How to Create Real-Time Trackable QR Codes

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Update:  April 20, 2023
How to Create Real-Time Trackable QR Codes

Trackable QR codes in real-time setting are made possible by generating your QR code solution in a dynamic QR form.

Generating trackable QR codes are essential if you are planning to use your QR codes in business and marketing schemes.

Like any other marketing tools in the market, these technological advancements must streamline your business process and impact your current marketing technique.

So, how does tracking QR codes work, and how does it allow you to gauge your overall QR code marketing campaign success?

Let’s find out!

What are trackable QR codes, and how does it work?

Trackable QR codes enable you to unravel your QR code scans or statistics in real-time.

Thus, you can monitor your scans or QR campaign anytime you want.

However, your QR code solution is only trackable if it is generated in a dynamic form. 

Using a dynamic type of QR code solutions, you can unlock your scans’ data, such as the time when you get the most scans, the geographical location of your scanners, the time when they scanned, and which type of device they used. 

Are they Android users or iPhone users?

Static and dynamic QR codes 

Static QR codes 

Static QR codeStatic QR codes are free to create, and the validity of your QR codes will last for a lifetime. It will never expire. However, they are not editable and trackable.

Therefore, you cannot change the information of your QR after generation.  That being said, static QR codes are only good for the one-time campaign or use.

Though you can experience a free trackable QR code during trial, it's a temporary solution for your campaign.

It is never advisable for marketing and business if you wish to track your QR update and use the QR codes for the long term. 

Dynamic QR codes 

Dynamic QR code

If you want to track QR code scan metrics, you should use dynamic QR codes. They are an advanced and flexible type of QR, unlike the static QR code.

The information encrypted in the dynamic QR code is stored in the QR code generator software online, where you have generated your QR code thus, it can track your QR code scans.

That being said, you can definitely trace your QR code scans and update or edit your QR information anytime you want, even if your dynamic QR code has been printed to different marketing materials, whether it is on billboards, posters, magazines etc. 

Furthermore, with dynamic QR codes, you can also unlock more advanced features that are useful for business and marketing. Like how payment QR codes China has that streamlines check out and purchase process. 

The dynamic QR code only contains a short URL in the code’s graphics, which leads scanners to a piece of online information and does not explicitly store its data right away in the code.

How to create trackable codes 

  • Go to QR TIGER QR code generator 
  • Click from the menu what type of QR code solution do you need for your marketing and business.  
  • Enter the corresponding data of your chosen QR code solution
  • Choose Dynamic QR
  • Click Generate QR code
  • Make your QR code attractive.
  • Test your Dynamic QR code before downloading and printing it
  • Distribute your QR code in your marketing materials
  • Click on the track data button to track your QR code results.

QR code with tracking: How does the QR code tracking system work? 

Tracking your QR code’s data is essential for a better marketing strategy and improving your campaign along the way.

You can do this successfully with the right app integrations like using a QR code to create a seamless workflow you can track.

If you are not tracking your QR code campaign’s statistics, you are simply wasting all the effort you put into your QR code marketing by leaving all the sales opportunities to your competitors that could have been yours.

When you generate your QR code in a Dynamic QR, you can uncover valuable metrics necessary to analyze your marketing goals, target market, or audience.

QR code metrics stored using a dynamic QR code generator online

Real-time statistics of your QR code scans

QR code tracking

You can filter your scans’ data by days, weeks, months, or years, allowing you to have streamlined dates of which time you get the most QR code scans or traction.

This allows you to understand the flow of your QR campaign. 

Device used by your scanners 

Track QR code

This allows you to gauge the type of device your target market use. Are your scanners iPhone or Android users?

Map chart for a wider QR code scans view

QR code location

The map chart using the QR code generator gives you a comprehensive, detailed, and better view from anywhere in the world where people have scanned your QR Code!

You can view the number of scans for your QR code in America even when you're in Europe or Asia. Moreover, under the map chart, you can see the summary of your QR code scans’ overall analytics. 

Track your total scans, QR code campaign remaining, Total QR code campaign

Scan QR code

How to make trackable QR codes? A step-by-step guide

Step 1. Go to QR TIGER 

QR code generator

Step 2. Click from the menu what type of QR code solution you need for your marketing and business.

QR code solutions

QR TIGER offers several QR code solutions for your need.

Whether you want to convert a video to a QR code or have a multi URL QR code for your global campaign, it’s all here. 

You can choose from a variety of QR code solutions for your specific need.

Enter the corresponding data of your chosen QR code solution

Every QR code solution has a different corresponding data that you should input.

Simply follow the instruction or the needed information that comes along with each box.

Step 3. Choose the dynamic QR code

Generate QR code

To make a trackable QR code, switch from static to dynamic QR and click the “generate QR code button” to generate your QR.

Step 4. Customize your QR code's design

Custom QR code

Did you know that a customized QR code gets 30 percent more scans than a monochromatic QR code?

Make sure to put a style in your QR code that is according to your aim or brand. Make it stand out.

Step 5. Test your Dynamic QR code before downloading it

Test QR code

Although you can change the content of your dynamic QR code as it is editable. 

However, it is always advisable to do a scan test not only to see if it redirects to correct information but to see if it scans quickly, provided you have followed the QR code best practices and avoid code mistakes.

Step 6. Distribute your QR code in your marketing materials

If you are now done checking your trackable QR codes, you can print them now in your marketing material or distribute them online like your personal webpage/website or social media.

Step 7. Start to track your QR code

Track QR code analytics
To track your QR code scans, click on the track data button to uncover your QR code scanners’ demographics and other important QR code data. 

Track QR code with Google Analytics

You can also integrate QR code generator with Google Analytics for a more in-depth data tracking. You can follow this steps:

  • Go to your google analytics account or set it up if you don't have one
  • Click admin and copy your google analytics tracking ID
  • Go to your QR code generator, and click "my account"
  • Copy your google analytics ID to the field provided
  • Click save

Once you are done saving changes into your QR code generator, you can now track your QR codes in Google Analytics.

If you don't have a QR code generator account yet, use the QR TIGER QR code generator and even customize your QR code.

QR code best practices 

Put a call to action or a CTA.

Call to action QR code

Putting a call to action or a proper CTA like “Scan me” or “Scan to save file” will allow your target audience to understand what they will get from scanning your QR code. 

For instance, when using a QR code generator for teachers and learning institutions, it's best to add clear instructions so students know what to do next. 

Do not invert the color of your QR code

Color QR codeQR code readers and scanners are already set to scan QR codes with a dark foreground and lighter background like those black and white QR code.

While it’s not wrong to use other colors and make those QR code pop, it is essential to be mindful that you do not invert the colors. 

Also, keeping the right contrast of your QR code’s color make it easily detectable for QR scanners to read your QR code. 

Make a high-quality image QR code (print them in SVG file)

Don’t make your QR code blurry, and always make sure they are deployed and printed in a high-quality.

Otherwise, you would not only compromise the look of your QR code but you might also miss out on a potential target audience. 

A good quality image of QR code also scans faster. 

Best trackable QR code generator: Generate your dynamic QR codes with QR TIGER and track your scans

For better and improved marketing results, always use a professional QR code generator with an accurate conversion tracking capacity to gauge your marketing campaign’s overall success! 

Moreover, it is also important to use QR generator that doesn't only have a QR code with tracking feature but also has responsive customer support to guide you along the way.  

Although the QR code campaign’s success is not an overnight work and you will probably undergo a process of A/B testing, which normally involves it.

This also goes for many online marketing tools.

Gather your data successes and failures within your game plan and use these statistics for future growth!

You can also contact us today if you have more questions about QR codes that can be tracked or about making multiple of QR codes at once. 

Frequently asked questions

How to track QR codes? 

To track your QR code scans, simply go to QR code generator dashboard, click on your QR code campaign and click data to track your analytics. 

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