Successful QR code campaigns and how these brands are killing it

Last updated:   October 18, 2022

As QR codes are re-entering the marketing limelight, companies are successfully implementing the use of QR code campaigns into their marketing routine.

Since QR codes are introduced in 1994, many complicated processes are redefined and simplified. Because of their ability to redefine complex tasks, small and large brands create a QR code powered marketing campaign.

Aside from their ability to simplify tasks, creating and scanning a QR code is can be utilized with the use of your mobile device. 

If you are planning to start your marketing campaign with QR codes, here are the following concepts that you can follow.

What is a QR code campaign?

successful QR code campaigns

A QR code campaign is a type of marketing campaign that uses QR codes generated from the best QR code generator to store additional marketing materials without printing new pages for their flyers.

This type of marketing campaign allows companies to improve their customer engagements with the use of the QR code technology.

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10 Successful QR code campaigns and how they do it

With its usefulness during the COVID-19 pandemic, here are 10 of the successful QR code campaigns that help spread health awareness.

1. McDonald’s Contactless Contact Tracing Dine-in Campaign

mcdonald successful QR code campaign

As the food industry is one of the most affected sectors during the COVID-19 outbreak, contactless dining measures are deployed to every dining establishment. And one of the establishments that conform to this call is McDonald’s.

As contact tracing is one of the preventive measures that the health community requires, McDonald’s display their contact tracing QR codes in their customer registration booth.

The use of the QR code campaign allows their customers and staff to maintain a contact-free interaction with each other.

Currently, the countries that implement this campaign are Russia, Australia, and, Singapore.

2. QR codes advertising of Burger King VMA Whopper using discount QR codes

QR code marketing ideas

The 2020 MTV VMA follows no in-person ceremony. As viewers are advised to watch the show at home on their televisions, Burger King partners with Lil Yachty to drop a Whopper discount and 2021 VMAs tickets giveaway with the use of QR codes.

The campaign kicks off as Lil Yachty performs his song and the QR codes start to flash throughout his performance.

Through the use of the performer’s VMA performance, Burger King connects with the viewers and successfully create a definitive move with technology.

3. Ikea Buy Back QR code offer campaign

QR code advertising ikea

As furniture shopping is one of the hardest things to do today, some buyers mistakenly purchase an item that they no longer needed in their offices or homes.

Because of that, Ikea, a Swedish furniture company, created a new buyback system that incorporates the use of QR codes.

The Buy-Back system allows customers to return a product from Ikea in exchange for an in-store gift card that they can redeem on their next Ikea product purchase.

To successfully return the product, there are some terms and conditions that a customer should follow. And with the confirmation QR code that they will scan to get the referral number to its physical store staff, the transaction simplifies their means of returning the product.

Thus, giving Ikea a more customer-friendly service with their QR codes.

4. NikePlus personal QR code acknowledgment system

qr code examples in ads

In 2020, Nike upscale their customer loyalty campaign with the use of QR codes. With NikePlus as part of their customer loyalty campaign, personal QR codes are formed.

The use of QR codes allows Nike staff to scan their customer’s information.

Through NikePlus personal QR code acknowledgment system, Nike’s campaign to bring their customers closer to them becomes a success.

5. Amazon Halloween delivery boxes

QR code marketing

As people do get bored with the stay-at-home policy being implemented during the Halloween season, Amazon adds a QR code in their Halloween delivery boxes to spark up the customers’ creativity.

With QR codes attached in the boxes, Amazon shoppers craft their own pumpkin design on the box and scan the QR code attached to it on Amazon’s AR app.

The campaign was a success and brought the Halloween spirits of Amazon’s shoppers back.

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6. TopFruit Tourism campaign

topfruit tourism campaign qr code

TopFruit is one of Oman’s juice beverage brands that focuses on bringing more added-value in their product packaging.

Oman RefCo, TopFruit’s company, started a TopFruit tourism campaign with QR codes.

With a campaign that helps them increase their sales and promote Oman, attaching a QR code that shows Oman’s landmarks in the product packaging is in a roll.

7. Maimonides Medical Center COVID-19 Contact Tracing Census

Aside from the business sectors’ QR code campaign for better marketing results, the health care system also launches its COVID-19 contact tracing census campaign.

Maimonides Medical Health Center is a hospital that is located in Brooklyn, New York City. And with New York topping U.S. COVID-19 case count, Maimonides introduces a new way to census people who go in and out of their emergency room area.

The QR code works as a contact tracing portal where people will no longer need to use a pen and paper to fill up their information.

Its utilization helped the hospital keep up with the increasing amount of admissions while maintaining its COVID-19 health protocol.

8. Thank My Farmer Coffee Tracking Campaign with a QR code

Farmer Coffee Tracking Campaign with a QR code

Thank My Farmer is an IBM blockchain-based tracking app that focuses on tracking the origin of the food people purchase and consume.

The app helps consumers know where are the products come from.

With Beyers Koffies participation in the Thank My Farmer campaign in the U.S. and Canada, their coffee products are embedded with QR codes where consumers can scan them via the Thank My Farmer app.

The QR code they scan directs them to the coffee’s origin farm and how they are being processed.

9. Macy’s Black Friday QR code bonanza

Macy marks its tenth-year usage of QR codes in its Black Friday sale in 2020.

As 2020 is the year where shopping becomes different than the previous Black Friday sale, their use of QR codes has paid off and become a major success in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

10. L’Oréal’s virtual makeup try-on QR code campaign

loreal qr code

With the pandemic hindering our cosmetics shopping and sample testing, L’Oréal Paris comes up with a QR code campaign that let makeup enthusiasts virtually try on some products before purchasing them.

The campaign started in September 202 and is receiving great praises from its avid cosmetics fan.

As experimentation contributes to product wastage, L’Oréal Paris found a virtual solution that can help their customers try the makeup on before buying them.

Each cosmetic product has a corresponding QR code where you can scan it with your phone and proceed in trying a new makeup shade on.

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How to create a QR code for your campaign?

To create a QR code for your marketing campaign, here are 5 easy steps to do them.

1. Go to QRTIGER QR code generator 

QRTIGER QR code generator

QRTIGER QR code generator online is one of the best and reliable QR code software that you can use to host your QR code marketing campaigns.

It is trusted by big companies and helped other startups to do their QR code part with its budget-friendly pricing.

Aside from its budget-friendly pricing, it has a simple and ad-free QR code generation interface that allows users of all ages to create their QR codes.

It has an SSL certificate that ensures that it is a credible QR code generator that secures your information. 

2. Select the category of your QR code campaign

QR code solutions Once you have opened the QR code generator, continue selecting the category of your QR code campaign content and fill in the required fields.

With today’s technological improvement, there are different QR code solutions that you can use to power your campaign.

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3. Generate as dynamic QR code

dynamic QR code

After filling in the required fields, proceed in generating your QR code. For a more competitive edge, it is recommended to generate it as a dynamic QR code.

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4. Personalize your QR code design

customize QR code

You can customize your QR code design by selecting the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors to match your QR code campaign’s theme.

By personalizing your QR code, you can increase your scan rate by 130%.

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5. Test if it the QR code works

QR code test

As you customize your QR code, testing it is important to ensure a faster scanning rate and avoid any information display error.

To accurately test your QR code, you can use different devices with different OS to scan the QR code.

6. Download and deploy

svg QR code After running a scan test with your QR code, you can proceed in downloading your QR code, attach it to your material and deploy.

To display a high-quality QR code output in your print marketing materials, downloading your QR code in SVG format is recommended.

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Why brands of the future choose QR codes?

1. Creates an easy offline-to-online connection

offline-to-online connection QR code Brands use QR codes to simplify their offline-to-online connection with their customers.

As providing easy access for the consumers is important to wield a successful marketing campaign, the QR code choice materialize it. Because of that, brands are getting more attention from their customers.

2. Stores more information

One thing that the use of QR codes fascinates brands is its ability to store more information in one code. Because of their ability to store more data, brands can empower a successful digital marketing campaign with it.

3. Cost-efficient

Believe it or not, creating a QR code doesn’t require a greater budget.

With their partnership with the best QR code generator, brands are efficiently killing their QR code campaign with higher ROIs.

4. Data is editable and trackable

dynamic QR code editable Since most QR code marketing campaigns are powered with dynamic QR codes, the use of them gives brands a more competitive edge from others.

Thanks to its data editing and tracking features, brands can keep up with the market demand. Also, it enables brands to track their campaign scan data with its comprehensive tracking feature.

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5. Provides usage convenience

One thing brands look for in an effective marketing campaign tool is its capability to provide usage convenience for all.

As more than half of the world’s population have their own smartphones and access to the internet, the usage of convenience QR codes can give to their customers is remarkable.

That is one of the reasons why brands of the future use QR codes.

Tips on How to create a successful QR code campaign?

To create a successful QR code campaign, QR code experts recommend the following tips.

1. Think of interest piquing ideas for your campaign.

The first tip QR code experts can give to you is to think of interest piquing ideas for your QR code campaign. And one way to create one is by considering the existing QR code solutions that can be useful for your campaign. Or browse through some of the successful QR code campaigns made by other brands and improve them.

2. Revolutionize your QR code design output

QR code design Once you have put your idea in place and generate a QR code for it, it is best to revolutionize its design.

As a well-designed QR code can bring more scan impressions, upscaling its design is a bonus point for increasing marketing results.

There are three notable ways on how to revolutionize your QR code design output:

Make a visually appealing QR code look – you can make your QR code more visually appealing by choosing the right color contrast and element blend.

Ensure its accuracy when scanning – to ensure accuracy when scanning, create a QR code template that will not disrupt your customer.

Add a compelling call to action tag – to get more scans, make a compelling call to action tag. When making one, make sure that your target audience can get a hint about the QR code’s content.

3. Partner with the best and a professional QR code generator.

To run a successful QR code campaign, you should partner with the best QR code generator online.

When choosing one, you should always consider its value for your buck deals.

Also, you should select one that values your business growth. In this way, you can ensure a smooth QR code campaign period.

4. Track your market penetration with the use of dynamic QR code tracking

QR code tracking One thing you should always remember to have a successful QR code campaign is by tracking your marketing penetration with the use of dynamic QR codes.

This way, you can measure your marketing success rate with the QR code tracking measures.

The data that you can track with your QR code campaign is the total number of scans made, timeline of the scans made( day, week, months, or years), device used in scanning(IOS, Android, or PC), and location of the scans made (Region, Country, and City).  

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QR codes for marketing campaigns – boosting your future marketing outcomes

As the means for marketing domination evolves, stepping up your marketing efforts with technology is a great move to boost your marketing results.

And to do that, you can use QR codes in your next marketing leap.

With the help of the best QR code generator like QRTIGER, you can successfully realize your marketing results and boost them.

In this way, you can start envisioning a QR code powered future for you and your marketing. 

For more questions about generating your QR codes in bulk, you can contact us now for more information. 

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