How to Make a Dropbox QR Code and Share Your Files in a Scan

By:  Vall
Update:  March 10, 2023
How to Make a Dropbox QR Code and Share Your Files in a Scan

When scanned using a smartphone device, a Dropbox QR code file presents an online document to the user’s smartphone screen, where he can easily view, save, or share the file from Dropbox. 

The power of QR code technology has made it easier to share online files, e.g., Google Drive files, Dropbox files, and other stored online documents or portfolios. 

Moreover, a QR code generator also enables converting offline files that are directly stored on your computer into QR codes. 

In this blog, we will teach you how to convert your Dropbox file into a QR code.

What is a QR code for Dropbox?

A Dropbox QR code shows a link/document of your Dropbox file that you convert into a QR code.

By converting your files in Dropbox into a QR code, you can easily share your files with your viewer by scanning the QR code through a smartphone device.  

A Dropbox QR code file is generated using a QR code generator online like QR TIGER. 

How to Copy the Dropbox link of your file to generate a QR code 

1. Sign in to

2. Click All files in the left sidebar and select the folder

3. Select the file you’d like to share and convert into a QR code and click on the three buttons in the right-side corner

4. Click the “copy” link of your file in the Dropbox

How to create a QR code for Dropbox

1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online and paste your link in the URL section

2. Generate a dynamic QR code to edit and track your QR code file if needed

3. Customize your QR code

4. Do a scan test before printing and deploying your QR

Generate bulk QR codes for multiple links in your Dropbox files

Should you need to generate multiple QR codes for your Dropbox file, you can use the bulk URL QR code solution of QR TIGER so that you don’t have to generate individual QR codes for your Dropbox files or links. Here’s a simple step-by-step process: 

1. Download the template of the bulk URL QR code solution

2. In the template, add the links of the Dropbox files you need to convert into a QR code

3. Save the file into CVS and upload it to the bulk URL QR code solution

4. Switch to dynamic QR code and click generate bulk QR

Your QR codes in bulk will also be downloaded in a zip file into your computer.

Why should you generate your Dropbox file QR code in dynamic

Dynamic QR code is an advanced solution that allows you to do two important features for your Dropbox file, beneficial for long-term use: editing and tracking your QR code data.

Editing your Dropbox file QR code into another file

Even if your Dropbox QR code has been printed on physical materials such as magazines, papers, posters, flyers, etc., you can still edit your Dropbox QR code if you have made a mistake or need to update the QR code content into another file

Enable password-protected QR codes for your Dropbox file QR 

To share confidential files only with authorized persons, you can enable the QR password-protected feature in the URL solution. 

When the QR code is scanned, the user needs to enter the password to access the content of the file.

Get notified when your Dropbox QR code is getting scanned

To get email notifications on how many have engaged and scanned your QR, you can also activate the email notification feature to get hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly scan notifications. You can also turn it off anytime you want. 

Tracking your QR code scans


Dynamic QR code allows you to track the data of your QR scans, and it reveals valuable data analytics such as the number of scans you get, the location of your scanners, and the device used when the QR code is scanned.

All of these features the static QR codes do not allow as the data is directly embedded in the code of the QR. 

Meanwhile, when you generate your Dropbox QR code in a dynamic form, the data is stored in the QR code generator dashboard online to edit and track your QR. 

Why should you generate your file in Dropbox into a QR code?

Accessible sharing of your Dropbox file through smartphones

The content of the QR code is accessible using a smartphone device, allowing you to share files from your Dropbox seamlessly with the user. There’s no need for your viewer to open their laptop to view the file. They can simply scan your Dropbox QR code to access the content you like to share.

Updateable in content 

Even if your QR code has been printed or deployed online, you can update the content of your QR code in real-time.

You don’t have to generate or print a QR code allowing you to save more of your expense in the long term. 

Works both online and offline materials 

Your Dropbox QR code file is scannable for both offline and online distribution.

Therefore you can print your Dropbox QR code file or send your QR codes through emails, and chats, or display them online.

Generate your QR code for Dropbox with a QR TIGER QR code generator online

QR TIGER has many different QR code solutions that you can use for marketing, advertising, or for your own needs.

To explore these QR solutions, you can head to the QR TIGER QR code generator online. 

You can contact us now for more questions and information about Dropbox QR code and other QR code alternatives. 

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