QR TIGER Enterprise Access Management and Multiple User Roles

Update:  April 01, 2024
QR TIGER Enterprise Access Management and Multiple User Roles

For large-scale QR code generation, it can be overwhelming to access hundreds or even thousands of QR codes.

For teams and organizations, it’s crucial to implement a system to organize and access these QR codes hassle-free. And this is made easy with QR TIGER online.

QR TIGER Enterprise access management

Enterprise access management

Here’s how you can manage account accessibility:

1. Log in to your QR TIGER Enterprise account, then click My Account.

2. Go to Settings and then proceed to the Team tab.

3. Click Add another team member. Add team members and categorize them according to the different user types to moderate account accessibility.

4. Enter the required details, such as the user name, email, and password.

5. Select the User type and assign them to a specific custom domain.

QR TIGER Enterprise user types

QR code user type

A QR code for Enterprise allows seamless team collaboration in one place. Here are the types of QR code users you can add to your Enterprise account:


Admins can add and remove users for their organization. Hence, you can modify or edit the user type of each team member and access all resources at any time.


Editors can see and modify only their own resources.


Viewers have only read-only access to resources. They cannot create or modify anything.

Brands using QR codes

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