Does a QR code have to be black and white?

Last updated:   November 18, 2022

So, do  QR codes really have to be black and white? The simple answer: No, QR codes do not have to be black and white in color always. 

Using a customizable QR code generator, you can custom-design the color and experiment the look of your QR code. 

As QR code experts have campaigned for users, QR codes can come in a different set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors. Yes! colors.

In this way, people can distinguish the brand that a QR code goes into.

If you are interested in making a creative QR code layout for your QR code campaigns, learning environment, and more, there are many exciting ways on how to do them.

Through these ways, you can learn various tips and hacks on how to make your QR code more lively and scannable.

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How to create an innovative QR code layout?

As the popular color contrast has resided in the minds of people, there is another option to turn the popular black and white color contrast into a creative and innovative QR code layout.

To create one, there 7 simple steps that everyone can follow through.

1. Open a QR code software with logo

To look for a QR code generator that can provide you with a customized and creative QR code layout, first open a QR code generator with logo.

QR code generators like QRTIGER is the best QR code generator that you can use to make creative QR codes.

QRTIGER is a credible and reputable QR code generator that every QR code users can use to create a creative QR code design.

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2. Select the category that fits on to your content

qr code generator After opening the QR code generator, proceed in selecting the category your content fits in.

With different QR code categories available in the QR code generator, you can know what category fits your content.

3. Fill in and Generate your QR code

After selecting the category of your content, continue filling up the required fields, and generate your QR code.

For a more visually appealing look, generate your QR code as a dynamic QR code. This way, your QR code’s design will not be crowded with more dots.

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4. Customize your QR code

does a qr code have to be black and whiteOnce you have generated your QR code, you can personalize your QR code by adding a set of patterns, colors, eye shapes and add your logo and call to action.

By doing this, you can create a creative QR code layout aside from having a black and white QR code layout.

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5. Test if your QR code is scannable

As you have customized your QR code, test your QR code by running a series of test scans. In this way, you can early detect any scanning error and fix it before deploying.

6. Download your QR code

Once you are satisfied with your QR code tests, proceed in downloading your QR code.

If you plan to deploy them in the print paper, the best format that other QR code users recommend using is by downloading the QR code in SVG format.

In this way, you can ensure the QR code’s quality on print paper.

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7. Place and Print your QR codes in different marketing materials.

undefinedAfter downloading your QR code, you can place the QR code in your campaign material template and proceed with printing them.

When placing and printing your QR code, there are different QR code printing guidelines that other QR code users are using.

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Benefits of having a Creative QR code design

Aside from the benefits, people can get by creating QR codes in black and white format, the creative QR codes can still give people a competitive edge over other QR code-based competitors.

With that in mind, here are 4 more benefits that creative QR code designs can bring to businesses and their users.

Instill brand awareness

undefinedOne thing that black and white QR codes inhibit brands when using them is the limitation to instill brand awareness to the public.

Because of that, many people will regard these black and white codes as the common QR code design.

But with the use of colorful and creative QR codes, brands can instill brand awareness to their customers and clients by adding the brand’s prominent colors into the QR code.

In this way, people can easily recognize which brand the QR code belongs to.

Promote QR code uniquity

QR codes with different QR code designs and layouts promote QR code uniqueness. Because of that, having a unique QR code increases the brand’s ability to create original stories and designs for its QR code campaign.

Grabs more attention

undefinedCreative QR code designs yield more chances of getting a high scanning rate than the normal black and white QR codes.

With an increased scanning rate of 173%, there’s no denying that creative QR codes grab more attention than the traditional ones. Because of that, many QR code users are getting creative with their QR code designs.

Blends with thematic QR code campaigns

If you are having trouble with implementing a thematic QR code campaign with QR codes, then generating one in a colorful format is the best way to go.

With the customization of QR codes, a thematic QR code campaign is possible. Because of that, some users are customizing their QR codes to blend with the thematic QR code campaigns that they are currently running.

Tips on how to make a creative QR code layout

Unlike the creation of black and white QR codes, creative and colorful QR codes require an intensive QR code making ruling.

Because of that, the QR code experts have drafted 8 important designing tips in making one. With these tips, you can make the most out of your QR code design layout.

1. Choose the appropriate QR code color that will match what you are promoting

undefinedThe first tip when making a creative QR code layout is to choose the appropriate QR code color.

When choosing one, you should always consider its content to correctly relay your QR code message. In this way, your target will know what is your QR code content.

A definitive example of this is if your content is a document file, the right color for its QR code is dark blue. Taking it from the Microsoft word office prominent software color.

2. Be mindful of your QR code’s color contrast

qr code design rulesOnce you are done with choosing the QR code’s color, you can check if it creates a definitive color contrast in your output. Color contrast plays an important role in keeping the QR code scannability.

Without knowing if its color contrast is pleasing to the eyes of the person and the machine, then the QR code’s purpose will fall apart.

Because of that, QR code experts formulated a universal color contrast guideline for QR code users to follow.

And the rule of thumb states, the foreground color is always needed to be darker than the background color.

Due to this ruling, the selection of light colors such as yellow, and other pastel colors are discouraged.

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3. Add your logo for a more professional look

As there are many QR codes that are spiraling everywhere, people are having a hard time scanning the legitimate ones.

Because of that, QR code experts encourage QR code users to add their logo to make their QR code more professional looking.

Through this, people can distinguish that your QR code comes from a legitimate owner and can be safely scanned.

4. Keep it fair and square

Reshaping the QR code into a rectangle is a big NO for QR code experts.

Aside from its trademark look as a black and white QR code, one thing that people can recognize the barcodes as QR codes is their shape. Because of that, these codes have a trademark look in a QR code scanner.

5. Give your codes a space to blend in (use a dynamic QR code)

customize qr codeThis tip is one of the overlooked tips that QR code users are continuing to neglect. Because of that, many QR code scanners are struggling to read the QR code.

To make a fast scanning QR code, QR code experts encourage users to leave spaces for the QR code to blend in with.

By doing this, QR code scanners can automatically recognize your QR code and quickly unpack its content to people who are scanning it.

6. Add your call to action or CTA

qr call to actionOne way to give people a hint on what they are scanning about is by adding a call to action to your QR code. In this way, they will know the purpose of the QR code that they are scanning.

If the call to action states “Scan to Follow”, the QR code content contains the owner’s social media links.

7. Mind the QR code’s size

To ensure the QR code’s scannability, minding its size is an important task a QR code user should always do. As they can play an important part when scanning, a QR code sizing guideline is taken into place.

If the QR code is placed in the distance scanning area, the minimum QR code size is 2 cm x 2 cm (0.8 in x 0.8 in). If the QR code requires a greater scanning distance then the following rule of thumb is for you.

The rule of thumb states that the right QR code sizing is measured by knowing the approximate QR code distance from the scanner and the QR code divided by 10.

8. Keep a clean and minimalistic QR code look

word document qr code
To make a creative QR code layout, QR code experts recommend the use of a clean and minimalistic QR code look.

As the use of static QR codes increases the number of QR code dots, the use of dynamic QR codes can help to keep the QR code look clean and minimalistic.

Because of that, many QR code design enthusiasts are recommending the use of dynamic QR codes over static ones.

Innovate from black and white QR codes and make customized QR codes with QRTIGER

As we living in a world where there are different options for everything we do, the QR code options are not always black and white.

With different customization elements that go through with every QR code generation, printing different QR code outputs are possible.

Because of that, many QR code users can now customize their QR codes with the use of a QR code generator with logo like QRTIGER.

Through the use of it, they can start their creative journey with different QR code designs.

If you have more queries about QR codes, you can contact us directly on our website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do QR codes need to black and white? 

No. QR codes don't need to be black and white. As long as your QR codes are not inverted in colors and have proper color contrast, your QR codes will still work. 

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