Printing QR Codes: 10 Must-Follow Tips in 2022

Last updated:   November 10, 2022

When it comes to printing your QR codes for your business and marketing materials, how can you make sure that your QR codes will work well and it scans easily? 

Are there any guidelines or steps that you should follow when it comes to the correct printing of QR codes?

Today, the use of QR codes has become an integral part of daily business functions.

QR codes are can be seen in places, and objects such as magazines, business cards, electronic devices, t-shirts and etc. 

As businesses are printing QR codes, they often commit simple mistakes in printing them.

In order to avoid making the same mistakes, here are 5 helpful tips on how you can print your QR codes correctly.

10 must-follow tips on how to properly use the QR codes before and after printing to get scans

Before printing the QR code

1. Generate your QR code in dynamic and not a static QR code

This is one of the common mistakes users tend to use and ignore. One of the reasons why some people encounter printed QR codes that are either blurry or distorted quality is because they generated a static QR. 

When generating your QR codes, it is always better to use a dynamic QR code to avoid pixelating your QR code.

Static QR codes can result in more dense appearance of the code as the data is stored directly in the codes unlike the dynamic QR that only uses a short URL to store in the code. 

If users cannot avoid the instances of using a greater amount of data, they can always resort to using dynamic QR codes, an editable QR code.

This type of QR code has additional functions such as file attachments, data tracking (e.g. real-time scan count monitoring, location and devices used), and URL changes. 

Overloaded data use can sometimes lead to a congested QR code interface which may lead to bad customer impressions.

By using this tip, you can ensure good customer impressions and attract potential market penetration.

2. Set the color and contrast of your QR code in a standard way. 

QR codes with inverted color schemes contribute to difficulty in scanning and may drive customers away. In order to avoid such a dilemma, you must know how to correctly apply contrast in your QR codes.

You want a unique QR code for your brand but, you must also ensure that they are easy to scan as well.

3. Download your QR code in vector format (SVG) for quality printing 

Print your QR code in an SVG format if you want to scale it up to any sizes without affecting its quality!

This is a common mistake made by users, as they usually print their QR code in PNG format.

The chance of resizing their QR code is compromised as PNG is a raster file that is mostly used for output files.

In order to preserve the quality of your QR code, you must download a master file in a vector file format such as SVG, a common vector file format that can be found today.

 4. Test the QR code if it works.

Even after you have generated your QR code, running a test scan is necessary to ensure that the QR code is functioning and no link error occurs while scanning.

It is an essential way of making your QR code not only visible on paper but also on the site that you want direct people to.

Transparency about your purpose is always important to your customers.

In testing your printed QR code, you can use a QR code scanner app on your smart devices whether it is android or IOS.

5. Use the recommended QR code dimension for more scans. 

If the printed QR code is used for paper-based advertisement, the recommended QR code dimension is 32×32 mm or 1.25×1.25 inches. By this means, your QR code is scan-able.

For public and street advertisement, the recommended size of the QR code size is one-tenth of the scanning distance or at a 10:1 ratio.

If the scanning distance is at 20 m, your QR code size should be at 2x2 m in order for people to efficiently scan the QR code. QR code paper will be useless if you don’t follow the recommended QR code dimension. 

After Printing the QR code

1. Make your QR codes visible on paper or anywhere you will place them 

printing qr codes

The process of generating a successful QR code only takes a short amount of time in customizing and designing the desired QR code interface.

QR codes can be helpful in marketing your products and services outside physical advertising means.

In this way, you can expand your business calls to places where QR codes are useful in their daily functions.

By circulating your QR code paper, probable customers can be attracted and scan the code to collect more information about your company or business.

However, sometimes your generated QR codes differ from the quality and size of the information stored.

It is one of the common mistakes companies made in their printed QR codes. 

2. Position your QR code in areas where customers can directly see it.

google qr code generator

Good QR code placement draws more attention to potential clients and business partners.

As businesses use creative marketing strategies in attracting more customers and increase sales.

If you are planning to place your QR code in public places such as parks, subway stations, bus stops, and shopping malls, the best area that you can place it is at a space where people can easily notice it such as bulletin boards, advertising posts, building entrances, and information desks.

For paper-based advertising such as magazines, flyers, brochures, and posters, place your printed QR codes in a part of the page where the customer can easily scan it and avoid areas where the paper creases such as page margins.

Also, you can place your QR codes in between contents that talk about your business or in the more info section for more QR code utilization.

You can follow the third guideline of tip 1 in printing QR codes and attaching them to your advertising resources. 

3. Add your QR codes in brochures, magazines, and newspapers to maximize number of potential customers.

Business-minded people always attend to reading brochures, magazines, and newspapers.

Their daily functions always start with reading papers about business, community issues, and triumphs, and update themselves about what is currently happening.

Adding QR codes in print papers increases the chance of getting new customers and investors as you are directly targeting a community of business engaging people.

Marketers used this technique to boost their business reputation as newspapers triple ad campaign effectiveness.

4. Create an alluring tag on your printed QR code.

As the competition tightens, the use of catchy tags in people’s enterprises has always been the best marketing strategy in keeping customers hooked up with their products.

The same thing goes with your QR codes, if you want to keep up with your competitors, you must strategize the tags in your printed QR codes.

You can use catchphrases such as scan for more, uncover more secrets, get support, and more. It’s up to you on how you create and utilize your QR code tags for more scan counts and site visits. 

Reasons why you should print your QR codes correctly

1. To avoid customer’s negative impressions.

Print QR codes are slowly dominating public places such as malls, parks, markets, and advertising posts like building posters, advertising spaces, and billboards.

Catching people’s attention through the use of QR codes can be hard to do.

But with the use of a free and trusted online QR code generator, you can catch people’s attention by styling your QR code according to your company’s colors and logo, and sometimes use color and contrast that are pleasing to the viewer’s eyes.

Also, you can test if the QR code works and it directly reaches the content that you want to relay with. In this way, you can avoid criticisms and negative impressions from customers and critics. 

2. For campaign cost efficiency.

If you have printed your QR code correctly, the cost of your marketing campaign lessens and thus saving you more funds for other business operations.

Executing a business campaign can be exhausting along the process. Be sure to use an editable QR code generator that let you edit the content real-time without the hassle of creating a new one.

However, if you have a YouTube video about your campaign, you can deploy your printed QR code to public places and let people view your video using a catchy QR code tag and track the number of recipients who scanned and viewed the QR code.

In this way, the trouble of manually tallying the number of your target audience will be automatically replaced with real-time data tracking. 

3. For better marketing output sales.

Members of the business industry are always searching for new means of increasing product sales.

One of the tools considered is the use of print QR codes in their products.

Products like cosmetics, beauty, and health care use this scheme in order to recommend customers on other goods that go with the user’s favorite product.

This way, they easily market their products without using merchandise representatives in promoting. 

Reasons why QR codes not printing correctly?

Here are 2 main reasons why your QR codes are not printing correctly:

1. Your file is not supported by the printer.

In order to print your QR codes correctly, you should always check if the type of file used in saving your QR code is compatible with the printer.

2. The paper used in printing is not ideal for your QR code.

This could be one of a few factors you need to consider in printing your QR code.

The type of paper used depends on the size of the QR codes that you are going to print.

For larger QR codes, you can use uncoated porous sheets while for smaller ones; you must use coated sheets with good ink holdout to avoid code tampering.

It is important to know basic technicalities in printing QR codes in order to avoid time and material wastage.

Follow these guidelines in printing your QR codes to make them work

QR codes are an essential tool in incorporating your advertising techniques. By following the correct ways in printing QR codes, the hassle of getting your campaigns into place diminishes.

With advertisers are seeking tips and advice on how QR codes can help then attract more customers and investors.

This guide will surely help you achieve and lead the game.

As our creativity is linked with technology, ways in intensifying advertising are prominent with the use of the right tool in generating and printing QR codes.

Smart advertising is the new sexy! And with the use of a QR code generator online, nothing can stop advertisers from gamifying their campaign towards futuristic and convenience advertising. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a specific QR code paper to use? 

No, there is no specific QR code paper needed to use your QR codes. As long as the code is readable and is printed on flat, non-textured, matte-finished paper.

For smaller QR codes, you can use papers that are smooth coated and have good ink holdout.

For larger QR codes, you can use an uncoated porous sheet for code preservation.

Where can I attach my printed QR code?

QR codes can be attached anywhere, as long as the surface of the material used does not make creases, stretches, and folds.

A definitive area where you can attach your printed QR code ranges from business cards, book covers, magazines, billboards, products such as electronics, cosmetics, etc; newspapers, flyers to any areas that you can think of.

As long as it works completely fine and no trouble occurs. You can also attach your QR codes in school documents as references for you and other student’s future studies.

How can I get a dynamic QR code generator?

You can get your dynamic QR code generator by using the best QR code generator that you can find online. Once you’ve found the QR code generator, you can then explore and learn new ways and uses in generating QR codes.

How to print a QR code on paper? 

To print a QR code you can choose among the best QR code printers today. 

Is there a specific QR code printer that we can use in printing?

There is no particular QR code printer that you can use in printing. As long as the printer you use prints high-quality outputs and no technical errors follow in the future, then you are in good shape for promoting your content, products, and services.

Just remember to follow these  5 useful tips and guidelines in printing QR codes correctly in order to avoid any mishaps in the near future.