QR Codes on Posters: 11 Creative Use Cases

Update:  April 12, 2024
QR Codes on Posters: 11 Creative Use Cases

When you scan QR codes on posters, cards, and other materials using a smartphone, you can provide quick access to more details about your promotions. All it takes is one quick smartphone scan.

And since QR codes can store huge sizes, you can save space on your print material.

With QR codes on your print campaigns and advertisements, you can seamlessly take offline users to the online world.

And the best part? You don’t need to be a tech whiz to create your QR codes for posters. Use a reliable QR code generator and watch your sign come to life.

How to use QR codes for posters

QR codes on posters

Product Promotions

Marketers can add QR codes to their posters to promote or launch products creatively and interactively.

By including a QR code on a poster, you can direct your audience to a landing page where they can learn more about the product: its ingredients, benefits, allergen warnings, and customer reviews.

Presenting these details can encourage people to purchase your product. And to anticipate that, add an “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button to the page so it’s easier for them to place an order.

This strategy is especially effective for new products or limited-time offers.

Event promotions

Organizers must add essential details to posters when promoting an event, such as the date and time, venue, and ticket prices. But how would they fit all these in the limited space?

QR codes can help. Event facilitators can add the event’s complete details on a landing page and embed it in a poster with a QR code. This way, people can access the deets in just one scan.

You can also allow users to pre-order tickets by scanning the QR code.

Additionally, you can use QR codes on your posters to share event photos or videos, allowing your audience to relive the experience and generate excitement for future events.

Social media marketing

Incorporating a social media QR code on your posters is a game-changer.

It directs your audience to a landing page with all your social media accounts, inviting them to follow and actively engage with your brand online effortlessly.

This innovative approach boosts your social media following, enhances your brand’s visibility, and increases audience engagement.

The ease of scanning a QR code poster eliminates the need for manual searching or typing in URLs, streamlining the process and making it more enticing for your audience to connect with you digitally.

You can reach more audiences through this QR solution, increasing the potential to improve brand awareness and have more potential followers.

Contact information

Take your networking game to new heights by adding vCard QR codes on your posters. This approach not only saves time but also ensures accuracy and efficiency.

Here’s an example of how to use a poster with a QR code to reach new people.

Imagine you’re a real estate agent seeking to connect with potential buyers. Including a vCard QR code on your poster eliminates the hassle of manual data entry and offers an instant solution.

Interested buyers can scan the QR code using their smartphones, and voila — they have direct access to your contact details or an email inquiry form at their fingertips.

With a vCard QR code, you provide a seamless experience that empowers potential clients to reach out to you effortlessly.

Restaurant menus

The multi-URL QR code solution is an efficient tool for poster campaigns.

With its time redirection feature, users can easily redirect the same QR code to different URLs simultaneously without printing multiple codes.

For example, a restaurant can use a single QR code on its menu poster to direct customers to the morning and afternoon lunch menus, saving them time and resources.

Instant WiFi access

Say goodbye to the hassles of manually connecting to WiFi networks. With QR codes, instant WiFi access is just one scan away.

Imagine strolling through a bustling mall or relaxing at a trendy café. Suddenly, you stumble upon a poster displaying a WiFi QR code.

Scanning the QR code using your smartphone’s camera gives you immediate access to the WiFi network available at the location; no more asking for passwords or struggling to connect.


QR codes can also help in running donation drives. In making posters that explain the reason behind the fundraiser, add QR codes before printing them to make it easier for users to donate.

The QR code can take scanners to your online fundraising platform, where they can quickly send donations through their e-wallets or mobile banking apps.

Additionally, brands can use an HTML QR code generator to redirect users to a customized landing page that provides more information about the organization’s mission and impact.

Limited-time promotions

Dynamic QR codes are the perfect tool to bring promotions to life, offering the flexibility to adapt and the ability to set expiration dates for your QR codes’ validity.

This feature ensures that your promotion remains exclusive and creates a genuine sense of urgency.

You gain unprecedented control over your marketing strategy by using dynamic QR codes for your limited-time promotions.

You can also easily extend the offer, update the discount amount, or redirect customers to a new landing page.

Whether it’s a flash sale, a seasonal discount, or a special event offer, you can tailor the duration of your limited-time promotion to suit your specific goals and maximize customer engagement.

App downloads

Brands can benefit from including an app store QR code on poster. With these codes, customers can quickly find their app after scanning and easily download it.

It increases the brand’s app downloads and creates a more seamless customer experience.

And since it’s dynamic, brands can track the total number of scans and attribute them directly to their poster campaign, providing valuable insights for future marketing efforts.

Movie teasers

With the power of QR codes, you can take your film promotion to the next level.

Adding a QR code to your movie poster grants audiences instant access to an exclusive teaser, creating intrigue and excitement around your upcoming release.

You can strategically place your movie posters in high-traffic public places like malls, cafes, or theaters. People passing by will get drawn to the stunning visuals and compelling design.

But there’s more: Adding QR codes to your movie posters generates buzz and provides valuable insights.

By tracking the scans, you can gather analytics on audience engagement and understand which locations drive the most interest.

This data empowers you to refine your marketing strategy, target key demographics, and ensure maximum impact for your movie release.

Customer feedback

Convenience is vital in today’s fast-paced world, and QR codes offer the ultimate solution.

Incorporating a feedback QR code on your posters creates a seamless and sustainable avenue for collecting valuable insights.

Customers can provide feedback on their terms at their convenience, whether visiting your store, passing by your poster, or even from the comfort of their homes.

They can easily access a digital feedback platform with a QR code on their posters with one scan.

It eliminates the need for physical suggestion boxes and streamlines the feedback collection process.

Static vs dynamic: which should you use for your posters?

When creating eye-catching and interactive posters, one critical decision is choosing between static or dynamic QR codes.

Understanding the differences between these two QR code types can help you determine which best suits your needs.

Static QR codes

Static QR codes embed data directly into their pattern, making it permanent. You won’t be able to change the data once you’ve generated the QR code.

This QR code is suitable for campaigns that don’t require frequent updates. You can use it when designing a poster for a long-term promotion, a permanent display, or a one-time campaign.

Here’s the good news: Most QR code generator software offers static QR codes for free.

Dynamic QR codes

On the other hand, dynamic QR codes are more advanced. Instead of embedding your data directly in their pattern, they store a short URL. Meanwhile, your data is on a web server.

When users scan the QR code, the short URL redirects them to the target URL or the link you actually embedded. In the case of files, it leads to a landing page to view and download the file.

This unique feature allows you to update the content associated with the code at any time, even after the posters have been printed and distributed.

Dynamic QR codes are also trackable. You can monitor real-time scan data: the total number of scans, the time and location of each scan, and the device used by the scanner.

With all these features, dynamic QR codes bring more advantages to QR code users,

Benefits of using QR codes for posters

QR codes have become increasingly popular digital marketing tools for various industries. These codes can elevate your campaigns and make them more engaging and efficient.

If you’re still doubting how posters with QR codes can help your marketing efforts, here are five advantages you’ll enjoy when you use them.

1. Increases engagement

Social media QR codes on posters

Whether it’s a promotion, a product launch, or an event, using QR codes on print media adds an interactive element that captivates your audience and encourages them to take action.

2. Boosts brand awareness

Adding a QR code to your poster templates can increase brand awareness. Since QR codes are customizable, you can add your logo to match your branding.

Additionally, QR codes allow you to showcase your products and services creatively and engagingly, making them more distinct and easy to remember.

3. Saves space

Poster QR code

4. Promotes transparency

QR codes act as gateways to transparency, enabling brands to disclose vital details in a user-friendly format.

This innovative approach allows brands to embed comprehensive ingredient lists, allergen information, and warning labels directly into the poster with a QR code.

It empowers consumers to make informed decisions and choose products that align with their preferences, dietary restrictions, or health concerns.

5. Offers measurable results

One of the most excellent benefits of using QR codes on your posters is the valuable data they can provide.

Dynamic QR codes can record all scan metrics: the total number of scans, the time and location of each scan, and the device type used by the scanner. And you can track these in real time.

By monitoring these valuable metrics, you can accurately measure your QR code’s engagement and determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Brands can use this data to adjust their strategy and improve their results for future campaigns.

6. Provides versatile functions

The versatility of QR codes empowers you to create tailored experiences, drive customer engagement, and achieve your marketing objectives with precision.

From marketing campaigns to interactive experiences, you can personalize QR codes to suit your goals.

You can simplify event registrations and drive attendance by incorporating QR codes on event posters. Or you can use QR codes to give customers instant access to detailed product information.

These examples merely scratch the surface of the countless possibilities QR codes offer on posters. They provide many functions, making them an invaluable tool for businesses and individuals.

7. Improves overall user experience

QR codes redefine the user experience by providing seamless and time-saving interactions.

They serve as gateways to many possibilities, allowing users to explore product details, access exclusive offers, register for events, or engage with interactive content effortlessly.

QR codes can also boost customer satisfaction. Users can accomplish tasks that would have taken minutes or even hours.

How to create QR codes for posters with QR TIGER

It also offers a freemium account with three dynamic QR codes, each with a 500-scan limit.

And on top of that, this software is ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. You can guarantee that your data is safe from security threats.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a QR code for your poster using QR TIGER:

  1. Go to the QR TIGER homepage and log in to your account.
  2. Select a QR code solution, then enter the required data.
  3. Select Static or Dynamic QR code, then click Generate QR code.
  4. Customize your QR code. Remember to use a frame with a call to action, then add your logo.
  5. Run a test scan with your smartphone, then click Download to save your QR code.

5 tips to follow when using QR codes on posters

Here are five tips that will guarantee the efficiency of the QR codes on your posters:

1. Customize your QR code

While traditional QR codes are black and white, you can now create custom-designed visual QR codes that incorporate your brand colors or design elements.

Customized QR codes can attract and engage users better than plain ones. And to guarantee that it will, you must customize your QR codes responsibly.

Opt for a light-colored background and a dark-colored foreground. The contrast between the opposing colors will improve your QR code’s readability.

While customization offers endless possibilities, remember one crucial don’t: avoid inverting colors. Doing so can lead to slower scans or make it unrecognizable.

2. Add your logo

Consider adding a logo, image, or icon to enhance your custom-designed QR code. It will make the QR code more recognizable. This would also make it seem legit and safe to scan.

And as mentioned above, adding logos will also help raise brand awareness.

But here’s a tip: You must ensure that the image or logo you’ll add to your QR code is high-quality.

However, be careful not to clutter the QR code with too many design elements, as this can make it difficult to scan.

3. Use a call to action

Add a CTA that leaves no room for confusion. Use concise and actionable language to communicate what you want your audience to do.

Consider the specific goal you want to achieve with your QR code. Whether it’s driving online sales, capturing leads, or promoting a new product, align your CTA with that objective.

Make your CTA straightforward and compelling. Examples include “Scan to Discover,” “Unlock Exclusive Offers,” or “Get Instant Access.”

With a clear, compelling, and strategically crafted call to action, you can inspire your audience to take the next step, turning passive viewers into active participants in your brand journey.

4. Optimize your landing page for mobile users

People will use their smartphones to scan the QR code and access its data, so you must guarantee your landing page is mobile-friendly.

It means ensuring the page loads quickly on mobile devices. Your landing page must be shorter or easier to navigate on a smartphone.

5. Consider the right size

It’s crucial to consider the right QR code size for your material. If the QR code is too small, it may be difficult for users to scan. And if it’s too large, it may detract from the overall design.

Ensure your QR codes are scannable and readable by following these size guidelines. A minimum size of 1.2 inches (3–4 cm) is recommended for short distances, such as business cards.

For a billboard 20 meters (65 feet) away, the minimum size for the QR code should be approximately 2 meters (6.5 feet) across. It secures visibility and readability even from a distance.

Optimal sizing is essential for QR codes on screens, such as websites or digital displays.

Considering the standard screen resolution of around 1366×768 pixels, aim for a size of at least 240 pixels x 240 pixels at 72 dpi. It ensures clarity and legibility on digital platforms.

Elevate your printed marketing game with QR codes

With QR codes on posters, anyone can get the best of both worlds — digital and print. Through this, you can efficiently bridge the offline and the online platforms.

By providing users with quick and easy access to additional information or exclusive offers, QR codes can help drive conversions and boost brand awareness.

And with QR TIGER — the best QR code generator — you can take your printed ads game to the next level.

Sign up for a freemium account and create customized poster QR codes today.

Brands using QR codes

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