12 Call to action examples that highly converts this 2022

Last updated:   July 11, 2022

A call to action in marketing is one of the vital factors when running an effective campaign or advertising. It is a crucial element that should be thought of carefully before carrying it out.

Yes, you might come up with a very good visual along with your campaign, but- if it doesn't communicate and understood by your audience, it is still of no use. 

Thus, a CTA or call to action is widely used when it comes to an effective marketing campaign.

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What is a call to action, and why is it important?

call to action
A "call to action," also referred to as a CTA, is a  term or phrase used within the marketing world as an effective way to catch the audience's attention. Meaning, its end goal is for the end-user to take action!

Using appropriate CTA in your marketing can make or break someone's campaign. It contributes largely to accomplishing someone's marketing goal. 

So what are CTA's? Well, it could be a short commanding word such as "Watch the Video" "Follow us for more information," or as "buy now."  

It is often just short sentences with a clickable button to bring the audience to the advertisement, promotion, and campaign. 

For example, you have already finished your product and is ready to sell with very catchy marketing. For instance, it could be in the form of videos or images.

Still, you would like to pique your customers interested in purchasing that product or services. The finishing element for this would be a strong call to action that will persuade your customer and convince them to act.

How to write a compelling call to action in marketing? Follow these tips and see the CTA examples

1. Use the verb form

Always indicate the action that you want your target audience to take. Make it very clear and catchy.

You can come up with the best visual, but if it doesn't communicate right with your target audience, chances are, they won't be converted.  

2. Make it personal 

Being personal with your customer is the best way to approach or pique their interest without sounding too much promotional.

This is also an effective way to lessen the airy vibe of being a marketer and more of like a friend to your customer, giving advice. So always make it personal as if you are talking to a friend and not a customer.

3. Create urgency

Give them a reason why should they buy or avail your product or services now! Create urgency! Make them realize what golden offer or opportunity they are missing! 

Depending on the kind of product or service you are marketing, it will always vary. For example, you can offer them a coupon or discount that will only be valid for 24 hrs.

This way, your target will be urged to take action before the deal expires.

Moreover, you can also offer them freebies such as "free trials."

4. Make it simple, concise and understandable

Always be straight forward with your CTA and state what they will get from it. Steer away from being confusing or putting a lot of unnecessary information that need not be there.

Just make it simple, brief, and concise. Provoke emotion and enthusiasm!

CTA examples in 2022

Customizable QR code frames with a bold call to action "sale"

call to action using qr codeSource

When Zara's QR code is scanned, it leads shoppers to the online store of the shop, allowing them to buy discounted items without having to enter the physical store. 

QR codes are 2D barcodes generated using a QR code generator online and are practically accessible using only smartphone devices. 

QR codes have been a vital tool when it comes to creating an effective campaign. QR code frames do not only serve its purpose by its customizable frames and CTAs, but these codes can connect physical and digital. 

Therefore, from a physical means of marketing, you can offer your target a whole new level of experience by taking them online.

QR codes are 2b barcodes that are generated using a QR code generator online and can be embedded with different information depending on what marketing type you want.  

It can be scanned using smartphone devices, which makes them accessible by everyone. It can boost your conversion and sales.

QR codes are popularly used in product packaging, food packaging, clothing, retail, and any kind of business as they are affordable and flexible anywhere it may be deployed.

Your call to action must be as clear, brief, and concise as possible. Create a sense of urgency and sell the worth of your offer.

However, you just don't merely create urgency —adding the art of creativity and always considering your customers' needs is the most important thing.

You can also check out some of the most successful QR code campaigns and how these companies are maximizing their QR code usage.

If you have further questions on how you can use QR codes as an effective call-to-action, you can also contact us. 

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examples of call to actionSource

"Dating a boy from the burbs and perfectly highlighting the "there's a playlist for that" just rightly make an excellent promotional tactic to music lovers. At the same time, it connects them on a personal level by making the CTA relatable to the audience.

You ought to also play with emotions, whether through humor, the fear of missing out, or the will to become a far better person. Even using best practices, knowing how to write a call to action remains not a particular science. 

Don't be afraid to experiment! Do your marketing research, use the proper verbiage, and A/B test the click-through rate of a couple of variations, and shortly your call to action will be a cut above the remainder

This is just one example of Spotify's compelling call to action by making the approach personal to the target audience.


call to action phrases examplesNetflix is probably the most popular household name when it comes to streaming movies and binge-watching.

However, what's very effective and practical in their CTA is the "Cancel Anytime." This immediately lets the users know that there's no risk related if they started to avail of the free trial.

At the same time, they can watch their favorite unlimited movies and shows anytime and cancel it any moment it may please them. Pro tip: If you can't watch Netflix on your area, you can make use of VPN or proxy services such as tamilrockers to bypass the restriction. 

This sub-line promotes the streaming platform's mobile nature that permits users to binge-watch their favorite TV shows wherever they'll be.


Vimeo is a video hosting, sharing, and services platform that operates on an ad-free basis.

Instead, it derives revenue by providing subscription plans for video content producers and offering software as a service (SaaS) with video creation, editing, broadcasting tools, enterprise software solutions, and the means for video professionals to connect with clients and other professionals.

Just above their CTA button, they made a pretty bold statement: "Bring people together with the video." And just below it is a short but captivating call to action create a high performing video, go live and collaborate with your team and share anywhere. call to action button

The homepage is straightforward, with a CTA button "Join for free" and "See plans," which go just perfect for the customers' easy navigation. Less is more 


call to action wordsWith a revolutionary direct-to-consumer business framework, Greats, an online footwear brand, has a very alluring CTA by displaying their referral program on their home page and the 'about us' button!

This is a powerful and effective CTA strategy because it keeps their referral program top-of-mind without being too pushy of their brand.

It's also direct and to the point, telling their target market exactly what they can gain from it ($25) without making an awkward plea to join.


call to action in writing

Wix made it bold and clear why you need to sign up for their platform to create your website.

Above their "Get started" CTA button is a very bold statement of the company's confidence that you can create your website and- you can be proud of using their platform.

Discover the platform that gives you the freedom to create, design, manage, and develop your web presence precisely the way you want.


call to action shopify"Build an online business- no matter what business you're in."

Shopify's call to action is bold, simple, and straightforward; it is advantageous as the CTA stands out. 

When you look at their website, you will first be drawn to read their CTA. Furthermore, the placement is just right as the people read from the left side going to the right. 

Adding a 2 CTA button with a call to action "Get started" is a smart move that urges the users to get started with their online business.

They even repeated this twice in the right corner of the Log in button.

Marcus Neiman

call to action marcus neimanNeiman Marcus Group, Inc., originally Neiman-Marcus, is an American chain of luxury department stores owned by the Neiman Marcus Group.

The brand used a very alluring and catchy typography animated gif in their marketing. Moreover, the campaign spells out the main product of their discounted items in a straightforward yet elegant font.

It's clean, chic, and simple.

They also highlighted the 40% off of their items to lure the customers into saving big from availing the regular prices.


call to action kohlsSource

A sense of urgency is written all over the place in Kohl's brilliant and catchy call to action!

Using a moving clock to lure their audience of the 25% off of their items, gives tension to the buyers that if they fail to purchase within the limited time, they're missing it out already!

Doing a GIF time-ticking clock makes it even more intense for their customers that they need to buy it now before the deal is over!

West Elm

call to action west elmSource

West Elm is a company that sells home décors, accessories, and designs.

And this company is one of the examples that will show you how you can be ~extra~ in your CTA and marketing campaign. 

Making it look real and alive for their audience the products and items they are selling make it very catchy by a GIF with turning lights on and off the lamp, which is such a bright idea! It gives the real feels of the home decors.

Moreover, the crossing off of the old price tags of the products replacing it with a much cheaper is a good idea as the customers can compare it. They can definitely save big! 


call to action huluHulu is a popular streaming app with unlimited shows that people can watch. 

Hulu's call to action is very simple, and the copy ads itself represents it. They are using color swapping in their ad highlighting their previous subscription's lower price, with a clickable "sign up" button that urges the watchers to sign up for it right away! Which creates a sense of urgency!

Call to action phrases examples

There are a lot of phrases you can use in your call to action depending on what type of product you are marketing. Listing down the lists above includes: 

  • Purchase now! Limited time offer
  • Create a website your proud of! 
  • Scan to watch video
  • Discounted prices x percent off! 
  • Add to cart/wishlist
  • Get this now for free
  • Buy one take one! 
  • Get started now!

Call to action in marketing: Make an effective CTA powered with the QR code technology

A call to action in marketing serves as a direct call to your target market. That's why, making it clear, bold, simple yet strong, and persuasive is a critical factor to call the attention of your audience. 

Moreover, adding a QR code will help in making it even more catchy for your target audience. Imagine this: you can connect them from the physical world to the online world. 

This gives you a plus factor by leveraging their experience using high tech yet affordable technology, that streamlines the process from the computer screen to the print material. 

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