How to Make a 3D QR Code

Update:  April 29, 2024
How to Make a 3D QR Code

Before you make your QR code into 3D, you need to use a QR code generator to create your QR code first.

Mostly, QR codes are printed on paper. But one good idea is to 3D print them.

3D printing QR codes can be a fun thing to do to showcase your 3D printing capabilities.

3D printing QR codes can make transactions more accessible, like giving access to digital menus and Wi-Fi connections or making it easy for people to follow your social media handles.

A 3D-printed QR code is tricky as you need to print them accurately so they can still be readable and scannable.

This blog will discuss the steps to create a 3D print QR code.

First step: Generate a QR code using QR TIGER before you create a 3D QR code

The first thing you need to do when you create a 3D print QR code is to generate a QR code.

When deciding which QR code generator to use, always consider its credibility and reliability and how you can benefit from it.

QR TIGER QR code generator has the essential features of QR codes, allowing users to track data in real time.

Aside from being able to track data, users can also customize a QR code that fits with their brand and purpose.

And when it comes to data privacy and security, you can always trust QR TIGER as it has policies and procedures that explain how users’ and customers’ data are used.

In addition, when you generate a dynamic QR code, you can save time and money because even when you 3D print your QR code, you can still edit the information or the link it contains.

Here are some easy steps to follow to generate a QR code:

Open QR TIGER QR code generator and select the type of QR code solution to use

After opening the software, you can see all the QR code solutions you can choose.

Each type of QR code is unique and has its own different purpose.

Fill in the required fields

Fill in and input the required data and always be mindful of the information you embed on your QR code. And for security purposes, never place personal and sensitive data on it.

Choose a dynamic QR code and click “Generate dynamic QR code.”

With dynamic QR codes, you can still alter the information embedded in the code even when it’s already 3D printed.

Moreover, it also allows you to track your QR code scans. Cost-effective, right?

Customize your QR code

Custom QR codeYou can customize and make your QR code look fancy by making it more customized. You can add a logo to it, frame it, set your design patterns, and many more.

Scan and download

Before downloading your QR code, always conduct a scan test.

By doing this, you’ll know if your QR code works correctly. And once you’re done, you can download it.

Step 2: Convert your QR code to 3D

The next thing you need to do before printing your QR code is to convert it to 3D.

In this case, we prefer to use Blender.

Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software that one can use to make animated films, visual effects, art, 3D-printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D apps, virtual reality, and video games.

Here are some easy-to-follow steps:

Open a 3D converter software like Blender and import SVG

Import svg

Drag, select, and join the curves

Join svg

Extrude 3D mesh

Extrude svg

Click on “Add,” tap on cube under “mesh,” and add a bevel modifier to make the frame curve

Cube svg

Export object to STL format

Export svg

Open the STL file in Cura

QR code stl

Click the “Slice” button and modify the G-code

Slice QR code

Identify your model’s main base. And always remember the layer number where you want to pause.

Base QR code

Click on add a script

Add scriptSelect pause at height, click on “Pause at, ” and select “Layer number.” Then input the number layer. Do this until you get to 100. Copy to an SD card, then insert it into a 3D printer, and you’re done.

Korean Emart using 3D QR codes to conduct Sunny Sale Campaign

With the help of a 3D QR code, Korea’s biggest store, Emart, increased sales by 25%

Emart is known as one of Korea’s most extensive shopping malls, as it has many chain stores.

However, the business has a weakness.

They saw that their sales dropped a lot during lunchtime every day.

So what they did to get their sales back on track is they placed 3D-printed QR code sculptures all over Seoul.

People can only scan these sculptures daily between noon and 1 pm because the Sun’s shadow will complete the QR code.

During those slow shopping times, the store can give discounts to customers who scan the QR code.

These codes are part of what is known as the “Sunny Sale.”

Its campaign gave people a new way to shop. Emart showed the world how brave it is to try out new things.

Use QR TIGER to create your QR code for 3D printing today

Customers can use QR codes to access digital menus and Wi-Fi connections. They can also find it easier to follow your social media accounts if they are in 3D.

To make QR codes readable and scannable in 3D, you must print them precisely.

Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online to learn more.

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