How to use QR codes for Enterprise and Scale up your marketing opportunity

Last updated:   October 18, 2021

As businesses have successfully grasp enough customer following, enterprising becomes their next step to improve and maintain their economic standing.

With the aid of technology, how can the use of QR codes for enterprise help them grow their customer count and upscale their marketing opportunity?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, many small and large successful companies are having a hard time continuing their marketing efforts to the masses.

With various restrictions imposed, the enterprise marketing efforts narrow and affect their future product launches.

Because of the problem the global health crisis imposes, some of them are forced to file for bankruptcy.

But for smart companies, they continue their operations by adopting the use of technology.

To create a pandemic-proof solution with technology, the use of QR codes becomes the best solution to use.

If your business is in the enterprising stage and needs a new operation means with technology, then the use of QR code technology is recommended.

With many known companies integrating the use of them, here are some compelling concepts that you should learn before using the QR codes for the enterprise.

What is a QR code for enterprise?

QR code for enterprise is an enterprise-focused QR code solution that provides enterprising companies to maximize their current operation and marketing efforts with QR code technology.

The solutions enterprises can use for their products and services can range from the classic URL embedding to the file and customized landing page embedding options .

The use of bulk generation and multi-URL QR code solution is also offered for enterprises to use during mass production of products and for easy connection with the international audience.

QR code for enterprise is generated with the use of an online enterprise QR code generator software like QRTiger.

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How to use QR codes for Enterprise and Scale up your marketing opportunity?

There are various ways on how small and large enterprise can integrate the use of QR codes for enterprise. As long as they set great results for your envisioned marketing campaign, upscaling their marketing opportunity with QR codes is a great technological hack that can change your brand exposure for good.

To use these codes, here are seven prominent ways that you can apply to your business endeavors.

1. Food and Product Packagingqr code for enterprise

You can use the QR code to place some additional information about your product or food in its packaging to save some packaging space.

As QR codes can hold more information, brands like Coca-Cola and more are integrating the use of QR codes to store additional information about their product or as a means to authenticate them. 

In addition, they also utilized the use of QR codes for running seasonal promos and place it within their products. 

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2. Retailqr code for retail

Retailers can use QR codes to promote online shopping and engage in a contactless shopping experience for shoppers.

They can place the QR code into their store windows or social media posts and direct them to their online shopping platform  with one scan.

Escape Boutique is one of the apparel retail shops that integrate the use of QR codes in redirecting their avid shoppers to their online shopping platform.

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3. Email Marketing

For businesses that integrate the use of email marketing to expand their business, the use of QR codes is also a great outlet to gain more email contacts.

QR codes can work as a portal for your sales lead capturing by embedding your promo URL and let potential customers scan the code to sign up for the freebies.

If you use HubSpot to store your email contacts, you can easily migrate the data from your QR code for enterprise to your HubSpot by embedding your HubSpot landing page into a QR code.

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4. Social mediaqr code for social media

As typing your company’s username can take the customers minutes before they connect with you, the use of QR codes is great to minimize the time duration.

By just letting the customers scan your social media QR code and go directly to the platform they are fond of, you can effortlessly grow your social media followers without any problem and connect with them seamlessly.

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5. Discounts and Giveawaysqr code for discounts

If your business is planning to run a discount and giveaway event, the use of QR codes for enterprise is great to create a fair yet exciting QR giveaway event.

You can incorporate the use of Multi-URL QR codes to deploy your discount and giveaway event by setting the number of scans you want for people to get the prize or discount. 

In this way, you can make every QR code scanning exciting for your customers and help increase your 

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6. Multi-location marketing

If your enterprise has a large customer base from different regions across the world, the use of QR codes is great to promote multi-location marketing.

Since most of your customers have different preferred content to read about the product they are availing of depending on the location they are in, the use of QR codes like Mult-URL QR codes can help deliver your multi-location marketing means.

As they can automatically detect the language and location of the customer’s device, the use of them is best for multi-location marketing.

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7. Building corporate connectionsvcard qr code

Businesses can use QR codes to build their corporations by integrating the use of them in their business cards.

By just embedding the QR code into their business cards, the recipient will just scan the code and download them to add to their contact list.

If you are planning to create your business card QR codes in bulk for your employees, then the use of QRTiger’s bulk QR code generator can provide them.

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How to make a QR code for enterprise?

To create a QR code for your enterprise, here are six simple steps on how to do them.

1. Open an enterprise QR code generatorenterprise qr code generator

When creating your QR code for your enterprise, you must first open an enterprise QR code generator that can help maximize your QR code usage without worrying about it expiring.

Enterprise QR code generators like QRTiger can help enterprises ensure their QR code generation as they are GDPR compliant.

This QR code generator offers a wide range of QR code solutions that can solve your QR code needs to authenticate and monitor the products sold.

2. Select the category of your contentqr code types

After opening a QR code generator for enterprise, proceed on selecting the QR code category of your content and fill in the required fields. There are 15 main QR code solutions that you can use and integrate into your business.

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3. Generate as a dynamic QR codegenerate qr code

To gain more control for the QR code you will be generating, it best to generate it as a dynamic QR code. In this way, you can update or edit the data, track its scan statistics and have lesser pixels in its QR code design.

4. Rebrand your QR code designcustomize qr code

For a more personalized QR code look, you can rebrand the code’s design by selecting the set of patterns, eye shapes, and color to it.

You can also upload your brand’s logo and add a call to action to gain more scans and create brand awareness.

5. Run a scan test

Before you proceed in downloading and deploying your personalized QR code, you must first run a series of scan tests.

By testing before downloading and deploying the code, you can detect early scanning issues and fix them beforehand.

6. Download and deploy

Once you are satisfied with your QR code scan test, continue downloading your QR code. If you plan to place the code in your product packaging and other print materials, it is best to download your QR code in SVG format.

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Benefits of using QR codes for enterprise

Aside from its easy scan-to-view prompt for customers, the use of QR codes for enterprise holds five promising benefits.

Cost-efficientqr code for enterprise cost

As most businesses are looking for a better alternative to market their product without going overboard with their budget, the use of QR codes is the perfect tool that they can incorporate.

Especially when they incorporate the use of dynamic QR codes, they can just update the information embedded into a QR code and reuse the QR code. Through this, businesses can save on material printing costs.

Data is modifiableeditable qr code

One of the benefits you can get in using QR codes, especially dynamic QR codes, is that you can edit the data even after you have downloaded and deployed the code into your digital and print post.

Through this, businesses can ensure the right information is embedded in the QR code.

QR code scans are trackableqr code tracking

Measuring the marketing results is important for businesses to know how many leads have they converted. With the use of dynamic QR codes, businesses can track the scans made through its three notable tracking categories.

The categories are the total number of scans in a day, week, months, years; the device used for scanning (IOS, PC, or Android); and the location where the scan takes place ( city, country, and region).

Can be integrated with enterprise CRM programs

As they are ubiquitous in terms of usage, businesses can actually integrate their enterprise CRM programs with API QR codes.

Using this, businesses can incorporate the use them in a fast and easier way. And also without losing any pertinent marketing data.

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Promote content-specific materials to customers

With the use of Multi-URL QR codes to promote the right content to the right audience, companies can correctly market the right content to the customers without any restrictions. 

Through these, they can deliver more accurate and personalized marketing content for their customers.

QR code for enterprise – the future of enterprising and marketing for enterprises!

In today’s marketing standard, the use of QR codes for enterprise holds a better marketing advantage for every enterprise.

As they are the future of enterprising and marketing, leaping towards the future is a necessary step for corporate growth.

And by partnering with a QR code generator online like QRTiger, your business can unlock more enterprising and marketing possibilities that can help visualize your goals with just a scan.

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