How to Create a QR Code for a Picture

Update:  August 22, 2023

Looking for a faster way to share images? Create a QR code for a picture. You can easily distribute the QR code to your recipients.

They can access the embedded image with just one scan.

According to Filecamp, file-sharing is an important factor in any industry.

That’s why businesses must choose the best and most efficient image-sharing software.

Using advanced platforms like a QR code generator online tool, you can enjoy a hassle-free and time-saving mode of image dissemination.

To know more about this digital product, read this blog guide.

How to use the H5 editor QR code for images and digital photo gallery sharing

Image gallery QR code

It will make it easier for you to display images on one HTML page, create a digital image gallery QR code, and share it with your target audience.

It’s a smart and safe alternative to online file storage platforms, hard drive storage, and Bluetooth-based file sharing.

Your recipients can readily access the image embedded in just a quick scan of their phones.

What’s cool about this versatile tool is that multiple users or recipients can access the QR code simultaneously, wherever and whenever.

Additionally, the H5 editor QR code for images cuts the time spent browsing your public clouds and online file drives, saves you from potential malware access via hard drive file sharing, and protects you from cyber threats.

Even better, you won’t have to pay just to have your own website domain.

The HTML provided by this QR code solution can function as your digital image gallery landing page.

You can run this without coding and programming as well. So it’s more convenient and even more effective, especially for beginners.

File QR code: an alternative to the H5 solution

The File QR code solution lets you convert images to a QR code. 

But unlike the H5 editor QR code solution, you can only upload one image per QR.

You can embed an illustration, infographics, photograph, or any other images into the QR code to make them easily accessible to your target recipient with the help of professional QR code software.

Apart from images, you can also store different types of file formats in this dynamic QR code solution.

You can embed documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, and audio. So, it’s like an all-in-one file-sharing QR code.

How to create a QR code for a picture using the best QR code generator

To convert an image to a QR code, you first need to look for a professional QR code software

By choosing a reliable QR code software, like QR TIGER,  you are guaranteed a smooth-sailing QR code creation process with multiple features for your file-sharing campaign.

You can also benefit from QR TIGER’s QR code features suitable for any digital campaign, such as image sharing.

And with its user-friendly interface, you won’t have a hard time navigating for tabs and buttons if you plan on creating your QR codes.

1. Select the H5 editor QR code icon and click on slider images. You can also add texts, and other elements on the HTML page provided

2. Tap the Generate dynamic QR code. Customize using the tools provided in the QR code generator

3. Run a test scan to check for errors

4. Download in SVG or PNG  format and deploy

Industries that can benefit from converting a photo to QR codes

Because of its versatility, the H5 editor QR code solution can be applied to various industries for any digital campaign.

Here are some of them:

Real estate

According to recent statistics, 45% of realtors find it hard to keep up with new technologies when improving their services.

Good thing that digital marketing is a dependable strategy for any type of business.

One strategy they can employ is the use of a QR code campaign.

Generating a QR code for images allows clients and potential buyers to access photos of your property.

You can embed a photo collage of the house on sale to the QR code, print it on your posters or flyers, and distribute them to your target market.

They can immediately view the interior and exterior design without visiting your properties or accessing your website.

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Teachers can also use QR code technology to disseminate illustrations and infographics to their classes quickly.

With a QR code for pictures, you can share these visual media with your students whether you’re in a face-to-face learning or distance learning setup.

You can plaster your image QR codes in your learning centers, send them via online messaging platforms, or attach them to other documents.

Students can scan the QR code to access the photos immediately, download them, and view them anytime.

Business and marketing

Companies can secure a convenient image-sharing from one team to another once they use an HTML page as their digital image portfolio or gallery.

You can guarantee that with such a fast mode of image dissemination, you can streamline and complete your tasks.

Generating an H5 editor QR code for a picture allows you to send those important image files to your employees, advertising collaterals, investors, and potential business partners.

Architecture and engineering

With the H5 editor QR code solution, architecture and engineering companies can effectively and securely share and access images.

This makes it easier for the people in this industry to control the distribution of their BIM, CAD, and other important assets.

Converting a photo to QR codes guarantees a low-maintenance file-sharing platform.

You can rest assured that you’re at very low risk of malware access, unlike when using a hard drive and cloud storage. 

You also don’t need to hire an entire technical team to maintain the software. Choosing the most professional QR code software is enough to run this campaign successfully.


Since the onset of the pandemic, around 88% of restaurateurs have wanted to switch to a contactless menu.

To do this, you must choose the best QR code generator software and create a QR code for a picture with the File QR code solution.

You can convert your restaurant menu’s PDF, JPEG, or PNG file into a QR code.

With this strategy, you immediately have a contactless PDF menu that will allow your customers to access your menu instantly. 

Now, it’s hassle-free for you to promote an interactive and hygienic dining experience.


Hospitals, clinics, and even pharmacies can use QR code technology as their digital system for centralized file sharing.

Integrating the file QR code images is a must in an industry where data dissemination needs strict control and monitoring.

You can easily send patient data or medical information from one hospital department to another without worrying about leaking them.

You can protect the confidential information of your patients and clients with the QR code file solution.

H5 editor QR code solution features to look out for at QR TIGER

The H5 editor QR code solution offers its users a multitude of features.

This is because this is a dynamic type of QR code.

You’ll have a high-functioning QR code-based image dissemination system because all its features are designed to make it easier for users to share file images in just a scan.

Even better, with QR TIGER QR code software, you will have centralized software for all your QR code campaigns packed with benefits offered only to its users.

Here are the file QR code features you can employ from QR TIGER:

Editable embedded content

Editable QR code`

A dynamic H5 editor QR code also has an advanced feature that allows you to update or edit the QR code content anytime.

So, if you want to change the HTML page or the images you want to send to your employees, business partners, and other contacts, you can easily do it through this feature.

This is a total money-saver because you no longer need to invest in another set of QR codes, print mediums, and other means of dispensing the code to your network.

All you have to do is edit your QR code campaign at your chosen QR code generator.

QR code scans tracking

You will also have access to QR TIGER’s dashboard, which will give you an in-depth analysis of your overall QR code scans.

This enables you to understand how well your QR code campaign is working.

You can view the total number of scans, the location where your QR code was scanned, the time when your QR code was scanned, and the device used to scan it.

Now, it’s easier for you to monitor and manage a wide-scale file-sharing system for any industry.

Password-protection feature

You can control the people who can access the HTML page embedded using this QR code feature.

By accessing your QR TIGER account dashboard, you can set up your QR code’s restrictive password.

Once scanned, a page asking for the code password will pop up on the scanner’s screen.

Only those who know the QR code password can open the embedded HTML page of your images.

This is a smart solution, especially for industries that constantly need to share or send off confidential files.

Email notification feature

With this feature, you can receive notifications for your QR code campaign. There are four notification frequencies you can choose from: hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.

You will find the email notifications in the email you used for your QR TIGER account.

With this feature, it’s easier for you to monitor the frequency of your QR code’s scans.

Deployable in print and digital

For a more efficient image-sending system, you can print the QR code on physical materials such as documents and flyers or display them on digital screens like company kiosks, LED screens, and phones.

This versatility allows you to reach a wider potential recipient of your image files.

You can deploy them anywhere you like without worrying about their scannability.

Wherever you wish to place your H5 editor QR codes, it will not affect the high readability of your QR code campaign.

QR TIGER QR codes also come with error correction, which can protect the quality of printed QR codes. They’ll remain readable despite having surface damage.

Convert to a QR code-based file-sharing system with QR TIGER now

Choosing the best file-sharing software or tool helps industries in securing sensitive assets, monitor image transfer and acquisition, and minimize potential malware sharing.

With QR code technology, you can seamlessly send and receive images protected by advanced QR code features.

It’s cost-effective, has high-security measures, and is also highly accessible.

You can easily create a QR code for a picture with QR TIGER, the best QR code generator, and enjoy a worry-free, error-proof system.

Start your QR code journey by signing up for our free trial now.

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