How to Create a Custom Home Page with Links Using a Landing Page QR Code

Update:  August 19, 2023
How to Create a Custom Home Page with Links Using a Landing Page QR Code

Do you need to create a custom homepage with links? In that case, you probably would think that to get started, you must buy a domain and host first, which can be costly.  

But did you know that you can easily make a quick custom homepage with links without any of those things using QR codes? 

You can save more time and money as you no longer need to purchase a domain.

QR code experts see these pages as a way to improve a business’ landing pages — the landing page QR code solution generated with an HTML QR code generator rises.

Continue reading to customize your homepage with links using a landing QR code.

Landing page QR code solution: A quick set-up to create your custom homepage with links

Landing page QR code

The estimated cost you have to pay for a developer for website maintenance is around $5–$5,000/month or $60-$60,000/year, according to Hostinger, depending on the website’s size and type.  

So instead of buying your domain name and web hosting platform and hiring a developer, which can be costly, you can create a customized home page with links using a QR code in just a few clicks.

But remember, this is only applicable if you only need a direct online landing page for your product information or whatever it could contain.

That, a landing page QR code will do. 

landing page QR code solution allows you, and even a tech noob, to design a landing page without studying or employing a programmer or a coder.

Using the best QR code generator, you can generate a customized landing page QR code.

Several industries use this technology, including real estate, business displays, online menus, and catalogs, to name a few.

Scan QR code

Your landing page will load faster if you use an optimized QR code web page for mobile scanning.

By using a landing page QR code, you can tell people to open these landing pages by scanning the QR code.

 These sites function similarly to a URL or QR code but are customized and tailored for mobile use.

You can also use QR codes in events, promotions, and interactive teaching with your students.

Using a QR code will boost the engagement rate between your QR code and your intended audience.

How to create a custom homepage with links using a landing page QR code

1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator

One of the best ways to make a custom homepage with links using a QR code is to use a QR code generator like QR TIGER. 

Go to QR TIGER and choose the landing page QR code solution.

Customize your homepage and add features here. You can add a title and description using the landing page QR code generator.

With this, you don’t need to learn to code or build a website. The landing page editor QR code can help non-programmers develop websites.

Here are some of the easy steps for creating a website using the landing page's editor:

2. Add your homepage title

Page title

3. Use the provided tools to design your website

Website design

4. If you have coded content, go to the coded view and paste it if you have one

Coded QR code

5. Generate your customized homepage QR code

Dynamic QR code

Once you are already satisfied with the test you’ve made, you can now proceed with downloading your custom homepage QR code.

Upon downloading your custom homepage QR code, ensure that the format you follow will not compromise its quality.

And when designing a QR code, users must keep in mind some basic rules to ensure that the scanners can read it.

6. Do a scan test

Scan QR code

Scan your QR code to ensure it works properly when you’ve finished creating and editing it. 

You’ll be able to see if your QR code is working correctly or if there are any problems.

7. Download and display

Display QR code

If you’re happy with the outcome of your test, you’re ready to move on to downloading and displaying the QR code.

You must ensure that the format you choose for your customized homepage QR code download does not lower its quality.

People are less likely to scan your QR code if it is of poor quality.

This means that your time and work will be in vain.

Vector file formats like SVG are the preferred choice of QR code experts for QR code downloads.

Your print marketing materials, including brochures, flyers, posters, and newspapers, can use QR codes after downloading the file.

Using this strategy, you can get more leads and transform them into paying customers.

Advantages of a customized homepage using Landing Page QR code

A QR code can help simplify our daily lives in today’s digitally dependent culture.

Consequently, QR codes can enhance their contact with people.

Consider the following benefits of a custom homepage using a landing page QR code:

Easy to set up

Setting up landing page QR codes is much easier when using the QR TIGER generator.

You can select a homepage template using QR TIGER. Simply click the upper left corner of the landing page editor and click on the “template” button.

There you will find various landing page editor templates.

In addition to this, you may also add and save your template.

Easy to add links

With landing page QR codes, you can design your homepage and easily add links.

You can add a link to it in the same way as other domains or websites. This can allow your scanners to function like they were accessing a typical homepage.

Editable in content

When you use a landing page QR code for your custom homepage, you can edit the content that has been embedded on it as it’s a Dynamic QR code.

A landing page QR code is a Dynamic QR code that allows users to edit and update their customized homepage content.

Users no longer need to print out another homepage QR code. 

They only have to edit the QR code content in their QR code generator, and once the changes are saved, the content will be updated automatically.

Designed for smartphone devices

We all know that a QR code is meant to be scanned using a smartphone device. Make your custom homepage QR code mobile optimized, as it can increase excellent customer satisfaction.

Also, you don’t have to worry about landing pages taking so long to load.

Trackable QR code

Dynamic QR codes allow you to track the activity of your QR code campaign, which is why landing page QR codes can be an excellent strategy.

With this type of QR code, you can see the following:

  • Total scans – You can view your QR code’s total number of scans
  • Time chart – you can see when your QR code is scanned the most.
  • Device chart – you can see which devices are used in scanning your code and;
  • Map chart – you can view the spot where your code is scanned on the map.

Interactive landing page

Marketers and companies are getting behind in landing pages as it is helpful to make interactive landing pages.

Marketers can get their audience more involved with virtual products before letting them buy them because of their interactive features.

It helps save time, money, and effort

Using these QR codes will help you save time, money, and energy, whether it’s for your business or personal use.

Creating a QR code for a customized homepage is easy as it is cost-effective.

Why? Because it’s a dynamic QR code.

Dynamic QR codes allow you to modify the embedded material without generating a new QR code.

Additionally, you can save money by not having to print another copy. Using a single QR code for various content is sufficient.

Create a custom homepage with links using QR TIGER QR code generator online

Several QR code generators can help you with your QR code campaign.

But with QR TIGER, you can’t just generate a QR code; you can also create your homepage and a customized one, at that. 

Start your QR code adventure now with QR TIGER QR code generator.

To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us now. We are available to assist you 24/7.

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