 28, 2023

Regular and custom QR codes are made to bridge between your online brand content and offline users using only smartphone devices.

A successful marketer and businessman must attract its customers to its brand’s web presence.

Significantly, a growing number of users also tend to keep track of their favorites using their smart devices.

This concludes that an effective marketing strategy must integrate a way to bring in their customers with their brand presence, and customized QR codes can a great way to accomplish this and the following brands are already doing it. 

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The famous sandwich giant Subway made an awesome QR code using their logo's graphic language in the QR pattern and placed it nice and central in the ad- after all, you want people to scan your QR code.

The QR looks like a real call for action, of course having the right landing page is important, most brands are still struggling to add the right landing page behind their QR codes.

A landing page that engages the consumer is a must and one of the most crucial aspects of making the marketing attempt a success. 


Vaseline QR code

Image Source

Vaseline made a QR code that first their brand perfectly when you look at this pattern it's hard not to think of the famous petroleum jelly based cream.

They really did their best to stand out from most Custom QR codes out there.

 Ralph Lauren 

Ralph Lauren QR code

Image Source

Ralph Lauren did then something again more classic, but still placed their logo in an attention-seeking way, instead of having a central logo as most QR codes they thought beyond the dimension of the QR code and that's not something most brands do. 

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Louis Vuitton 

Louis Vuitton QR code

Image Source

Louis Vuitton worked together with Japanese designer Takashi Murakami to create a custom QR code, it's an older project, but one of the first experiments with custom QR codes, and the result is pretty cool, they definitely set the trend of having unique and custom QR codes to promote businesses. 


Starbucks QR code

Starbucks kept it more classic, but in line with their brand identity, having their logo central still makes this QR code worth mentioning, this QR still looks much better than most classic QR codes out there. 

In easy words, customized QR codes are step by step replacing the regular QR code as regular QR codes are always interrupting a nice poster design and don't look like something you want to scan, still having the right call for action with your QR code and a good looking engaging landing page is a must. 

According to a study, a customized QR code can improve 30% scans. 

With that being said, there's no doubt that QR codes are one of the most used marketing tools in business and advertising world. 

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