How to Use QR Codes on Posters

Last updated:   March 24, 2023

QR codes on posters and cards are a great tool for marketing and advertising that will add value to your marketing material. 

Not only are they a work of art, but they also provide a valuable information to the users about the product or offers in a digital way.

The art of making a perfect poster has been through many evaluations, from design to the color that is going to be used.

The use of QR code generator with a logo can be the most effective and efficient way to make your poster actually become powerful! 

Today, QR codes are integrated everywhere including tickets, banners, lottery tickets, table tents, flyers, etc.

So, what’s a QR code, and how does it make your posters even better?

Read the following points to know best. 

How does a QR code Function in Posters? 

QR codes are basically scannable codes that contain relative information of what the poster is about.

A QR poster can include different and various details like contact numbers, addresses, a link to a website, or even Facebook pages.

It is in short, the best way to present information without compromising the authenticity of the design.

Not only that, but it also engages the modern generation with smartphones. 

One-click and they see all you want them to know about your product or service.   

How to generate QR codes on posters?

  • Go to the QRTIGER homepage
  • Select what category you want your QR code to be generated with.
  • Select what kind of QR code you want to generate (Static or Dynamic).
  • Click the “generate QR code” icon and design your poster QR code
  • Test your QR code if it works well on any devices.
  • Download, print, and put the QR codes in your poster, cards, etc.

Posters with QR codes and how to use it? 

1. Keep your audience connectedqr codes on poster

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The best benefit of adding customized QR codes on posters is the opportunity of connectivity.

If someone sees a poster, they might never think about it again.

But if there is a poster with a QR code which they can scan, chances are they might check out whatever information you want to lead them towards.

Why? Because it is simply convenient and does not harm the attention span that is shortening day by day among people.

Also, once they are connected to you through the internet; you might keep them updated with any offers regarding your product or service.

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2. QR Codes are Not Just Useful, they are Trendy As wellqr codes on poster for walls

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Ever came across those cool QR codes with a logo over various posters? Yes, a simple QR code generator with a logo can do that for your poster as well.

Logos assembled with QR codes are not just effective but they undoubtedly look more attractive than a usual poster. 

There are different colors and designs available that give you a variety of QR code logos to choose from (they can be custom made as well!)

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3. Brands that Added QR codes within Their Logo to raise awarenessbrands using qr codes on poster

Many famous brands have used the strategy to incorporate QR codes with their logos in the posters.  There was even a Coke’s poster that contained a QR code that projected a guy opening a can.

Not only that, star bucks being the king coffee maker made their poster game strong by customizing coffee beans in a QR code. 

All these brands kept their marketing technique classy yet informative and credit goes to only one trick. That is right, the QR code with a logo.

4. Initiate an Effective Marketing Campaign

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Posters and cards are gateways in implementing an effective marketing campaign.

By adding QR codes on posters, activities such as flyer distribution and surveying minimize.

As marketers are finding ways in improving existing marketing campaign strategies, QR codes on posters come in handy.

Even marketers in the film industry are using QR codes in posters and other ad materials.

By unlocking possible utilization on QR codes such as video QR code and audio or MP3 QR code embedding, marketing campaigns can be integrated and self-efficient.

The effectiveness of the campaign varies in terms of spending, influences, and more.

But as you go further, cost-cutting is the best option to follow.

With cards and posters with QR codes, the cost of spending on manpower and resources lessens while it ensures the effectiveness of the implemented marketing campaign.

Dynamic QR codes on posters are cost-efficient and allow you to track your QR code statistics even in real-time. 

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5. A poster with a QR code to redirect users to important forms such as consent and survey forms.log you trip using qr codes on poster

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Since events such as seminars and workshops require paperwork such as issuing a consent form and answering surveys, QR codes on posters can minimize the workload.

In this way, people can no longer queue up to register in conferences and events.

In addition, poster designers can create a new QR code poster template as part of their output packages.

This way, you can create a productive and timesaving event without worrying about the load of paper you may need to draft and save for liquidations and statistics alike.

QR codes on posters: 5 best tips on how to get the best out outcome

1. Make a visual QR code

visual qr codes on poster

A great poster design that comprises better elemental mixes such as color, image, and text blending.

But as QR codes are a new addition to the poster template, creating a visually appealing QR code is a must.

Posters, flyers, cards, magazines, and other output papers are nothing without the aid of art.

As 70% of people more likely to remember a poster found on posts and bus stops, the need for integrating visual QR codes is highlighted.

To avoid negative impressions on your posters, here are a few things for you to consider:

  • Refrain from using light colors such as yellow ad pastel colors.
  • Avoid inverting the color of your QR code on the poster.
  • The foreground color should always be darker than the background color.
  • Never settle for plain-looking QR codes
  • Create a visual QR code that is chic yet visually appealing and scannable.

2. Add a logo, image, or icon

Event organizing is a difficult task to maintain. But as people recognize your hard work, stress and fatigue seem to fade away.

Just like integrating QR codes on posters, adding your logo in it addresses all the difficulties you’ve been through.

By adding your company’s logo on the QR code, the pride of the company is lifted and given recognition by others.

On the other hand, adding logos, image, or icon to your QR codes appends the QR codes on the poster’s design and gives the viewer an idea of what type of services your company offers.

All in all, inserting your logo, image, or icon your QR codes on a poster gives you a professional look and boosts the person’s confidence in scanning the QR code without thinking about the risks in scanning.

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3. Optimize your landing page for smartphone users

Since most of the scans take place on smartphones, you must optimize your landing page in the mobile view only.

This means, the load duration should only last for 3 seconds as users have a short attention span.

By using the appropriate elements that you can create a beautiful and interactive landing page.

4. Consider the right size

QR code sizing is important when scanning.

The scan-ability depends on the size and distance of the scanner and the QR code.

By saving the QR code in SVG format and scaling the QR code’s size according to the space provided in your posters, brochure, advertising post, etc., the tendency of scan delays minimizes. 

The sizing formula for effective QR code scanning is the distance of the person who scans it divided by 10.

By following this rule, you won’t get lost in scaling the perfect size of your QR codes on posters.

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5. Maintain a clutter-free QR code

undefined  A QR code’s graphics depend on the amount of information encrypted.

There are two notable types of QR codes that people use; static and dynamic QR codes. 

For static QR codes, the rule for embedding information is the shorter the information embedded, the better the visuals it gives.

However, if you can’t avoid adding a lengthy amount of information to your QR code, dynamic QR codes can come in handy.

Since dynamic QR codes don’t directly store data in its graphics, it creates a short URL that can easily redirect users to online information.

This gives a greater edge and a better advantage to posters, flyers, brochures, and magazines that want to implement audio and video viewing via QR codes.

The advantage dynamic QR codes can give you is that it enables you to change/remove content even if the QR code is already generated and printed. This way, you can maintain a clutter-free QR code on posters.

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Use QR codes on posters to give a digital dimension to your artwork

The points above absolutely prove one thing, QR codes can add value to a poster.

So, get your QR code generator with a logo and evaluate your poster design game forever. 

It’s essential to make use of dynamic QR code as they can help you in updating all your information behind your QR code like URL instantly and Dynamic QR codes allow you to track valuable consumer data. 


How to put a QR code on a poster? 

To put a QR code on poster, you need to generate a QR code first, download the QR code and print it along the poster. 

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